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Top 3 SEO Strategies for 2013 Revealed

Webinar presentation by Ajax Union experts David Gscheidle and Sarah Mogin on April 10, 2013 at noon EDT. Produced by Small Business Expo and hosted by Gary Jesch of WebinarsOnFire - covers lots of ground in Search Optimization - get on webinar via

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Top 3 SEO Strategies for 2013 Revealed

  1. 1. Welcome to the Webinar Top 3 SEO Strategies for 2013 - RevealedProduced by The Small Business Expo
  2. 2. Your Moderators
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  6. 6. Your Presenters
  7. 7. Agenda – SEO & Social Media• Setting Goals for Your Online Marketing Campaign• Where Should I Start? SEO vs. Social vs. PPC• Google Penguin: New Standards in Linkbuilding• Tracking, Reporting, and Campaign Analysis• How To Prospect Over Social Media
  8. 8. Agenda – Google AdWords & Q&A• Introduction to Google AdWords• Optimizing AdWords for an Increasingly Mobile World• Conversion Optimization Tips for Your Website Special Offer Q&A Session
  9. 9. Where do I start?Setting Goals • Sell 10 products each day • Build brand awareness • Collect 5 quality leads each day • Engage existing users • Bring 40 unique visitors to website each day
  10. 10. Where do I start?Determining Strategies• What strategies will help me meet my goals?• Where is my time and money best spent?• SEO vs. Social Media vs. Pay Per Click
  11. 11. SEO vs. Social Media vs. Pay Per Click Pick your strategy based on your goals and industry: SEO Social Media Pay Per ClickLong Term Strategy Brand Awareness Quick ResultsDrive Traffic Customer Engagement Targeted TrafficFree Natural Traffic Find New Fans Customized MessageBroad Global Reach Great For Visual Options for Branding Industries
  12. 12. What is Google Penguin? Major algorithm update from April 2012 that cracked down on unnatural links.Unnatural Links: Paid, spammy, or unrelated linksleading to your website.
  13. 13. New Rules in Linkbuilding With Penguin, it’s important to vary your anchor text so that it appears natural to Google. How Links Work • HTML Code: <a href=“”>Anchor Text</a> • How It Looks: Anchor Text
  14. 14. Linkbuilding in Action Site: • Keyword: Gucci Sunglasses Anchor Type Example PenguinExact Match Gucci Sunglasses NoLatent Semantic Indexing Gucci Shades YesNaked YesJunk Click Here YesBranded Joe’s Sunglasses Yes
  15. 15. Tracking and Analysis Google Analytics
  16. 16. Tracking and Analysis Facebook Insights
  17. 17. Tracking and AnalysisThere are a number of great tools touse to track your results: • Google Analytics • Facebook Insights • Google AdWords • RankChecker • Webmaster Tools
  18. 18. How to Track PerformanceIt is important to track results and keep records to compare by day, month, quarter, and year to accurately gauge growth. Marketing is about TESTINGHaving enough accurate data will help influence your decisions and get the most out of your strategies.
  19. 19. Data AnalysisAnalytics will help to: • Identify trends • Confirm or disprove assumptions • Make changes to strategy based on data • Guide time and money effectively • Influence new ideas for future campaigns
  20. 20. What can social media do for you?Brand your business • Demonstrate credibility • Highlight services/offerings • Showcase customer serviceConnect directly to decision makersCollect email addresses
  21. 21. Social Profiles You Must HaveRepresenting your business on social media is as important as having a website.
  22. 22. Facebook & Twitter• Reserve a custom URL like:• Set up a Facebook Ad Campaign at $5/day. Aim to pay under $1 per click.• Design your Twitter profile background• Follow competitors’ followers
  23. 23. LinkedIn & Google+• Sign up for a premium account• Send an InMail• Add one app to your profile (e.g., Slideshare)• Join (or start) a community• Identify top industry leaders on Google+ and reach out
  24. 24. What is Google AdWords?AdWords is Google’s online advertisingprogram •Advertisers select keywords; ads appear next to the search results on •Ads can also show on hundreds of thousands of other websites •AdWords is a live auction for keywords
  25. 25. Common Questions for New Advertisers Is AdWords appropriate for Which keywords should my small business? I use?How do I get my ad inthe #1 position? How will I be charged? How do I write a great ad? Where will my ads appear?
  26. 26. Where do my ads appear?
  27. 27. Google’s Search Partners
  28. 28. Google Display Network
  29. 29. How does AdWords work? Instant Auction A live auction is run for every search Ad Position = Quality x Your Bid Quality Factors: Clickthrough rate, keyword relevance, ad relevance and historical performance
  30. 30. Target Mobile Devices DifferentlyWeb-based sales completedon phones will make up 5.2%of Internet buying this yearand 9.5% by 2015.-Emarketer Inc.
  31. 31. Take Advantage of Mobile MarketingGoogle has released new “Enhanced Campaigns” thatchanges the way we target mobile devices.• Bid Multiplier on keywords for mobile bidding • Choose to bid more or less on mobile devices depending on success
  32. 32. Take Advantage of Mobile MarketingGoogle has released new “Enhanced Campaigns” thatchanges the way we target mobile devices.• Create separate ads that target only mobile devices • Mobile users tend to use shorter, more general keywords • Ad Text should be brief and to the point
  33. 33. Take Advantage of Mobile MarketingGoogle has released new “Enhanced Campaigns” thatchanges the way we target mobile devices.• Take advantage of mobile tracking • Use Call extensions in ads for users to easily call • Google supplies dynamic phone numbers to track which keywords led to each call, and total length of call • Conversions can be setup for phone call goals
  34. 34. Turning Visitors Into Conversions• Make navigation simple and contact easy• Use a strong call to action to guide the user in the right direction• Show user that they can trust you and your advantages over competitors
  35. 35. Clear Navigation• Think like the consumer• Links to all possible topics they could be looking for• Multiple sorting methods• E-commerce Sites tend to benefit from Vertical Sidebars while Service Sites tend to benefit from Horizontal navigation• Send users to the most relevant page immediately• Links to Social Networking Sites
  36. 36. Easy to Contact• Email Signup Box on ALL Pages• Toll Free Number in Header• Live Chat• Contact form on as many pages as possible• Social Networking Links on ALL Pages• Strong Call To Action •Save 20% Today •Call for a Free Quote •Schedule an Appointment
  37. 37. USP and Trust Points• Show Customer Reviews and Testimonials• “Why Choose Us” Page• Money Back Guarantee• BBB Logo• 100% Customer Satisfaction Seal• Free Shipping• 30 Day Returns• McAfee Logo• Industry Seals and Badges
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