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Intro to wordpress short course


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Intro to wordpress short course

  1. 1. Intro toWordpressBy Caris, cary-anne
  2. 2. Agenda● What is Wordpress?● Pages vs Posts● User Management● Themes● Plugins● Widgets● Menus● Hosting● Resources
  3. 3. What is Wordpress?Several ways to use it● Blogging● Content management system (CMS)● Ideal for small-ish sites● vs.
  4. 4. What is Wordpress?Runs on web servers running Linux, Apache,mySQL, and PHP (LAMP)Install your own server on your mac withMAMP:● Installation details here.● Tutorial for installing MAMP for Drupal
  5. 5. Pages vs. PostsPages are static and are not listed by date.● Might include "about me" or "contact" pagesPosts are entries listed in reversechronological order on the blog home page oron a posts page.● Posts = blog
  6. 6. Lets try it!● Create a page● Edit the page● Create a post● Edit the post
  7. 7. User ManagementIf your site needs to have more contributors,manage this through WP!Roles:● Administrator: Can edit EVERYTHING, be careful!● Editor: Can edit/publish/delete posts, pages,comments, etc. Very powerful.● Author: Can edit and publish their posts only. Nopages.● Contributor: Can edit their posts, but not publish.● Follower: Only receive updates.
  8. 8. Themes● Portfolio● Blog● Mobile/responsive● Paid vs. free● Be careful of free templates online!
  9. 9. Lets pick a new theme!
  10. 10. PluginsPlugins: tools to expand the functionality ofWordpress. Examples:● Spam prevention (Akismet, etc.)● Social media● Caching● SEO● Slideshows● Google Analytics● Contact forms● PDF embedding● There are many, many more.
  11. 11. PluginsPlugin reviews:●●,2817,2367049,00.asp
  12. 12. Lets download a newplugin!
  13. 13. WidgetsWidgets add content and features to yoursidebars (vertical columns in your theme,usually on the left or right).● Theme-specific areasLets try it! Add a calendar widget to the leftside of your footer.
  14. 14. Navigation Menus● Configuration varies by theme, but most usethe WordPress MenusLets make a custom top navigation!
  15. 15. HostingSome of the below have 1-click wordpressinstallation:● Dreamhost● Bluehost● Laughing Squid
  16. 16. ResourcesOur list of links and resources used in thispresentation:
  17. 17. Thanks!Questions?