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Between a Rock and a Hard place


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Educators find thems

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Between a Rock and a Hard place

  1. Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceMaria H. Andersen, Ph.D. @busynessgirl
  2. What K-12 was teaching Me What 4-yearcolleges wanted
  3. NCLB State Testing YouWhat Common Core wants
  4. Common Core NCLB State Testing YouWhat colleges want
  5. What NCLB wants YouWhat Parents want
  6. But the problemis much bigger
  7. 10 years ago these technologies did not exist for the general publicGPS Google SearchText Messaging Hybrid CarsWikipedia iPad & iPhoneFacebook AndroidTwitter
  8. 10 years ago these jobs did not existApp DeveloperData MinerSocial Media ManagerSustainability ExpertUser ExperienceDesignerSEO Specialist
  9. In ONE decade, the world has been transformed …
  10. In ONE decade, the world has been transformed …
  11. In ONE decade,education has been transformed …
  12. 2005
  13. 2013
  14. (yes, that was me being snarky)
  15. “Technology will zap ourproblems away.”
  16. The real rockand the hard place?
  17. NCLB / State Testing What colleges want EducatorsWhat the real world wants
  18. What does the world want?
  19. Practical Math Percents & RatiosEveryday Geometry
  20. LogicLogical Reasoning Defining RulesApplication of Rules Programming
  21. Number Sense Operation Sense EstimationGroking MagnitudeStatistical Analysis
  22. Data Literacy Ability to Find DataReasonableness of Data Scrubbing Data Data Visualization Explanation of Data
  23. CuriosityExplore the boundaries Think for yourself Question Others Brainstorm Ideate
  24. NCLB / State Testing What colleges want EducatorsWhat the real world wants
  25. Bravo Common Core Math! Use appropriate tools strategically. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  26. But then again …
  27. and …
  28. Politicians and International Testing Common CoreWhat educators and the world wants?
  29. So what’s ateacher to do?
  30. You have nosuperpowers (that I know of)
  31. But you aregetting somenew tech
  32. Let’s figure out some interesting things to do with this technology.
  33. Besides this …
  34. You’ve heard of Geocaching?
  35. Data Sleuthing:Apples and Apple
  36. Who grows the most apples?
  37. Who has increased their apple production the most?
  38. When do we crave apples?When do we crave Apple?
  39. Is Apple the most powerful software company in the world?
  40. Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?
  41. How are apples and Apple related?
  42. Sleuthing Resources: WolframAlpha Google Trends GapMinder ManyEyes
  43. Geeky Sleuthing Resources: Google Public DataGoogle Fusion Tables
  44. Homework: FlowingData InformationIsBeautifulTED Talks: Hans Rosling Guardian DataBlog CoolInfographics Edward TufteWolframAlpha: Facebook Report
  45. Data Sleuthing Show & Tell Digital Literacy Data Literacy Curiosity Art
  46. Technology will not zap our problems away Teachers Will.
  47. Pleaseteach well.
  48. Maria H.