Social Media for Associations


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Social media for Associations
Presented by Maggie McGary to the Association Foundation Group on January 19, 2012

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  • I've been speaking about social media for 3 years and now seems like point of no return. Numbers show social media is here to stay--ignore at your peril.ComScore released "It's a social world: top 10 need-to-knows about social networking and where it's headed" a few weeks ago.
  • ASHA members have followed this--their increase in adoption and use of social networking has sky-rocketed over last 3 years
  • Launched Page 3.5 years agoNow #1 source of traffic to ASHA websiteDrives traffic to ASHA blogLeader uses it for crowdsourcingThrive donate linkPost as page on other pagesRevenue--$5k selling ad targetingAds increasingly important now that algorithm has changed
  • Asha member use of Twitter is strongest use case3 years ago a few were using--now #slpeeps is one of top healthcare hashtags, over 8,500 followers1,500 tweets during conventionRevenue-generating through sponsorships
  • Students key, but older members usingIf your member demographic skews older you should take advantage
  • Importance of social CRM and mapping where members are, integrating that info into AMS. When email declines, you want to have map for staying in touch with members. You want to map ties between them, Iidentify who are top advocates likely to share, who are influencers, etc
  • Are you capturing member mobile activity?Check browsers from incoming traffic in Google Analytics Look into mobile alerts, campaigns, ux of your site and donation capabilities
  • How are you setting the stage for the future? What if email was gone tomorrow--would you know how to find members?Important activities:Listening/monitoringSocial profilesSocial CRM Keeping up with trends
  • Telling your associations story across a variety of platformsEspecially for nonprofits, your story is important, is share-worthy, and can be a call--to-actionNeed content strategy,unified voice--from twitter to emails to Facebook to pubs
  • Online user behavior changing:-instant gratification-sharing-"liking" and curating-want online presence to represent all interests-you need to make it easy for your advocates to spread the word about your cause
  • --According to Care2, only .2% of Facebook Causes account for 40% of all money raised, only 513 out of 180,000 Causes have more than 20,000 supporters, median donation is $.01 per Cause member, ROI on time invested is negative--estimate of 300 to 1 loss, difficult to communicate with donors through Causes, most Causes raise 58% of all donations from the top 5 donors--20% from the top donor, if you can get 1% of an equivalent email list to donate you should be able to raise 50-77 times more than on Facebook.Facebook #1 online destination on the webTwitter at 465 million users; on pace to reach 500 million in February (adding 11 accounts ever second)--Google+ changing SEO
  • Linkedin—good for personal use but geared at individuals and at Linkedin making moneyPinterest—hottest new thing—works if what you do is visual or if members are using itGoogle+ I know I just said must; jury is still out as far as usefulness for nonprofits
  • Social Media for Associations

    1. 1. Social Media for Associations Maggie McGary American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    2. 2. Why Social Media?• Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide• Facebook is king (for now)• Microblogging is emerging as a disruptive force• Not just for young people• Mobile devices are fueling social addiction (source comScore)
    3. 3. Most Popular Online Activity• Social networking sites now reach 82% of the world’s online population• 1.2 BILLION users worldwide• Time people spend on social sites has tripled over past few years (source comScore)
    4. 4. Facebook• Facebook is the third largest web property in the world• In October 2011, Facebook reached 55% of the world’s global audience• 3 out of every 4 minutes spend on social networking sites are spent on Facebook• 1 in every 7 minutes online=Facebook (source comScore)
    5. 5. Microblogging• Twitter has emerged as a leader• Approaching 500 million users• Figured prominently in world events communications and disaster relief (source comScore)
    6. 6. It’s Not Just Young People• Users 55+ represent the fastest growing segment in social networking usage• 94.7% of online users 55+ use social media (source comScore)
    7. 7. Email=Down/Social Networks=Up• Digital Natives using social networks more, email less• From July 2010-October 2011, 15-24 year olds saw largest decline in email• During this same time period, same age group saw biggest increase in time spent on social media (source comScore)
    8. 8. Email is Still KingBut what about In 10 years?
    9. 9. Mobile Usage Fueling Social Media• In October 2011, nearly 1/3 of total mobile US population reported accessing social networking sites from mobile device• Smartphones driving social networking use (source comScore)
    10. 10. What Does This Mean for Associations?• Online user behavior is changing• People are social• People are connected• People aren’t tethered to computers• People are sharing• SEO is changing
    11. 11. Trends• Storytelling• Content curation• “Influence”• Visual/photos
    12. 12. How Can You Help Donors Share?• Is your content sharable? – Email – Web content
    13. 13. Do You Know Where Your Donors Are?• Social discovery• Listening/monitoring• Social CRM
    14. 14. Musts• Facebook (Page, not Cause)• Twitter• Google+ (maybe)• Where your members are
    15. 15. Maybe Not• Linkedin• Pinterest• Google+
    16. 16. Resources• comScore It’s a Social World: A Global Look at Social Networking• SocialFishing—Blog and association social media consultants• Frogloop—Great information about social media for nonprofits• John Haydon—More great info, lots about Facebook• Pamela Grow—Great info about fundraising/social media• Razoo—Online fundraising• Small Act—Social media discovery, social media management• All Facebook—Great blog to help stay on top of Facebook
    17. 17. Maggie McGary Twitter: @maggielmcg Blog: http://mizzinformation.comAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Linkedin