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Special Spectators Analysis

  1. 1. Analysis Exchange ProjectAnalyst: Genna WeissOrganization: Kendall Allen and BlakeRockwell
  2. 2. Agenda• Executive Summary• Main Site Performance– Insights– Summary– Recommendations– Goals and Funnels• Social– Insights– Engagement Recommendations– Tracking Recommendations– Tool Examples• Partner Blog– Metrics, and Goals– Tracking & Other Recommendations• Appendix• Questions2
  3. 3. Executive Summary• Non-mobile traffic patterns are somewhat more “engaged” overall than mobiletraffic patterns.• Referral traffic (both mobile and non-mobile) dominates all traffic, but is the least“engaged” segment.• The Donate page and home page are the top landing pages and the most visitedpages for referral traffic ; however, the majority of these visits bounce from thesepages.• Non-mobile referral traffic that navigates from/to the home page has the greatestbreadth of movement on the site.• Facebook ads from September-November 2012 did not lead to significant traffic tothe SS website.3
  4. 4. Main Site PerformanceMobile Traffic vs. Non-Mobile TrafficReferral, Direct, and Search Traffic InsightsReferral Traffic NavigationDate range Included for all slides: September2012-March 2013
  5. 5. Mobile Traffic Dominates0%20%40%60%80%100%01002003004005006009/1/2012 10/1/2012 11/1/2012 12/1/2012 1/1/2013 2/1/2013 3/1/2013VisitsNon-Mobile TrafficMobile Traffic% of Mobile Traffic0%20%40%60%80%100%01002003004005006009/1/2012 10/1/2012 11/1/2012 12/1/2012 1/1/2013 2/1/2013 3/1/2013Unique VisitsNon-Mobile TrafficMobile Traffic% of Mobile Traffic5
  6. 6. Non-Mobile Traffic Appears to beSomewhat More “Engaged” OnlineMetric Mobile Non-MobilePages/Visit 1.16 1.69Avg. Visit Duration 00:14 00:46Bounce Rate 90% 82%Returning Visitors 9% 10%6
  7. 7. Referral Traffic Makes Up Majority ofMobile and Non-Mobile Traffic0% (29 visits)78% (5,400visits)22% (1,544visits)MobileSearch TrafficReferral TrafficDirect Traffic5% (207 visits)82% (3,520visits)13% (543visits)Non-MobileSearch TrafficReferral TrafficDirect Traffic7
  8. 8. Peaks in Traffic Arise Predominatelyfrom Referral TrafficIn March 2013, there were spikes in mobile direct traffic. Thismay have been due to site promotion at games. Non-mobiledirect traffic did not experience the same peaks.0100200300400500600Search TrafficReferral TrafficDirect Traffic3/153/1011/2411/172/178
  9. 9. Interesting Observation: Majority of DirectTraffic Lands on Donate Page from Mobile02004006008001,0001,2001,4001,6001,800MobilePageviews 050100150200250300Non-MobileVisits9Could this indicate a potential tracking issue?
  10. 10. Search Traffic Has Low Volume – Opportunity toOptimize Site for Non-Branded Keywords020406080100120Top Search Terms by VolumeVisits10
  11. 11. How Does Each Channel Comparefrom an “Engagement” Standpoint?Mobile Direct Referral Search*Pages/Visit 1.27 1.12 2.14Avg. VisitDuration00:27 00:10 01:22Bounce Rate 82% 92% 48%ReturningVisitors13% 7% 48%Non-Mobile Direct Referral Search*Pages/Visit 3.50 1.36 2.60Avg. VisitDuration02:54 00:22 01:50Bounce Rate 68% 86% 47%ReturningVisitors31% 5% 31%*Search Volumefor mobile is only29 visits and fornon-mobile 207visits.Referraltraffic is theleast“engaged”segment.11
  12. 12. Top 10 Referral Sites by Visit VolumeExperience High Bounce Rates0%20%40%60%80%100%120%02004006008001,0001,2001,4001,600MobileVisitsBounce Rate0%20%40%60%80%100%120%02004006008001000Non-MobileVisitsBounce RateArrows point to referral sites that makesignificant shifts in traffic order when theyare accessed by non-mobile trafficcompared to mobile traffic.12
  13. 13. Majority of Referral Traffic to TopLanding Pages Bounce90%85% N/A N/A N/A N/A01,0002,0003,0004,0005,0006,000MobileVisits89%60%N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A01,0002,0003,0004,000Non-MobileVisitsPercentageabove thebar line isbouncerate, whichis labeledfor onlysignificanttraffic.13
  14. 14. The Donate Page and Home Page Also Dominate theTop “Engaging” Pages by Volume for Referrals05001,0001,5002,0002,5003,0003,5004,0004,5005,000MobilePageviews05001,0001,5002,0002,5003,000Non-MobilePageviewsLack of pageview volume on other top pages may signal navigationoptimization opportunities.14
  15. 15. How is Top Mobile Referral TrafficNavigating from/to the Donate Page?About 93% of the Donate page volume enters from this page, but only about8% of the traffic proceeds to another page from the Donate page. Of thosewho enter from a previous page, about 82% come from the home page. Ofthose who visit another page, about 78% proceed to the home page.15
