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3 steps and 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions and Sales


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How to Website increase conversions and sales. It' not just about increasing traffic, in fact that is the last step! First get your website converting existing traffic. Here's 3 Steps and 7 ways to increase conversions, re-engage past visitors, and increase traffic effectively.

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3 steps and 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions and Sales

  1. 1. How do I increase sales? The Burning Question 3 Steps & 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions & Sales
  2. 2. I’ll Drive More Traffic Yeah!, more traffic! The most common approach is MORE traffic!
  3. 3. But is Traffic THE Solution? Is this the most effective or only option? To double sales, you have to double traffic! No small task, takes time, and… requires huge increase in traffic to affect sales Doh!
  4. 4. You already have a Gold Mine Look at the traffic your site already has. How many visitors inquire or buy? Where do they go? What do they do? Contact us to find out how to improve your site’s performance
  5. 5. 3 Steps and 7 Ways to Increase Website Sales and Conversions
  6. 6. First… What’s Going On? Determine where you are with Google Analytics • Bounce Rate  How many leave without taking any action? • Visitor (User) Flow  Where do visitors go? • Conversion Rate  What % of visitors inquire or buy? See for more info Need help? We’ll figure out what’s going on and fix it! Find out more… ???
  8. 8. Only a few Pop Out of the Funnel Visitors return to the Cloud Visitors return to the Cloud On average 97% of visitors leave without buying or inquiring!
  9. 9. Let’s Start with Conversions Increase the conversion rate for your current traffic. For example If your conversion rate is 2%...
  10. 10. Doubling Conversions As an example, let’s say a page has 100 visits per day and a 2% conversion rate. That’s 2 transactions per day. How do you double it to 4? 1. Increase traffic to 200 visits/day, or 2. Increase conversions to 4% Both require work, and you should work on both. But lets talk about conversions. Not easy to double traffic
  11. 11. So What is Conversion Rate? Simply put it’s the… percentage of visitors that take a desired action such as inquire or buy. But… ??? Conversion rates vary widely Different starting points, very different figures!
  12. 12. Is there an Average Conversion Rate? It depends on what you measure. • Hubspot says average is 10%, but • says average is 3% US & 1.17% international Who’s right? Both! It depends on what you measure! Some measure from a specific page, others overall website, new visitors, direct visits, etc. We can improve your conversions. Contact us to find out more… What’s my conversion rate???
  13. 13. What Conversion Rate Do I Use? Measure and track conversion rates for key pages and transactions. Look at your historical figures for a baseline. OK, maybe you don’t know what Goals & Funnels are, but we do, find out more…
  14. 14. 3 Ways to Increase Conversions
  15. 15. 1. Improve CTA (Calls to Action) Increase visitor engagement and interaction with: 1. Buttons 2. Offers 3. Better Contact Page Ah, Brilliant
  16. 16. Add Buttons Use buttons on pages and blogs as a Call to Action
  17. 17. Offers, White Papers, & Free Trials Try the offer above to see how it works…
  18. 18. 2. Typical Contact Page (boring) This is dull Is this your contact page?
  19. 19. A Friendlier Contact Us Much better!
  20. 20. 3. Mobile Friendly • Over 25% of visitors from mobile & growing! • If your site is not mobile friendly, they leave! Make sure your website is a Responsive Design. Check your site on several mobile devices. Is your site mobile hostile? Find out about getting beautiful responsive site…
  22. 22. Typical Website Lead Flow and Conversion Process Audience Targeting Geo Targeting Paid Traffic Sources Organic Traffic Sources Contextual Targeting Site Targeting PPC Google Search ‐ Organic Social Media Landing Page Submission form or Purchase Exits w/out purchase or contact Website Exits w/out purchase or contact Visitor returns to the Cloud Over 95% of website Visitors return to the cloud… How do you re‐engage them?
  23. 23. 4. Retargeting Retargeting places your banner ads in front of recent visitors to your website. Retargeting has higher CTR (Click Thru Rate) and conversions.
  24. 24. Audience Targeting Optimized Website Conversion Process with Re‐Targeting Geo Targeting Paid Traffic Sources Organic Traffic Sources Contextual Targeting Site Targeting PPC Google Retargeting Search ‐ Organic Social Media Landing Page Submission form or Purchase Follow up campaign Exits w/out purchase or contact Website Retargeting places paid ads in front of your website visitors to re‐engage them with your brand
  25. 25. Setting Up Retargeting To set up a retargeting campaign you need: 1. RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform 2. Setup and install tracking pixels 3. Banner ads 4. Landing page 5. Setup Campaign on RTB platform 6. Setup Google Analytics Too complicated! Need help? We can have retargeting running fast! Find out more…
  26. 26. But wait, there’s an easier way… Like SEO, retargeting and RTB campaigns are complicated and require expertise. You can have a Digital Marketing company set up and manage your campaign. You’ll get better results and save time and money. What a relief !
  28. 28. Driving Quality Traffic Now that your website is converting traffic, it’s time to drive more traffic through it. Not just to it, through it! Focus on quality, relevant traffic Want high quality traffic? Find out more…
  29. 29. 3 Ways to Increase Traffic Use SEO, Social Media and paid advertising to drive new traffic to your site and supplement your organic traffic.
  30. 30. 5. Quality SEO On‐site SEO addresses website structure and content. You must have quality content, lots of it, and update frequently.
  31. 31. 6. Social Media Social media is great for brand building. Did you know a well run campaign also drives excellent traffic to a website?
  32. 32. 7. PPC and RTB Pay Per Click paid advertising is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic and a great supplement to organic traffic.
  33. 33. 3 Steps and 7 Ways Step 1 Increase Conversions 1. Improve CTA (Call To Action):  Add Offer buttons: Free Trial, Free Offer, or White Paper 2. Friendly Contact‐Inquiry Page 3. Mobile friendly Responsive website! Step 2 Retargeting 4. Start Retargeting Campaign Step 3 Increase Traffic 5. Quality SEO, increase organic traffic 6. Social Media 7. PPC and RTB paid advertising campaign
  34. 34. Wrapping it up It’s is a process of continual improvement. Effective and successful campaigns are built with:  Great creative design & content Quality work and implementation Targeting right audiences, with right message Monitoring metrics, making improvements Start an amazing campaign with Esotech!
  35. 35. 3 Steps & 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions and Sales Prepared by: Bill Grunau Co‐President, Chief Strategy Officer Esotech