WordPress: After The Install


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Congratulations! You’ve installed WordPress! Now what?

Installing WordPress is just the beginning. Adjust your settings, choose a theme, and decide which plugins to run. At this month’s meetup four of our long-time meetup members are going to help you navigate WordPress after you install it.

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WordPress: After The Install

  1. 1. Youve Installed WordPress Now What? March 20, 2012 | WPNYC Meetup | Rindy, Krista, Dana and Kevin | New York City
  2. 2. SettingsA Brief Overview
  3. 3. Settings > General"Anyone can register"● When unchecked, this "Register" link will disappear from the login page.● Helpful for preventing bot accounts (spammers)● Does not prevent commenting
  4. 4. Settings > Writing XML-RPC Wha???"Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblogand Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols."Translation: Publish from your phone.
  5. 5. Settings > Reading● Front page: Latest posts or static page?● Number of posts per page (applies to archive pages as well as front page● Full or summary RSS - this only affects your feed
  6. 6. Settings > Discussion● Pingbacks and trackbacks - generally, turn these on if you are building a traditional "blog"● Regulate comments, or turn them off
  7. 7. Settings > Privacy● Turn off search engine indexing for test sites, not-ready-for-prime-time, etc● This does not hide your site - its still online!● Not all search bots respect this
  8. 8. Settings > Permalinks● Make your links readable and SEO-friendlyhttp://mysite.com/tags/parties/fourth-of-july vs http://mysite.com/?p=241● Customize, but beware! Best to use one of the options. Details at http://codex.wordpress. org/Settings_Permalinks_Screen
  9. 9. Pick a Theme● Change themes without changing content● Search from within the dashboard● Change at will!
  10. 10. Themes
  11. 11. What is a theme?A group of files that affect how your site looks.Theme files are stored separate than WP core, pluginsand your content.
  12. 12. Free vs Premium Free Commercial/Premium· Try as many as you like · A good developer, willfor free! provide good support.· Most are unsupported so · If building a niche website,you rely on community for some are built with industry-help. specific features. Is one better than the other?
  13. 13. How do we find themes?· wordpress.org/extend/themes 1,518 free themes available in .org/extent theme repository· wordpress.org/extend/themes/commercial 65 commercial theme development companies listed
  14. 14. Where else?· Developer websites - Elegant Themes, Themify, WPMU· Lots of developers sell their work on other marketplace sitessuch as themeforest.net (owned by Envato) and mojo-themes, as well as many others· Theme reviewers - WPCandy, WPTavern, SmashingMagazine.. BEWARE!!Do not use Google to do random non-specific theme searches,BUT instead use it to find a specific theme or developer by namethat you may have heard about or read a review on.
  15. 15. Things to look for and consider · Visual design · Fits your needs · Supports WP core features · Options and Features · Browser compatibility · Software compatibility · Last updated · Available Support · Comments · Price
  16. 16. How do you choose?Know what you want, but be open to creativity and ideas.
  17. 17. Plugins vs. Themes● Plugin applies to all themes, its not limited to a specific theme "Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine."
  18. 18. Plugins
  19. 19. How to search for Plugins● Free (WordPress.org)● Premium (links from WordPress.org)● WordPress Information Sites ○ WP Candy (http://wpcandy.com/) ○ WP Mail (http://wpmail.me/) ○ WP Beginner (http://www.wpbeginner.com/) ○ WPMU (http://wpmu.org) ○ WP Lift (http://wplift.com/) ○ Smashing Magazine (http://wp.smashingmagazine.com/)
  20. 20. How do I know it’s a good Plugin● Version Check● Developer● Downloads● Changelog● Conflicts● Forums No Multiple Plugins same purpose
  21. 21. Activation
  22. 22. Must Have Plugins● Backups ○ Backup Buddy ○ WP-DB-Backup● Related Content ○ YARPP ○ nrelate● Spam Control ○ Akismet ○ Anti-Spam Bee ○ SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
  23. 23. Must Have Plugins● Widgets ○ Display Widgets ○ Widget Logic● Email ○ WP SMTP Mail ○ Better Emails● Sharing/follow ○ Social Sharing Toolkit ○ Sociable● Caching ○ Super Cache ○ W3 Total Cache
  24. 24. Widgets and Menus
  25. 25. WidgetsCode free way to add optionsand features to your sitePlace to display content andbring forward functionalityfrom your theme and pluginsWidgets are placed in areasdefined by your theme
  26. 26. "Core" WidgetsWidgets are theme dependent, but certainwidgets come with the core install Search Recent Posts Recent Comments Pages Archives & Calendar RSS Text Widgets
  27. 27. Manipulating WidgetsDrag and Drop Recent Posts, Comments and Archives Re-order and change optionsDisplay Widgets Plugin Additional functionality in a code free wayRemoving a Widget Delete vs. Inactive
  28. 28. MenusMain Navigation area of your site They tell your visitors where to find and access your contentStyle Old Style of Menus was hard coded in theme :( New Style is User configurable in the admin panelTheme Support is required for the new menus How Do I know? From Dashboard go to Appearance --> Menus
  29. 29. Building MenusStart with Menu nameSave and you should see Theme locationsAdd the menu to the theme locationAdd Pages (5) Point out Top Level auto add Order them through Drag and Drop Special Home item (view all)Add Categories (3) Order themCustom Link wpnyc.org
  30. 30. Useful LinksWidgets The Codex Article http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Widgets Creating Widget Areas (Advanced Topic) http://justintadlock.com/archives/2009/05/26/the-complete-guide- to-creating-widgets-in-wordpress-28Menus The Codex http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Menu_User_Guide
  31. 31. Tips and Tricks
  32. 32. Tips and TricksDashboard 101 Screen Options What do we want to see, columns Drag and Drop
  33. 33. Tips and TricksPost Screen Searching for posts Sorting Quick edit / Bulk Edit Add New and Review Screen Options Preview
  34. 34. Tips and TricksDrag and DropMedia GalleryLink URL
  35. 35. Presented byRindy Portfolio@portfola / rindy@crosscutsoftware.comKrista Gonzalezwww.720creations.comDana Skallmandana@glocalwebtech.comKevin Cristianowpnyc.org/members/kcristiano