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M M Bagali, Recruitment Project, Hrm, Hrd,


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M M Bagali, Recruitment Project, HRM, HRD, Leadership, OB, OD,

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M M Bagali, Recruitment Project, Hrm, Hrd,

  1. 1. Reference No: 9800210045 Project onCertified Recruitment Analysis in Education Sector, Faculty- for Management Faculty-MBA Dr. M M Bagali, PhD in Management Dean- Dean-Acharya MBA Institutions, Bangalore April, 2010 1
  2. 2. Dr. M M Bagali, PhDCertified Recruitment Analysis in Education Sector, for Management Faculty-MBA IntroductionNeedless to say that, the importance of Management Educationin Indian scenario has grown to importance in education field.The growing demand for having management Education isreflected in the number and volume of the B-Schools that havecome-up. The rough estimated number of around 250-300 B-School in 1990-2000, to around 1600-1800 B-School today.The category of B-School also vary from the department of B-Schools in University to having affiliated Institutes,autonomous, deemed status, Independent, Private, CorporateUniversity, and the Institute with collaborations.The span of the course also varies from one year to four years.The location of this program and school would be from single 2
  3. 3. campus to multiple campus location, with accredited to non-accredited, having the mode of yearly, bi-semester, tri-semester, and the common area of specialization into HR,Marketing and Finance, apart from International Businessareas. The admission for this program would be on the All Indiabasis like CAT, MAT.XAT, JMET, ATMA, JEE, etc.The education deliverers includes class room teaching, CaseMethod , Role Play , Business Games , Quiz , Debate , Seminar, Out-door assignment , Business writing plans/models, Profilewriting of Successful Business houses in India , Presentations ,Industrial Visits , Meet the CEO / Executive , and the like , withcredit grading for awarding the degree. The Global Scenario:The platform for most B-School at global level includes thefollowing: 3
  4. 4. Recent Trends • Real World Experience • Curricula… global theme • Clinical content of curricula • Evaluation …. Credit system • Course Changed and Restructured • Specializations too many • Names of the course also changed • Names of Out coming students designation changed • Pedagogy approach • Skill/ Competency oriented • Continuous Evaluation • Variety of pedagogy • Combined faculty for a course 4
  5. 5. Recent Trends • Title of the courses…. Global • Study Aboard Program (at least 6 months) • Collaboration of Program • Joint Degree Award • Ranking and Accreditation • On line courses.. E- management… web learning • Foreign added flavor (International touch / flavor) • Non Credit – Audit courses • Research agendas in the course • CEO taking a course 5
  6. 6. The Human Resources:A synergy effect makes the B-School brand itself as the best B-School. Every other person has to work and join to provide besteducation. For competency mapping of the human asset at B-School, three [3] positions with their job title have beenidentified. A] Program Director-PD B] Head of the Department-HOD C] Placements and Corporate Relations Officer- PCRO 6
  7. 7. Job DescriptionPosition Title: Program Director-PD 7
  8. 8. Accountable to: Chairman of the Group and in return to theBoard of DirectorsGoals of the Position:To hold the responsibility of managing, developing, and growingthe institute, while reporting to the Chairman and Board ofDirectors, and with the BOD, is responsible for ensuring thefaith in the program. Together, with the BOD and faculty team,is accountable for the program activity, operations, andrealization of the mission. Provide oversight of the program andmaking it as most preferred B-School among the studentscommunity.Skills required and desired: 1. Eminent Academician 2. Good Academic Credentials 3. Visionary Leadership 4. Teaching, Research, Practice, Administration 5. High Published research work at International Level 8
  9. 9. Duties and ResponsibilitiesThe overall development, management, and growth of theorganization and the program. To introduce high standard ofbest practices, and Brand the B-School, which includes theProgram, students, and the HR branding, per se.Responsibility also includes in terms of increasing the number,volume and introduction of new programs.Desired: Skills for program Director 1. Should have a good understanding of education processes and govt., rules and regulations. 2. Should have an excellent aptitude and very good with data interpretation. 3. Should possess excellent analytical and problem solving capabilities 4. Should have the ability to work in ambiguous scenarios. 5. Should have very good facing skills. 6. Should be willing to travel frequently and possibly stationed there for a few months if business requires. 7. Ideally from a top Mgmt institute with knowledge and interest in Education sciences. 8. Should necessary be able to work with varied group and team.Desired Qualities 9
  10. 10. Faithful, Ethical, Clean image, Risk taking, Honest, Personalenergy, Personal Integrity, Caring, Willingness to do,communication to call higher level.Core CompetenciesFinancial Management/Negotiations / Leadership/ Advising andMentoring/ Technical Understanding. JD FOR PROGRAM DIRECTORDevelops, articulates and presents the vision for the school withBOD. Translates this vision into strategic goals by developing aunit assessment plan related to College mission and strategicplanning objectives. Works collegially with conveners and unitfaculty to ensure collaboration and successful implementation ofunit mission.Actively represents the unit and the school to students, parents,professional organization, articulation partners, business andindustry and other relevant constituencies. Also Liaisonsbetween these and the BOD/ Governing council/Trust. 10