  16. 16. How is Top Mobile Referral TrafficNavigating from/to the Home Page?About 72% of the home page volume enters from this page, and about 22% of thetraffic proceeds to another page from the home page. Of those who enter from aprevious page, about 81% come from the Donate page. Of those who visit anotherpage, about 40% go to the donate page, while about 26% go to the Events page.16
  17. 17. How is Top Non-Mobile Referral TrafficNavigating from/to the Donate Page?About 90% of the Donate page volume enters from this page, but only about 14%of the traffic proceeds to another page from the Donate page. Of those who enterfrom a previous page, about 57% come from the home page. Of those who visitanother page, about 49% go the home page, while about 29% go to the Eventspage. 17
  18. 18. How is Top Non-Mobile Referral TrafficNavigating from/to the Home Page?About 57% of the home page volume enters from this page, and about 44% ofthe traffic proceeds to another page from the home page. Of those who enterfrom a previous page, about 57% come from the Donate page. Of those whovisit another page, about 33% go to the Events page, while 25% go to theDonate page.18
  19. 19. Overall, Non-Mobile Referral Traffic ThatNavigates from/to the Home Page MovesAround the Site the MostMobileReferralEntrances PreviousPagesExits NextPagesDonatePage93% 7% 92% 8%HomePage72% 28% 78% 22%Non-MobileReferralEntrances PreviousPagesExits NextPagesDonatePage90% 10% 86% 14%HomePage57% 43% 56% 44%19
  20. 20. Mobile Donate Page vs. Non-MobileDonate Page20
  21. 21. Summary• Non-mobile traffic patterns are somewhat more “engaged” overall thanmobile traffic patterns.• Referral traffic (both mobile and non-mobile) dominates all traffic.• Majority of mobile direct traffic lands on the Donate page.• Search traffic has very little volume due to low site optimization of non-branded keywords.• Referral traffic is the least “engaged” segment overall, with its non-mobilesegment slightly more “engaged” than its mobile segment.• The Donate page and home page dominate in the landing page andnavigation path of referral traffic—the majority traffic source.• Non-mobile referral traffic that navigates to/from the home page has thegreatest breadth of movement on the site.21
  22. 22. Recommendations• Set up ecommerce for donation tracking to begin measuring theimpact of website and marketing initiatives on donationconversions.• A/B test different versions of the Donate page to lower the bouncerate from this page for different segments (e.g., testcopy, format, etc.). This is especially important if traffic primarilywill continue to be directed to this page. Ecommerce tracking willbe able to see if this page is able to convert traffic into actualdonors.• Consider testing unique landing pages on referral traffic audience inorder to decrease bounce rates.22
  23. 23. Recommendations-Cont’d• Initiate SEO project to improve non-branded keyword optimizationon the site. This is critical during lulls in the sports seasons.• Look into applying for a Google Grant (available to non-profits) toget access to grant money for Google AdWords to build up searchengine marketing campaigns.• Event-related and blog content from home page doesn’t live on theBlog or Events section of site. Look to improve this contentnavigation.• Internal search feature is not working, and the “Make a Difference”tab is also problematic—look to correct.23
  24. 24. Goals and Funnels• Set up ecommerce tracking to measure donation conversions. This willhelp to measure donation revenue and average donation size. You’ll beable to segment by traffic source.• Set up micro goals as Google Analytics Events to measure engagementoutcomes on the site:– Clicks on rotating photos from homepage– “Get involved” clicks– “See More Events” clicks– “Make a Difference” Clicks– “Contact Us” form sign ups– Ticket contribution sign ups• To look at visitor flow to Partner page, set a URL goal to the Partnerpage, then use GA Goal Flow to see navigational flow to this page. This willhelp to identify optimization opportunities.24
  25. 25. SocialSocial Media Traffic Vs. Referral TrafficFacebook Metrics and Top Viral PostsTop Tweets and Influencers on Twitter
