United Methodist Men's 10th National Gathering Presentation 2009


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This presentation shares ways that mens ministry groups can harness the power of the Internet to impact the world and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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  • Had an amazing time presenting at National Gathering of United Methodist Men --shared how they can use technology to grow their ministry and make disciples.
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United Methodist Men's 10th National Gathering Presentation 2009

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. Matt Carlisle Version 1.0
  3. 3. How I’m helping change the world Ministry2.org BigHeartDesign.com 3
  4. 4. What We Will Be Covering How to harness the power of the web to share Christ’s message The socialization of the web -- What is social media? Tools that you can use to make disciples and grow your men’s group How to use these tools
  5. 5. How many of you use? Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Etc.
  6. 6. Messaging Has Changed The top-down model of messaging has changed. Audiences now have the tools to contribute & want to take action.
  7. 7. The Socialization of the Web You Now Control the Message! “The socialization of the web ... is now forcing a renaissance that is transforming information distribution, human interaction and everything that orbits this nascent ecosystem.” Brian Solis, PR2.0, “Unveiling New Influencers” 6/29/2009
  8. 8. The Socialization of the Web “Those who master their domains are developing persuasive and important communities around their areas of expertise, interests and passions and now possess the authority to direct, instruct, and steer decision makers and referrers.” Brian Solis, PR2.0, “Unveiling New Influencers” 6/29/2009
  9. 9. The Message Hasn’t Changed The Great Commission instructs us to not only step beyond the walls of our homes and places of worship, but build loving communities, be in mission, and give voice to the voiceless. Photos: Mike Dubose, United Methodist News Service
  10. 10. Politics News Tragedy Spiritual Mission Shock Social The Impact of Social Media
  11. 11. Politics The Impact of Social Media
  12. 12. News Janis Krums from Sarasota, Florida posts the first photo of U.S. Airways flight 1549 on Twitter from his iPhone. Thirty-four minutes after Janis posted his photo, MSNBC interviewed him live on TV as a witness. The Impact of Social Media
  13. 13. Viral Paris Hilton runs for president (created in response to McCain TV advertisement) Posted August 2008 8,123,329 Views! JohnMcCain.com estimated site traffic during same time 3 month period: 9 million Funnyordie.com The Impact of Social Media
  14. 14. Tragedy Story of Megan Meier Cyberbullying on MySpace drove a teen to commit suicide. St. Charles Journal in Missouri first published the story without identifying the names of the two adults involved. Readers were so enraged that they tracked down the Tina Meier holds two pictures of her names of the two adults online and posted to the Web. daughter Megan. Photo: AP The Impact of Social Media
  15. 15. Spiritual LifeChurch.tv Life Church began in 1996 in Oklahoma City with 40 members. It now has a weekly attendance of nearly 19,000 who visit one of 13 campuses in six states or live at their online campus. Breaking new ground online: MySecret.tv (Confess your sins online) Second Life (Weekly worship at online game site) Open.LifeChurch.tv (free creative church resources) The Impact of Social Media
  16. 16. Social Iran Election The Internet and, specifically, social networking has been instrumental to organizing many of the protests in Iran. Online sites have been uploading amateur pictures and video, and Twitter, Facebook, and blogs have been places for protesters to gather and exchange information. Twitter has also been used to organize protests. The Impact of Social Media
  17. 17. 28 million Americans have used the Internet to get religious and spiritual information and connect with others on their faith journeys. Pew Internet & American Life Project/2001 CyberFaith: How Americans Pursue Religion Online
  18. 18. Our surveys show that 45% of Internet users, or about 60 million Americans, say that the Internet helped them make big decisions or negotiate their way through major episodes in their lives in the previous two years. Pew Internet & American Life Project/2006 Report: Family, Friends & Community
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Social Media Spectrum
  21. 21. “Social Media in Plain English” Video By Common Craft
  22. 22. Attribution: Robert Scoble, Fast Company; Graphic: Darren Barefoot Social Media Starfish
  23. 23. Attribution: Stephen Anderson www.poetpainter.com How Do You Gain Trust?
  24. 24. What You Can Do Start a Twitter Group Twitter is a microblogging application (140 characters or less) Example: http://twitter.com/maninthemirror Cost: Free Who uses Twitter? How do you use it?
  25. 25. What You Can Do Create A Facebook Group Facebook is a personal social networking application Example: Promise Keepers Cost: Free Who uses Facebook? How do you use it?
  26. 26. What You Can Do Create an Online Community Ning.com is a white label social network application Example: Blast & Cast Men’s Ministries Cost: Free Who uses Ning? How do you use it?
  27. 27. What You Can Do Create a Blog Wordpress is a blog/web application Example: Bethel Men’s Ministry Cost: Free/$6.95 privately hosted Who uses Wordpress? How do you use it?
  28. 28. What You Can Do Have Video MeetUps Ustream.TV is the live interactive video broadcast platform Example: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/men-s-group Cost: Free Who uses Ustream.tv? How do you use it?
  29. 29. What You Can Do Invite the Community to Participate Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local (group) face-to-face meeting. Example: Meetup.com Cost: Free Who uses Meetup.com? How do you use it?
  30. 30. Final Thoughts ... Jesus gave us three basic commands to follow in the Great Commandments and the Great Commission: Love God Love our neighbors Make disciples of all people. If our buildings are not built for one of those purposes, then they (buildings) are temples to God, a temple God doesn’t want. Instead they need to be tools that God uses to build His Kingdom. So, before a church picks-up a hammer, it needs to pick up the Bible. Churches should have people plans before they draw up building plans! Source: Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions / Constructing New Church Building in Alabama
  31. 31. Thank You! How You Can Connect with Me MattCarlisle.com Facebook.com/MattCarlisle Twitter.com/MattCarlisle BigHeartDesign.com Ministry2.org
  32. 32. View This Presentation Online http://slides.mattcarlisle.com