  11. 11. Provides curricular leadership in relation to school- wide goalsby initiating, sustaining, delivering or eliminating academicprograms and school core curricula in accordance with strategicplanning goals. Supervises conveners in the construction oftimely class schedules based on student needs and institutionalresources including advisement and registration.Develops new curriculum and reviews and revises existingcurriculum with conveners and unit faculty, considering studentneeds and available resources; supervises program reviews;ensures successful accreditation; and facilitates activities at theunit level to seamlessly integrate unit goals with all schoolgoals.Oversees Study Abroad Programs taught by faculty in academicunits, and try to develop network and collaboration throughMOU.Mediates between students, faculty and parents in legal andappropriate ways. Facilitates the resolution of disagreement orconflict between faculty and students.Supervises the administration of and ensures the academicquality of Study and other special programs, facilities, centersor institutes assigned to the school. Try to initiate inestablishing centre for excellences and Research. 11
  12. 12. Responsible for human resources management. Develops long-range staffing plans to include new faculty hires, retirementsand adequate support staff that are aligned with programdelivery, enrollment, and market projections; prepares jobdescription/ads and other documentation for all positions,appoints search committees; supervises search processes;recommends appointment of appropriately qualified faculty andstaff; renders timely, professional judgment on periodicevaluations, reappointments, tenure and promotion.Responsible for all fiscal matters at unit level. Plans for,requests, and disburses operational, travel, and other fundslegally, responsibly, and fairly within given budget limitations.Participates in School-wide strategic planning activities,especially as related to academic matters. Develops/reviewsacademic policies and may recommend on all-school policiesand procedures.Actively participates in Deans Council meetings, initiatives, andactivities.Collaborates with Student Affairs, Institutional Advancementand Administration and Finance Divisions and their variousoffices for unit-alignment with all-college goals and activities.Create and maintain best practices to attract the best brains,and develop implement and maintain sound Academic Practices. 12
  13. 13. Prepare and operate the budget development and expenditures,with due approval of Governing Council and BOD. Also fundsaving activity, talking to new donors, corporate supportgrants, etc.,, and help create pipeline forecasts and broadbased financial picture. Provide leadership to B-school throughintroduction of various new program, MOU, Collaborations,network.Serve on committee, statutory and non statutory Councils, Ad-hoc committee. Develop, write and put into practices theGovernance, code of conduct and setting high ethical standardpractices. 13
  14. 14. JOB ELEMENT ANALYSISSl. NO Key Task to perform % of Time spent Academic 251 Development Teaching Best Practices Course Development/ Introduction 14
  15. 15. Administration 202 BOD Meetings CSR Mentoring Conference Admissions3. Research and 25 Projects Publications Projects PHD4. MOU/ Collaborations 15 Consultancy Placements Corporate connection 15
  16. 16. 5 Internal Governance 15 and Issues Faculty Issues Student’s issues Exams Committees Sport and othersPS: The % of time spent may vary depending on the time andseason. During the admission time, which usually is between March,November till March, more time may be spent in admissionadmissionprocess. As the program progress and the sessions begin, the focuscould be on Academics. And the placements sessions starts, thefocus may shift t placements, per se. 16
  17. 17. Position Title: Program Director-PD 17
  18. 18. Fundamental ElementsBasic: Educational Qualification Should be from Premier Management School, viz: ISB, IIM, IIT, HBS, and the B-school, which is ranked amongst the best 50 best B-School for consecutive eight years, by Business Standard, Business India, Business Week, Economics Times, and AIMA. Consistent Academic records, with high grades and credits, in case the credit are given, or, First class with distension Should be full time degree holder, recognized by Govt. of India, and in case of foreign degree, should have equivalence awarded by Ministry of HRD [Education]. The equivalence should clearly state the recognition of the degree, university, and the percentage or the grades. If it is from Common Wealth University, it should have been recognized by AIU- Association of India Universities, and Association Common Wealth University Board.Values and Self Image: Job Expectations: High Risk 18
