BlogPaws 2010 - Closing Keynote: Elisa Camahort Page
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BlogPaws 2010 - Closing Keynote: Elisa Camahort Page

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This is the BlogPaws 2010 Closing Keynote presentation given by Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder of BlogHer.

This is the BlogPaws 2010 Closing Keynote presentation given by Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder of BlogHer.

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  • 1. The transformational power of Online Community It’s about Love & Underpants BlogPaws, Columbus, OH 04/10/10 Elisa Camahort Page COO | Co-founder Twitter: ElisaC 1
  • 2. Agenda •  By the numbers: Social media and the mainstream •  Creating community: What we find online •  Joining the conversation
  • 3. Social media is now mainstream +50% +51% Social  Networking  Sites   Blogging  Sites   (Millions)   (Millions)   3 Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, March 2009 and March 2010
  • 4. Sneak Peek: If size matters, social media is huge in the U.S. Over Three Quarters of the Online Population are *Active social media use defined as 1x weekly or Active Social Media Users* more for Blog reading, writing, commenting or Message Board reading or commenting, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in or other social 163.8 million = Total U.S. Adult Online Population networks 126.9 million* = Total U.S. Social Media Users 4 Source: Social Media Matters 2010, BlogHer Inc., Nielsen US Total Online Population sample, N = 1,752; Total online raw numbers based on Nielsen Online @Plan
  • 5. Social media is addictive Once “active”, you’re far more likely to participate daily than weekly And you’re stealing time from other media to participate Sneak Peek: In the BlogHer community, 96% of members visit blogs weekly or more often: More than watch TV or visit Facebook at same rate Source: Social Media Matters 2010, BlogHer Inc., BlogHer Network sample, N = 1,550
  • 6. Social media is trusted by its users The BlogHer community trusts each other more than they trust anything except for conversations with friends . . . •  Turn to blogs more often than weekly for info: 78% (Only search is used more often!) •  Find blog info more “useful” and “relevant” than TV, print, ads, social networks or online review sites Consider their online friends their “real” friends Source: 2009 Women and Social Media Study by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners
  • 7. •  So it’s clear your users are often otherwise occupied •  The question is why? •  What are women finding in the blogosphere? •  And what are you doing about it?
  • 9. And now…the Underpants
  • 10. Personal, Professional, Political, and yes, Pets •  Changing history •  Changing the way we survive •  Changing the way we make a living •  Changing the way we take action
  • 11. Changing History
  • 12. Meet my grandma (Today would have been her 99th birthday)
  • 13. Meet my mom: pre-MommyBlogging
  • 14. Meet Samantha
  • 15. Changing the way we survive: Meet Loralee
  • 16. Changing the way we make a living: Meet Elise Bauer, Simply Recipes
  • 17. Changing the way we take action: Meet Grace Davis
  • 18. The evolution of power •  The power to be heard •  The power to build your own playing field •  The power to participate •  The power to change your world How are you empowering your user?
  • 19. The evolution of community •  In a world where we don’t trust the institutions in our lives: the government, the media, big business, the health care industry… We trust each other What are you doing to be trustworthy?
  • 20. BlogHer’s community connects across media, across experiences, across topics 20
  • 21. Join the conversation •  By the numbers: Go to where your customers are •  Creating community: Give them a voice and a platform • Join and support the conversation, don’t interrupt it!
  • 22. THANK YOU! BlogPaws April 10, 2010 Elisa Camahort Page Co-founder and COO Twitter: ElisaC 22