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Foundation of curriculum


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Foundation of curriculum

  1. 1. Foundation of CurriculumBy Noureen Arshad Anam Shehzadi
  2. 2. Foundation of CurriculumFoundations are the forces that influence the minds of curriculum developers.In this way these effect the content and structure of the curriculum.
  3. 3. Foundation of CurriculumIt includes the following• Philosophical Foundation• Psychological Foundation• Sociological foundation• Economical Foundation• Historical Foundation
  4. 4. Philosophical FoundationIt is concerned with beliefs.• What is real --- ONTOLOGY• What is true --- EPISTEMOLOGY• What is good – AXIOLOGY
  5. 5. Psychological Foundation Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior. It gives insight into: • Child development • Learning • Inquiry techniques • Educational objectives • Student characteristics • Learning process • Teaching method • Evaluation procedures
  6. 6. Sociological FoundationSociology is the study of social relationships, institutions and society.It includes• Value of society• Media explosion• New forms of cooperation• Culture etc.
  7. 7. Economical FoundationIt focuses on:• Job or market oriented curriculum• Skill learning
  8. 8. Historical Foundations It includes • Role of curriculum in achievements of nations. • Guides future plans • Factors that influence development of nation e.g. unity • Eliminates the useless traditions.