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Assignment for sociology it 003 to 020


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Assignment for sociology it 003 to 020

  1. 1. Assignment of Sociology – 101 Deadline 8/01/2013 1. Write three differences between Sociology and Economics? Sociology Economics Sociology is the study of social relationships or social activities Economics is the study of only the economic activities of man Sociology is a general social science Economics is a special social science Sociology is abstract in nature Economics is concrete in nature 2. Describe Symbolic interaction Paradigm? A frame work for building theory that sees society as a product of every day interaction of individuals. 3. Write non verbal communication systems with examples? Touch The communication through physical contact Example Handshakes,Hitting Body Language Communication system consist on hand movement smile slauch or overall movement of the body parts Example Rearranging of hair and clothes Paralanguage Non verbal vocal cues surrounding speech Example Speech Proximics Communication through private space containing a message Example 4. Describe Ascribed, Achieved and Master status with example?
  2. 2. Assignment of Sociology – 101 Deadline 8/01/2013 Ascribed status A social status or social position assigned by the society at the time of birth Example Gender, Racial Back ground Achieved status A social status attained by a person to his own efforts or talents Example Doctor,Burgler,Father Master status A status that dominate all other status and thereby determine a general position in a society Police, Doctor, Student 5. Write the function of peer group in socialization process? 6. Describe Meaning and nature of culture? 7. Define Deviance and conformity with examples? Deviance Is the violation of norms of a the society Example Muder, Theft Conformity
  3. 3. Assignment of Sociology – 101 Deadline 8/01/2013 8. Write three differences between Primary and Secondary group? Primary group Secondary group Quality of relationships: Personal orientation Goal orientation Duration of relationships: Long term relationship Short term relationship Breadth of relationship: Involves many activities Involves few activities 9. Write three differences between capitalism and socialism? Capitalism Socialism Capitalism is an economic system in which natural resources and the means of producing goods and services are privately owned Socialism is an economic system in which natural resources and the means of producing goods and services are collectively owned In capitalist economy individuals can own almost everything A socialist economy limits right private property ,especially property used to generate income Pursuit of personal goals. A capitalist society encourages the accumulation of private property and considers the profit motive natural,simply a matter of doing business Pursuit of collective goals. Socialism condemns as greed individuals are urged to work for the common good for all A purely capitalist economy is a free market system with no government interface Socialism reject capitalism laissez faire approach in favor of centrally controlled are command economy operated by the government 10. Define Religion and write its three functions?