  19. 19. Add Value to the programBuild BrandCreate teamROI at 85% percentileNature of Employment:The assignment is Permanent with Two [2] months ofProbationaryVariable cost involvedEach year, results and achievable are measured againsttarget [85% reach is accepted]Travel, Mobility, and Time:Moderate traveling domestically and light travellingInternationally.Vehicle for official use provided by organizationShould put extra hours of workLess of personal leaves and holidaysOccupational Hazards:Wholly private JobRed tapism and seek permission from higher officialsIn times of target not met, without notice, may issue ordersto leave 19
  20. 20. But, freedom to implement new ideas of development with necessary permissionsMotives: Current Salary, Benefits, and Perks CTC of Rs.1,50,00 per month, with 75% as salary, and 25% as variable cost, given at the end of each year, with 85% receivables Lap Top, Internet connection, Cafeteria, transport, news paper, journals, magazines, will be provided Perks: An 10% reimbursement on monthly food billing is permissible. Can seek Professional Membership to Nationally and Internationally designated Organization and Institutions. May use car for personal use in atmost need based Broad flextime: The duty hours would be: 08.40am till 0500pm from Monday till Friday 30 minutes lunch 10+10 minutes of coffee break 0840am till 0130pm on Saturday 15 minutes of coffee break Every Third Saturday will be off One Sunday in a month would be utilized for CSR activity No compensatory holiday 20
  21. 21. RH is allowed amongst the list provided Any day would be official leave and absence in case it is utilized for Academic development, Admissions, Exhibitions, Research, PhD work, Projects, Corporate and organizational visits, meeting, MOU, Placements, and the like. With due permissions from the higher Officer[Chairman], Two hours for two times is permitted per month for late coming or early going. An average 40 hour/week as login hours of work is mandatory. Six months of service is required to qualify for the above benefit and privileges. Job Aspects The job involves creating add-on returns and brand building on daily basis. You will handle the B-School independently with the TEAM, and the BOD is always there to back and support. All financial transactions and sanctions are required Chairman permission. However, an amount of Rs.10,000 expenditure may be permissible, with due intimation and information to Chairman. Growth Oppournities: The prospect is that, with the positive results, Financial and non- Financial compensatation and rewards follow. A hike in Salary, facilities including House, Servants, car for personal use, is the part of return on Investments, per se.Functional Skills K= Knowledge; S= Skills 21
  22. 22. Sl.No Job Tasks K/S Threshold Differentials Rare1 Academic K Detailed Strategic 1.ROI Development Information concepts in calculation about the Academic field and different areas of investment subjects and patters in streams Knowledge what area about up- 2. Creating coming Centre of S Cross Cultural business, thus Excellence Skills upcoming and Research program Presentation promotion Skills 3. Getting Analytical and Trends in Accreditation Number Skills Market and new and Ranking program areas for B-School Strategic Writing Skills 4. Crafting Global Standard Strategies for Quality and Excellence2 Administration K Different Professional 1.Building Statutory and and personal Governance Non-Statutory differentiation and Ethos of committee perfection formation Patience 2. Building 22
  23. 23. Rules and Listening World class regulations of facilities Time Govt/ Trust / Management 3. Creating Society / systems and Organization norms for Conducting timely meetings execution of Procedure, Acts, matters and various body related to requirements Academic Update knowledge Better Oral and S Written Communication Dealing with different sections of people/ society Interpretation of Laws, Liaison with various authorities3 Research and K Different Granting Exact funding 1.Getting projects agencies agencies, funding and organization grants from and govt councils, organization 23
  24. 24. Funding sources support and govt. Research 2.Collabratio procedure, rules ns and MOU Budgeting and and regulations for Research financial work Web-site and on- proposals line search of 3. Getting literature Corporate sponsor for Research S Writing Skills work Preparing proposals 4. Computing skills Outstanding publications Using PC/ in Computers International journals and Good logic and getting analytical skills PATIENT for the papers.4 MOU and K MOU with Which 1.Twining Collaborations Organization and organization to program for Institution go for MOU Academic excellence Areas of MOU 2.Exchange Drafting and of Faculty, clauses to put Computer and Students with 24
  25. 25. S use of MS power for signing MOU organization point 3.Bring Writing and corporate The financial drafting skills People into returns of Advisory Corporate percentage committee Presentation 4. Corporate Negotiation Skills support in MDP, FDP, Curriculum 5. Institute CHAIR for different studies5 Internal K Know what Know of Social 1.Formulate Governance matters what for Sciences various and Issues students and committees faculty 2.Timely Psychology of conduct of Youths exams, tests Rules and Regulations for 3.Programms exams for Faculty development S Presentation Skills 25
  26. 26. Negotiation SkillsConduct meetingsCounseling 26
  27. 27. Behavioral TRAITS fromQuan Comm Table for PD1. Attitude Orientation Work Ethics Aggressiveness2. People Skills Communication Pressure Bearing3. Managerial Aptitude Planning Delegation 27
  28. 28. 4. Team Orientation Cooperation Employee Relations Questions identified forCompetency CheckingQuestions Aspects Checking FundamentalBasica)In brief, would you summaries To understand the relationsyour education background, between education, skills, attitude 28
