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Major foundation.pptx masha.pptx31

  1. 1. MAJOR FOUNDATION OF CURRICULUM Prepared by: Find More free Mary Grace R. Chong PowerPoint templates on:
  2. 2. Major Foundation Of Curriculum Philosophical Historical Psychological social
  3. 3. Major Foundation Of Curriculum The Philosophical Foundation of Curriculum
  4. 4. Major Foundation Of Curriculum • Philosophy provides educators, teachers and curriculum makers with framework for planning for implementing and evaluating curriculum in schools. It helps in answering: • What schools are for? • What subjects are important? • How students should learn and what materials and methods should be used.
  5. 5. Major Foundation Of Curriculum• In decision making : • Philosophy provides the starting point and will be used for the succeeding decision making.• The philosophy of a curriculum planner, implementor or evaluator reflects his or her life experiences, common beliefs, social and economic background and education.
  6. 6. Major Foundation Of Curriculum Tyler’s view of philosophy in relation Suggestions from subject To school purposes specialists Studies of Studies of contemporary learners life School purposes Use of Use of psychology of philosophy learning
  7. 7. Major Foundation Of Curriculum• The Four Educational Philosophies Perennialism Essentialism Progressivism Reconstructionism
  8. 8. Educational philosophy - PerennialismAim of Education to educate the rational person; to cultivate the intellect.Role of Education teachers help students think with reason.Focus in curriculum classical subject s, literary analysis and curriculum is constantCurriculum trends use of great books and return to liberal arts
  9. 9. Educational philosophy - EssentialismAim of Education to promote the intellectual growth of the individual and educate a competent personRole of Education the teachers is the sole authority in his /her subject area/ field of specialization
  10. 10. Educational philosophy - EssentialismFocus in curriculum essential skills of the 3 R’s and essential subjects of English, Science, History, Math and other foreign languageCurriculum trends excellence in education, back to basics and cultural literacy
  11. 11. Educational philosophy - ProgressivismAim of Education to promote democratic and social livingRole of Education knowledge lead s to growth and development of life long learners who actively learn by doing.
  12. 12. Educational philosophy - ProgressivismFocus in curriculum subjects are interdisciplinary, integrative and interactive. Curriculum is focused on students’ interest, human problems and affairsCurriculum trends school reforms, relevant and contextualized curriculum, humanistic education
  13. 13. Educational philosophy - ReconstructivismAim of Education to improve and reconstruct society Education for changeRole of Education teachers act as agents of change and reform in various educational projects including reseach
  14. 14. Educational philosophy - ReconstructivismFocus in curriculum focus on present and future trends and issues of national and international interestsCurriculum trends equality of educational opportunities in education, access to global education