  26. 26. Traffic From Social Makes Up Very Small Percentage of Total TrafficCompared to Top Referral Traffic, But Appears More “Engaged”—AnOpportunity to Push More of These Visitors to the Site53%*67%N/A N/A N/A N/A05101520253035404550Social Media TrafficVisits0%20%40%60%80%100%120%05001,0001,5002,0002,500Top Referral TrafficVisitsBounce RatePages/Visit: 2.29Avg. Duration: 01:26Returning Visitors: 20%Bounce Rate: 56%Pages/Visit: 1.21Avg. Duration: 00:15Returning Visitors: 6%Bounce Rate: 90%*Bounce rate for significant traffic26
  27. 27. Termination of Facebook Ad Push Made a LargeImpact on Facebook Likes and Reach0100200300400500600700800Facebook LikesLikes050000100000150000200000250000Total ReachReach0102030Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13 Mar-13Site Visits from FacebookVisitsAds appeared to havemade only a smallimpact on drawingpeople to the websitefrom Facebook.27
  28. 28. Top Viral Posts on Facebookhttp://on.fb.me/17r6Cu311/17/12175 reach, 52 engagedusers, 46 taking aboutthis, 26% viralityhttp://on.fb.me/10LLNKN11/10/1225 reach, 52engaged users, 46talking aboutthis, 24% virality“Thanks to Kevin Kugler forhosting us in the Big TenNetwork booth!”“We were sworn not to revealthe secret the kids have knownsince this morning. Herestodays @CowboyFB helmet!”28
  29. 29. Top Tweets and Influencers on Twitter“@AdrianPeterson in honor of being MVP –back at OU with Special Spectators from OUChildren’s Hosp – on.fb.me/Y7XN2ACongrats!”29
  30. 30. Engagement Recommendations• Create more site content to push more traffic to Special Spectators sitefrom Facebook, and/or provide more links on the Facebook page to directtraffic back to site.• Installing the Donate app on Facebook page may help alleviate some ofthis need to drive traffic to the main site.• Encourage fans to share content so that it becomes visible to theirnetworks outside the Special Spectators page.• Facebook recommendations from LikeAlyzer:– Write shorter posts– Ask more questions to your fans (to generate comments)– Encourage your fans to ask more questions for you to answer (to generate comments)– Publish more photos– Add more milestones30
  31. 31. Example of Facebook Content NotDirecting Traffic to SS Site31
  32. 32. Tracking Recommendations• Hootsuite ($9.99/month) integrates with Facebook Insights, GoogleAnalytics, and Twitter Analytics.• Twitter analytics alternative: Tool for measuring Twitterreach, retweets, replies, and finding top tweets and contributors:www.twitonomy.com/; alternative is www.tweetreach.com.• Facebook Insights—It’s free! You’ll be able to see new likes and reachmetrics in a specified date range.• Free Facebook tool that provides tips on how to improve Facebook page:http://likealyzer.com/.• Facebook and Twitter engagement metrics tool (free version gives 30 daysworth of data): http://www.truesocialmetrics.com/.• Set up the Donate app on Facebook page so people can donate directlyfrom page (integrates with PayPal): apps.facebook.com/fbdonate.32
  33. 33. Tool ExamplesTwitonomy TweetReachLikeAlyzer TrueSocialMetrics33
  34. 34. Partner BlogMetrics, Goals, Tracking, and OtherRecommendations
  35. 35. Metrics and Goals• Metrics– Visits broken down by source and mobile vs. non-mobile– Top search keywords– Top referrals broken down by mobile vs. non-mobile– Top landing pages along with bounce rate (broken down by source andmobile vs. non-mobile)– Top pages along with bounce rate (broken down by source and mobilevs. non-mobile)• Goals– Set up URL goals for Media, College Sports and ProfessionalSports, and Corporations page. Leverage GA Goal Flow to seenavigational flow to these pages in order to look for optimizationopportunities.– Set up a GA Event for tracking the number of times visitors play the SSvideo overview.35
  36. 36. Tracking & Other Recommendations• Use standard Google Analytics instructions for installing trackingcode to site:https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008080?• Or use WordPress plug-in for easy installation:http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/googleanalytics/• Track your social share button metrics (shares on Twitter andFacebook) on GA: http://www.stuffedweb.com/how-to-track-social-media-buttons-with-google-analytics/• Embed contact information on the site for potential partners to getin touch with Special Spectators, or a way to direct traffic to themain site.• Enable donors to directly donate on Partner site, or redirect themto main site.36
  37. 37. Appendix0246Pages/VisitMobile TrafficNon-Mobile Traffic0:00:000:02:530:05:460:08:38Avg. Visit DurationMobile TrafficNon-Mobile Traffic0%50%100%150%41153 41183 41214 41244 41275 41306 41334Bounce RateMobile TrafficNon-Mobile Traffic37
  38. 38. Thank you! Any questions?