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Convert chapter 6


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Convert chapter 6

  1. 1. Convert Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion
  2. 2. Outline Model your funnel! Analyze your funnel! Optimize your funnel
  3. 3. Model your funnel Every possible path from a landing page right through to a goal completion is a funnel.! Conversion Rate! The percentage of visitors entering the funnel who go on to complete the goal.! Go to next awareness step.
  4. 4. Bounce Rate This is the percentage of visitors who arrive and leave the sit from the same page.! High Bounce Rate! Attracting wrong traffic! Fail to engage them
  5. 5. Exit Rate The percentage of page visitors who leave a site from a particular page.! Exit rate provides a more accurate indicator of a traffic leak.! High exit rate! visitors simply do not know what to do next! page has failed to convince them it is worth proceeding
  6. 6. In this case, the first step (with the greatest attrition rat the most potential for improvement, but all three steps Analyze your funnel 100% 32 –68% 17 –47% 10 –41% FIGURE 6-7 Visualizing a funnel in terms of attrition rate
  7. 7. 1 0 6     C H A P T E R 6 : M A K I N G YO U R S I T E S E L L Analyze your funnel
  8. 8. Law of multiples The effects of the conversion rate of individual steps are cumulative! Any impact you have on any step along the path will apply to the whole conversion rate.! Double the conversions at any step, and overall conversion will also double.
  9. 9. Optimize your funnel Every page is an advertisement! An ad for next step! Reese’s Pieces! All the alien needed to do is to move a few inches and it would get another small reward.! Each page just needs to engage the visitors and help them find the next step along the path to what they want.