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Accessibility with Joomla [on a budget]


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Talk presented at the Sydney Joomla Day discussing some of the basics of accessibility in Joomla and how to include some accessibility approaches in your site builds.

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Accessibility with Joomla [on a budget]

  1. 1. Web Accessibility and Joomla [on a budget] Aimee Maree Forsstrom
  2. 2. Accessibility WCAG 2.0 WAI-ARIA Separate Guidelines Australian Government requires WCAG 2.0
  3. 3. Joomla and Accessibility Sadly out of date Accessibility Forum discussion
  4. 4. Joomla out of the box ● Use Hathor ● Image alt tags and title tags ● Site information ● Per Page meta-tags ●
  5. 5. Javascript Myt h ● Javascript is accessible ● It depends on you code it ● Alot of examples and library's on web are written without accessibility in mind ● It is always good to test your site with javascript turned off in the browser
  6. 6. Accessibility Myth ● Accessibility dose not mean: – Bad Design – Higher development costs – No Java-script allowed – Removal of features – Hard to achieve – Not really my targeted audience
  7. 7. Third Party? ● Third party extensions and themes might not meet your standards of accessibility ● WYSIWYG code can be full of nasties use features with care ● People adding content? Formatting of content is important for maintaining accessibility
  8. 8. Accessibility Extensions? ● Pretty dismal ● Most deal with font resize ● Only 7 extensions ● design/accessibility
  9. 9. Screen Reader Module ● Includes a screen reader button no your site ● If people need screen readers they are going to have one and not need this option ● accessibility/24061
  10. 10. Basically ● Don't look to extensions to help save you with accessibility ● They don't really cover accessibility needs ● There really is not one size fit all extensions for accessibility
  11. 11. So? ● A lot of it is left up to you ● There is no magic one stop solution ● Consider what level of accessibility is important to you [Gov – WCAG 2.0] ● Think about accessibility needs when choosing extensions
  12. 12. Vanilla Joomla ● Joomla provides a lot out of the box ● What can you get out of Joomla without third parties
  13. 13. Form Worries ● Forms can be troublesome ● WAI ARIA is nice but requires more complex modification ● Nice easy win is to ensure that labels are added to all form fields ● Use field groups with section names to group together areas of a longer form
  14. 14. Font Reszie Button ● Most the time they don't work ● When testing font resize you need to test at least X sizes plus and minus the default ● Browsers take care of this feature ● Test across all browsers ● Adjust CSS to handle ● Be mindful of budget restraints
  15. 15. Always use alt on images ● Built into Joomla ● Write a meaningful description ● Dont need to make it too long unles your trying to explain something in detail ● Try and use more then one word ● Make sure it relates to the image
  16. 16. Meaningful link texts ● Dont just use “read more” for more links ● “more about [title]” instead of “read more” ● Dont use “Click Here” ● “Open Brochure” instead of “Click Here” ● Use words that describe what the link is ● Try tabbing through link options does it make sense?
  17. 17. Colours ● Think about colour contrast and effects in blind people ● Look to websites for guidance on colour schemes ● Can you and your friends read it? ● Provide a High Contrast CSS option
  18. 18. Think about your title structure ● Dont just use Heading tags for styling purposes ● If you need an increased font down the page use font-size attribute ● Structure should be lineal >> H1 always first and only one then H2 >> H3 >> H4 ...
  19. 19. Search Engine Friendly URLs ● Helps Robots read your site pages ● Helps Humans of all shapes and sizes read and remember page urls ● Out of the box ● Easy to enable
  20. 20. Where to from here ● Depends on the budget ● Purchase themes that cater for accessibility ● Develop a theme that caters for accessibility ● Implement some easy fixes ● Next time... think about accessibility from the get go :D
  21. 21. ‘Listen’ with the volume turned off ● Does your website supplies subtitles or written transcripts for video and audio content? ● Do you produce video content? Can you add subtitles?
  22. 22. Accessed site without a mouse? ● Navigate through your website without a mouse ● Can you tab your way to clear navigation? ● Do the navigation titles make sense? ● Try out a screen reader NVDA – Windows, Voiceover – Mac, Built in reader – Linux
  23. 23. Budget Worries ● Use what Joomla has out of the box ● Accessibility as a first thought not an after one ● Don't be lazy use meaningful descriptions on titles, alt tags, navigation, text links ● Purchase a template that contains accessibility elements ● Go for quick wins ● Accessibility = Better SEO = Budget Win
  24. 24. SEO and Accessibly ● Content Before SideBars - generate “maincontent” part first then “left” and “right” sidebars ● Place a “Skip to navigation” at top of page ● Ensure images have alt-tags ● Use explanatory text links ● Navigate using the “tab” key only
  25. 25. Take aways ● Include alt tags on images ● Think about colour contrast ● Design with font size increase/decrease in mind ● Think of your title structure {h1, h2, h3} ● Have meaningful link text ● Search Friendly URLS
  26. 26. Check your websites ● ● HTML w3c validation ● Css HTML W3c validation ● Check the site in text mode using Lynx ● Read up on accessibility information ●
  27. 27. Questions? Aimee Maree Forsstrom @aimee_maree