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Presentation for Microsoft Licensing, Reno, Nevada, October 17, 2012

Presentation for Microsoft Licensing, Reno, Nevada, October 17, 2012



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Lead From Anywhere Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D. www.bretlsimmons.com October 17, 2012Lead From Anywhere
  • 2. Agenda• Priorities• Leadership• Trustworthy• Interdependent Partnership• Questions
  • 3. Priorities• What is the most important thing that everyone in your organization needs to understand is the key to the organization’s future?• What is the most important thing you need to do on a daily basis to help your organization make progress toward achieving this priority?
  • 4. How do yourecognize good leadership?
  • 5. Leadership is.. Influence Real Change Relationship Shared Purpose
  • 6. Power (influence) is theheart of leadership
  • 7. Only when leaders andfollowers actually intendsubstantive,transformative changes isa leadership relationshippossible.
  • 8. What do you knowabout good work relationships?
  • 9. Trustworthy,Interdependent Partners
  • 10. TrustWillingness to bevulnerable to others inrisky situations
  • 11. Trustworthy• Ability• Integrity• Benevolent Intentions
  • 12. Interdependent PartnershipResponsibilityExpectationsAccountabilityLearning
  • 13. Responsibility• Foundation of interdependence• Unless and until you assume full responsibility for yourself, you force others to assume responsibility for you• Performance – Master your current job – Continuously improve how that job is done• Caring
  • 14. Expectations• Framework of interdependence• Know what’s expected of you• Share your expectations of others with them• Make this a team activity• Promise to deliver
  • 15. Accountability• Binding strength of interdependence• Two principles – Always starts with you: performance, caring, expectations, encourage and enable others – When you look at others, look for solutions rather than blame• Don’t look the other way when it matters
  • 16. Learning• Fulfillment of interdependence• Change in behavior• Core performance technology• If you stop learning and growing, you will increasingly become either a burden or a stranger to others at work
  • 17. REAL Relationship• Are you dependent, independent, or interdependent in your work relationships? How does your style of relating affect others at work?• Are you really learning and growing at work? Name one thing you are doing better now than 3 months ago.
  • 18. What is yourorganization’s shared purpose?
  • 19. Purpose: The Missing Factor  Vision – where we are going  Mission – who, when, how we will get there  Values – rules of engagement and norms of behavior  Purpose – why we do what we do 19
  • 20. Purpose • Never changes • Short and easy for all to remember • Serves as a guide for everyone’s daily behavior • When reasonable people disagree on the “right thing to do”, purpose should be the guiding principle 20
  • 21. Purpose Organizations flourish when everyone behaves purposefully 21
  • 22. Wrap-upTrustworthy,interdependent partnersserving the sharedpurpose can lead fromanywhere
  • 23. Your Questions
  • 24. Lead From AnywhereBret L. Simmons, Ph.D.www.bretlsimmons.comsimmonsb@unr.edu(775) 336-9576