Working with Faculty to Go Beyond the 50 Minute One Shot Libary Instrution


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This is an overview of methods librarians can use to work with teaching faculty to go beyond the one-shot library instruction.

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Working with Faculty to Go Beyond the 50 Minute One Shot Libary Instrution

  1. 1. Working with Faculty to Go Beyond the50 Minute One-Shot Library InstructionRobert MongeInstructionWestern Oregon UniversityE-mail monger@wou.eduWebsite:
  2. 2. Library Instruction should be a blend of liveLive sessions and webInstruction based instruction + delivered in theWeb Based classroom and onlineInstruction Library Session Classroom Outside classroom
  3. 3. Class Research GuidesClass research guides are a variation on the subjectguideLibrarians, working with the instructor, create guidesthat are designed for a specific class or assignmentThey can be created in Dreamweaver or withprograms such as LibGuides or a la Carte
  4. 4. These guides can be posted on the library website or in a course management system (likeBlackboard or Moodle)They can be presented to the students at thepoint of need either pre/post library sessionThey can also serve as an outline for an classsession
  5. 5. Here is an example ofa class researchguide created for aComposition I classIt covers the researchneeds for the class asa whole
  6. 6. Here is an example of aclass research guide fora graduate educationclassIt covers the resourcesneeded for a specificassignmentThe guide would beupdated throughout theterm as the assignmentschange
  7. 7. LibraryQuestingLibraryQuesting is an adaptation of WebQuesting butincorporating library resources in addition to informationthat can be found on the webLibraryQuesting uses guided instruction and real worldtasks to teach the student how to use various resourcesAll work done is related to the assignment they areworking on
  8. 8. LibraryQuesting All tasks guide the student through the various resources that can be used to complete the assignment Internet LibraryAssignment Web Tools Resources Resources
  9. 9. LibraryQuesting can be delivered at various points along the assignment/library session process LibraryQuestingPrior to Library Session During Library Session Post Library Session
  10. 10. LibraryQuesting begins byframing the purpose of the quest
  11. 11. …then defines the assignment inspecific terms
  12. 12. …then guides the student throughvarious resources
  13. 13. It is important to make sure eachtask is clear but also open ended
  14. 14. The resources in aLibraryQuestshould be worked out betweenthe librarian and the instructor
  15. 15. These LibraryQuests work bestwhen they have a grade orpoints attached to completion ofthe assignment
  16. 16. If LibraryQuests are assignedoutside of the library session,various ways of obtaining helpshould be provided
  17. 17. Information Literacy TutorialsWeb based tutorials can be used both in the librarysession and as supplemental instruction to classassignments
  18. 18. Information Literacy Group of Greater Portland
  19. 19. Writing Class Library Created TutorialsMake Sure….To present your final paper in a folder or Putting Your Portfolio on the Webportfolio with supporting documents:samples of academic or professionalwriting you’ve examined in analysis; Web based tutorials can addresssamples of assignments or documents assignment requirements thatyou’ve referred to within your text;copies of any handouts or overviews require higher level informationyou’ve used in presenting your material literacy skills that can’t be taughtto the class, etc. during a live library sessionTo carefully and clearly cite all MLA Citation Formatreferences to outside sources for yourmaterial.
  20. 20. Web based tutorials can address both simple and complex information literacy issuesWhat is the MLA Citation Format?This brief tutorial looks at what is the MLA citation format and how touse it when writing a research paper. Closed Caption Version-- Overview of the MLS citation format-- Description/Explanations of In-Text Citations-- Description/Explanation of Works Cited pageHow to Format a Paper in MLAHere is an example of how to format a paper using MLA citationguidelines. This example also includes how to format your paperusing Word 2003/2007. Closed Caption VersionIn-Text CitationsHere are examples of In-Text Citation for Direct Quotes,Paraphrases, Summaries, and Indirect QuotesWorks Cited CitationsHere are Works Cited citation examples for the various types ofsources you would use in your research.
  21. 21. Web based tutorials can beadapted to the needs of aparticular classHere is an example for aBusiness class on avoidingplagiarism and correctly usingAPA format.
  22. 22. Web based tutorials aredesigned to be self paced
  23. 23. …with both information andexamples
  24. 24. …and quizzes, interactiveexercises and a variety of activelearning elements
  25. 25. Here is an example of a webbased tutorial that can be used ina live classroom sessionThe class watches this video oftwo students discussing how tocheat on their upcoming Englishpaper
  26. 26. …and then discusses as a classwhat the students did wrong,what influenced their decision tocheat, and to reflect on realworld consequences
  27. 27. After the discussion, theinstructor can click on thevarious answers to the questions
  28. 28. Web based tutorials can be placed on a library websiteFinding a Topic/Background ResearchUnderstanding types of resourcesInternet ResearchCiting Sources and Synthesizing InformationThe Research ProcessAvoiding PlagiarismUnderstanding DatabaseMultimedia Research.Finding Sources from a Works Cited/Reference Page
  29. 29. …directly in the assignment if the assignment is postedon the web or in a course management system Finding Oregonian Articles Using Lexis-Nexis Finding Oregonian Articles Using Lexis-Nexis Find USA Today Articles UsingArticles Using Newspaper Source Find USA Today Newspaper Source Find Statesman Journal Article Online Article Online Find Statesman Journal
  30. 30. …or directly in the syllabus if posted on the web or ina course management system
  31. 31. Review Working with Faculty to Go Beyond the 50 Minute One-Shot Library Instruction LibraryQuesting Information LiteracyClass Research Guides Tutorials • Pre-Library Instruction • Pre-Library Instruction• Individual Assignments • Live session • Live session• General Research Guide • Post-Library Instruction • Post-Library Instruction
  32. 32. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.Robert MongeInstructionWestern Oregon UniversityE-mail monger@wou.eduWebsite: