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Re-Thinking "Remedial" Education in Washington Community & Technical Colleges


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March 2013 presentation to the Washington Student Achievement Council

Published in: Education
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Re-Thinking "Remedial" Education in Washington Community & Technical Colleges

  1. 1. Re-Thinking “Remediation” in Washington Community & Technical Colleges: What We’re Doing, What We’re Learning Dr. William S. MooreWashington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges 360-704-4346,
  2. 2. What We’re Doing • Better K-12 alignment Acceleration Direct to • Better Strategies for placement College assessment process College-Level • Linked Success Co- courses • “Just-in- Enrollment time” support • Contextual Targeted learning • Modules & Content pathways
  3. 3. What We’re Learning Student Completion Initiative Re-Thinking I-BEST Precollege Math Pathways Project
  4. 4. ChangingClassrooms,Not JustCourses
  5. 5. Professional Learningas “Open SourceTeaching”
  6. 6. “…How does your gardengrow?”