  29. 29. credentials and work history for and knowledgemeb) How do you feel your Has there been the right educationeducation and training have and apt trainingprepared to take-up thisparticular jobc) How do you figure your To know with what level and extentcourses in education will help or of skills already the person comessupport to handle and manage from. To find GAPS, and potentialthe present assignment areas for further training and competency developmentValues and Self ImagesJob Expectations a) Describe a typical work Can go that extra mile, and open week for you mind b) How would you describe Know the energy level the pace at which you work What’s gets motivate on job c) What are your salary expectations d) What do you find are the Decision making and maturity level most difficult decisions to make 29
  30. 30. e) Do you prefer to work Get along with people, possessive independently or in a nature, power hungry team through delegating the work Stress tolerance, and managing f) Describe a time when oneself your workload was heavy and how you handled itTravel, Mobility, and Time Willingness to look beyonda)How comfortable are you intraveling for the organizationwork Mobility with a purposeb) Do you like to visit places andtalk to people and meet them Challenges facedc) Tell me an incidence, whereyou worked and stretchedyourself beyond the scheduledtime for the organizationOther Difficulties Handle odd times and situationWhat are the challenges and oddtimes / situations you faced inyour last job? 30
  31. 31. How did you handle a situation Professional approachof conflict between students andmanagement Management is an Art and ScienceTell me a situation where,without or less regulatoryconditions to be fulfilled, howdid you do it when anycommittee came / visited forinspection and traced itNature of EmploymentAre you comfortable withPermanent or Pay for Merit OrientedPerformanceHow do you look at each two Higher Responsibility acceptsmonth an 20% of additionalresponsibility and roles added toyour JD.MotivesCurrent Salary, Benefits, andPerks 31
  32. 32. Kindly let me know your cross Financial status and positionsalary, net salary, and the legal– statutory deductions andincentive and perksWhat do you look for in this new Focused and directedJob and AssignmentWhat will you do, if you also areassigned with additional Open mind and acceptingresponsibility to your “JD” as responsibilitythe work progressJob Aspects Need and MotivesWhat keeps you to work andwhat gets you going on the job Planning, OrganizedWhat are your goals for the nextfive years and how does this jobhelp you grow and developthose competencyFunctional 32
  33. 33. Tell me about your strategy for Insightsdeveloping the programWhat are the new program you Risk taking and creating oppournitywould be looking for and howyou wish to go aboutWhat are your great Outgoing and confinedachievements anddisappointment momentsHow do you try to get morecompanies and corporate Networkvisiting the institute/ B-SchoolIf the company quickly ask youfor the MIS of all the final year MIS, and Computer skillsstudents for line-up forplacements, how do you goaboutState the Accreditation process,and what Accreditation Quality Standards and Excellencepreparation that the instituteshould look for 33
  34. 34. What will be your focus for Setting high standardsInternational Accreditationprocess, and where you wish toconcentrateBehavioral TraitsAttitude Orientation a) Describe a decision you Internalization made that was unpopular and how you handled implementing it b) Have you had a convince a Motivation for excellence faculty team to work on a project they weren’t thrilled about? How did you do it. c) According to you, what constitutes a good code of Professionalism conduct and governance for B-School d) To pass every student irrespective of merit, is the Ethics duty if every faculty 34
  35. 35. People SkillsWhat are the ways through Getting alongwhich you motivate andenergize your teamDo you give feedback of yourteam and try also to tell the Developingimprovement areaDo you keep sending emails forthe special occasions of the Know the feelingsteam like special achievementsdone, B-day, anniversaries,awards received, and the likeHow do you manage Kind, understanding, cordial(communicate) to let yourcolleagues know that you areconcerned about them?Managerial AptitudeEqually difficult situation duringexam times, how did you ever 35
  36. 36. handle a crises situation Handling unforeseen situationWhat International level meets/conference/ event have you OutreachhandledWhat network do you have tobenefit the organization on CollaborationsMacro levelThere are several number ofpossible careers and options for Career goals, focusedyou, why is that you want tofollow this only Coaching abilityWhat do you do to help yourcolleagues and team perform tothe best of their abilitiesTeam OrientationHow do you ensure that the Synergyteam which you are workingwith follows the same wavelengthWhen your team encounters a 36
  37. 37. problem, such as deadlines, Taking along the Membersirritation, non-cooperation, howdo you reach a good resolutionWhen Management appreciatesthe good work done by your Loyalty to teamteam, do you give credit toteam?Outline in very broad terms,how would you create a Strategic Thinkingstrategy, to place your B-Schoolin the Top 50 Best RankedSchool M M Bagali, PhD Professor of Strategic HRM, Brand Ambassador, Asian HR Board, India / 37