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Rachel Phelps: How to go local with your blog


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Rachel Phelps' breakout session at BlogPaws 2012: How to Go Local with Your Blog

Published in: Lifestyle, Technology
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Rachel Phelps: How to go local with your blog

  1. 1. How to Go Local With Your Blog Rachel Phelps www.PrestonSpeaks.comFacebook: Twitter: Preston_Speaks
  2. 2. Who is Preston? Yes he is a “talking “dog(and he is here at Blogpaws!)
  3. 3. How we got started in pet blogging Got married and got a puppy Didn’t have a clue what we were doing so we joined
  4. 4. A blog was bornWhat do we call it?Went live June 2010
  5. 5. We got involved with fostering We’ve had a many fosters (but we always had something to talk about on the blog!)
  6. 6. We failed fostering
  7. 7.“Educational, Informative, and Fun!”5,000+ monthly page viewsPage Rank of 31,700 Facebook Friends1,500 Twitter followsWe speak at conferences
  8. 8. AgendaSo you want to go local…Why go local?Creating creative localcontentI want to go local, now what??Local media
  9. 9. So you want to go local…What is your local target audience andniche?Where is your local pet community?Why should local readers follow your blog?What messages doyou want to sendto localreaders?
  10. 10. AgendaSo You want to go local…Why go local?Creating creative local contentI want to go local, now what??The local media
  11. 11. Why go local?More engagementNew revenue streamsSpokeperson jobsSponsorshipsLeverage your brand to do goodMake a differenceBe a community expertNew business opportunitiesPet issues fundraisingCommunity events
  12. 12. Why go local: blog engagement People feel more deeply connected with a blog if they have met the writer, owner, or even their pet. The more connected people feel to your blog, the more likely they are to comment
  13. 13. Why go local: new revenue streams Ads Sponsored posts Photography work Writing for local blogs
  14. 14. Why go local: Spokesperson (dog) OpportunitiesLocal rescue groupsPet storesEven non-pet issuesNon-pet businesses
  15. 15. Why go local: sponsorshipIf you show valueto local businesses,they may sponsoryou to conferences orevents.
  16. 16. Why go local: leverage your brand to do good Help spread the word to your followers about community animal issues – Hoarding – Shelters are crowded – Animals needing homes – Rescue groups needing donations – Working with national brands at a local level
  17. 17. Working with brands:Iams Home for the Holidays
  18. 18. Working with brands: PetFinder’sAdopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week
  19. 19. Working with brands:Hills Food Donation
  20. 20. Working with brands:Hartz shelter dog makeovers
  21. 21. Why go local: make a difference in your community Volunteer with local rescue groups/animal causes Word of warning
  22. 22. Why go local: be an community expert Be a “go-to” person for local media on pet issues. Be an advocate for causes near and dear to your heart As an expert, you must take a stance on what is right and wrong
  23. 23. Why go local: new business opportunities Allows your blog to branch out Networking Social media clubs Your local chamber of commerce Blogger meets/twitter meet-ups
  24. 24. Why go local: pet issues fundraising Your brand can create awareness and raise money for non-profits – Indianapolis Westie Walk – Best Friends Society Strutt Your Mutt – Silent Auctions for local rescues/groups – Two Million Dogs Walk – Cancer – Bark in the Park – American Street Cat Auction
  25. 25. Why go local: Community EventsBe a presence at your town’s pet friendly events – Dog days at the pool – Photos with Santa – Pet expos – Street festivals – Baseball games – Create your own event
  26. 26. Create your own event: pet socialsMeet-up
  27. 27. Create your own event: Westie Wednesdays
  28. 28. Preston’s Cross Country Tail Waggin Tour 2012
  29. 29. Don’t forget: breed specific groups Dog events such as Scottish weekends or dog/cat shows groups Your local kennel club
  30. 30. AgendaSo You want to go local…Why go local?Creative localcontentI want to go local,now what??The local media
  31. 31. Creative Local Content Have fun with your content! Interview local people Cover local events Visit pet friendly establishments Local guest posts
  32. 32. AgendaSo You want to golocal…Why go local?Creative local contentI want to go local,now what??The local media
  33. 33. I want to go local, now what? Marketing is key! – Be where your pet people are – Flyers, banners, business cards, etc. – Tee-shirts – Is your blog on your car? – Swag always helps! – Event giveaways – Preston even does his own marketing!
  34. 34. AgendaSo You want to golocal…Why go local?Creative local contentI want to go local,now what??The local media
  35. 35. The media is so important!Find and target yourlocal media – Media databases – Community calendars – Other local blogsThree types of press releases – Media advisory – Press releases – Calendar advisory
  36. 36. In Closing…..Don’t overlook your own backyardRemember, no matter where the people live,you must have content they want to readand share!
  37. 37. Any questions?