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Some thoughts about leadership

Presentation to Liverpool Chamber / LCVS charity networking event 3 June 2014

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Some thoughts about leadership

  1. 1. Some thoughts about leadership Tony Okotie Charity networking event
  2. 2. In 20 minutes…..(!) 1. Setting the scene 2. Current leadership challenges 3. What does good leadership mean?
  3. 3. I’m a leader!
  4. 4. I’m a leader • Because it says so on my job description? • Quote here
  5. 5. What does good leadership mean to you?
  6. 6. What does good leadership mean to you? You’ve got a form Please write down what good leadership means to you Add your name and contact details I’ll pull out one name later – you’ll win my favourite leadership book
  7. 7. What about the challenges?
  8. 8. The challenges  Many of us only worked in environment of growing resources  Poverty / fairness / impact of welfare reform  How we challenge decisions  Majority of LA cuts still to come  Youth unemployment  Doing more with less  Balancing needs of staff with those of our beneficiaries  Blah...blah....blah
  9. 9. As leaders we must understand those challenges Leadership is about how we respond to these challenges NCVO Foresight,
  10. 10. What does good leadership mean to you?
  11. 11. Finally...10 reasons to be optimistic 6. Inaugural Pride of Tameside Volunteer and Community Awards 7. Launch of Better Futures Tameside 8. Increase in Miles of Smile journeys and positive feedback via passenger transport survey
  12. 12. Finally...10 reasons to be optimistic
  13. 13. What does good leadership mean to you? “Getting or helping people to succeed when they thought they would fail” “Being brave in your convictions and do the right thing despite risk” “Listening and learning before leading” “Taking people with you, not taking people down because of you”
  14. 14. What does good leadership mean to you? “It has to be collaborative, consultative and devolved – one person can’t see/know/do everything, followers need to understand more or they will be unwilling to follow” “Remain positive and optimistic but realistic” “Don’t take negativity personally” “Celebrate successes ”
  15. 15. What does good leadership mean to you? “Someone who gives the impression of knowing exactly what is going on, even if they don’t have a clue” “Having the balls to make difficult decisions and sticking by them when it doesn’t make the leader popular but is in the best interest of the organisation” “Have a vision...Communicate the vision...Live the vision”
  16. 16. What does good leadership mean to you? “Vision + strategy + positivity+ building on strengths (of all) + humility + participatory + non hierarchical + mucking in + serving others + challenge = hard but rewarding work” “A good leader is not afraid to tackle difficult issues, requires sensitivity, tenacity and not be aloof. Must also have dress sense and be generous with chocolate biscuits”
  17. 17. 8 things Iearnt along the way  You can’t have leadership without followership  Mutual trust and respect  Leaders can’t shy away from difficult decisions  “Do you want to be liked or do you want to be respected?”  Everyone has a leadership role to play  You must have a support network around you  Be prepared to say you were wrong  Keep learning
  18. 18. To conclude Challenges for leaders in the VCS are going to increase....but there will always be challenges How we respond as leaders is crucial Support for leaders in the future is going to be important Less training budget + more challenges + less time = different response
  19. 19. Tony Okotie Chief Executive LCVS 0151 227 5177 x 3207 Twitter: @tonyokotie