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Service profit chain


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Presentation for Logistics Leadership Conference
May 1, 2018

Published in: Business
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Service profit chain

  1. 1. Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D. May 1, 2018 Logistics Leadership Conference
  2. 2. Disclaimers
  3. 3. Why are you here today? What are your expectations for the next hour?
  4. 4. ◦What is the one thing that should be the top priority of most businesses? Put another way, what matters the most to a business? ◦How do you accomplish what matters most? Put another way, if you are the owner or manager of a business, what is the most important thing you should be doing on a daily basis to accomplish your top priority?
  5. 5. Internal Service Quality Employee Satisfaction And Commitment Employee Retention Employee Productivity External Service Value Customer Satisfaction Customer Loyalty Revenue Growth (effectiveness) Profitability (efficiency) Retention Repeat business Referral Service designed and delivered to meet targeted customers’ needs Results for customers Workplace design Job design Employee selection and development Rewards and recognition Enablement: Tools for serving customers Operating Strategy and Service Delivery System Source: James L. Heskett et al. “Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work”, Harvard Business Review, March-April 1994, p. 166 Service-Profit Chain
  6. 6. Phil Satre
  7. 7. How can I help?
  8. 8. See yourself as a resource, not the source
  9. 9. “Intentionally adding value to people is the heart of leadership” John Maxwell
  10. 10. Hold yourself accountable for being a resource, hold others accountable for doing the work and solving problems
  11. 11. We Were Soldiers
  12. 12. Behavioral issue
  13. 13. Stop blaming people
  14. 14. Be a resource for improvement
  15. 15. Identify the root cause
  16. 16. Teach how to develop solutions to root causes
  17. 17. Enable shared responsibility
  18. 18. I can’t accept your behavior, but I do accept YOU
  19. 19. Take care of your people, teach them to take care of each other
  20. 20. Blame and flame
  21. 21. It’s all about me
  22. 22. Supported By Research
  23. 23. Summary points ◦ Revenue growth is the priority ◦ Grow your business by delighting your customers with excellent products and impressive service ◦ If you really care about delighting your customers, you must care about delighting your employees ◦ Be helpful
  24. 24. Questions?