Thiking Social Media Strategy


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Thiking Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Thinking SocialMedia Strategy Why you need a SM Strategy
  2. 2. The Plan for tonight... • Why you can’t afford not to have a Social Media Strategy; • Talk about opportunities via experimentation; • Give you a few ideas to get you moving forward
  3. 3. Make the most of it by... • Actively participating during the Webinar; • Making NOTES; • Saving those NOTES for later discussions; • Getting ACTIVE on LinkedIN Group created for this series; • Chatting with me about your plans and how using Social Media can HELP YOU FAST TRACK their implementation.
  4. 4. Just clarifying, Strategy: • It’s NOT tricking people to do stuff they do not want; • It’s NOT a dirty word own by unscrupulous marketers; • It’s NOT about becoming obsessed in achieving a particular outcome; • It’s definitely NOT about living in the future by loosing touch with THE PRESENT MOMENT
  5. 5. So, what do I mean then?• It’s AIMING at something, having a desired END goal in mind;• Creatively finding ways to reach it or get to your destination;• Organizing yourself, your resources and understanding constraints;• Taking ACTIONS today, NOT tomorrow;• Measuring your progress (learning from your mistakes);• Starting all over again, only Fitter and Smarter!
  6. 6. Not a lonely road...
  7. 7. Remember... “... if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there”. ~Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Caroll
  8. 8. Check Point #1
  9. 9. Where are you going?• Do you know where you are heading?• Do you have Goals? Do you write them down?• What is available to you now?• What is your TOP priority now?• Do you make plans? Is planning necessary?• “RoadBlocks” and ways to getdestination? Do you try finding reach your pass• Do you sometimes feel frustrated and overwhelmed?• How do you deal with adversity?
  10. 10. Goals and Social Media• How could Social Media help you in reaching your Goals?• Are youprojects, or to help youMedia in your currently using Social move forward in your career and/or build up your Business?• Could a Social Media“RoadBlocks”? help you get passed Strategy or Plan• Could your LIFEMedia Strategy or Plan make a Social easier and better in any way?
  11. 11. Ever approached Social Media strategically?• If NOT, Why NOT? • too much time and effort? • you think Social Media to for people is who have nothing else do? • You don’t understand the Value of it? • You’ve tried once or gave up? got really frustrated and twice, but • You don’t know how? • You can’t stand Facebook? S**T people post on the annoying
  12. 12. Ever approached Social Media strategically?• If YES, • How efficient was / is your Strategy? • How did / do you measure its efficiency? • Have you Learned from it and got better each time? • Is your Business Evolving as a result of it? Did you get new clients? • Did you improve your Brand with it? awareness? What did you do
  13. 13. Is Social Media worththe Investment of Time and Money? How do you know?
  14. 14. In the month of October 2011, Social Networking ranked as the mostpopular content category in worldwide engagement, 6.7 Billion Hours spent on Social Networks.
  15. 15. It’s true that Social Media can beoverwhelming, but you CAN’T ignore it.
  16. 16. FACT...There is no Magic Button
  17. 17. FACT... Social Media is complex
  18. 18. FACT... There is no Magic Thumb!
  19. 19. Watch OUT!
  20. 20. Social Media = Attention to yourself
  21. 21. We are now, Publishers!
  22. 22. • You are what you PUBLISH;• The CONTENT you put out DEFINES YOU and it helps people find YOU;• We all have a Big enough AUDIENCE;• You CAN’T FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT in SOCIAL MEDIA;• Marketing channels and tools have change, but STORIES still prevail - TELL YOUR STORY.
  23. 23. Social Media = Word of mouth on Steroids.
  24. 24. But, you’ve gotno CONTROL
  25. 25. Traditional Marketing Rules can not be appliedto Social Media because Social Media it’s not aMarketer’s platform, it belongs to consumers.Shama Hyder Kabani (author of the “Zen of Social Media Marketing”)
  26. 26. Who are the INFLUENCERS?
  27. 27. Finding Opportunities via Experimentation
  28. 28. The Rescue Dog’s Photographer
  29. 29. Wordboner
  30. 30. Benefits of Social Media for Experimentation • Cost-effective • Saves time (in contrary to what most people think) • Quick results and Instant Engagement • Personal Branding and Website Traffic • Villages and Tribes • Finding people who are crazy just like YOU
  31. 31. My Experiments
  32. 32. To Launch a “remarkable” experimentWith a call to ACTION, but without “hardcore selling” Promoted on FB Collected feedbackAnd on twitter at the same time
  33. 33. And another “remarkable” experimentAlways with a call to ACTION, never with “hardcore selling”
  34. 34. And the final “remarkable” experimentAlways with a call to ACTION, never with “hardcore selling”
  35. 35. Consistent Social Media Identity Master StrategyTwitter Faceboo k Blogging
  36. 36. Success?? Failure??
  37. 37. You don’t have to know it all to get started. Before After
  38. 38. Almost ready => AIM => FIRE => AIM => FIRE
  39. 39. Things I have learned because Iwas not quite so “Ready”...
  40. 40. Mistakes...• Fail to “secure parking” my name on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube;• Mixed messages in different Networks;• Cluttered BLOG with language people did not understand;• Lack of Follow Up after experiments;• Losing sight of my Vision;• Wasting time and energy trying to “please” and connect with the wrong people;• Talking about ME;
  41. 41. Never ending mistakes... • Taking to long to launch experiments because I did not feel “ready”; • Failing to keep a communication flow with subscribers; • Outsourcing twitter and facebook to dodgy service providers; • Writing with no objective; • Taking to long to launch “sequel” experiments; • Trying to do too much at the same time; • Confusing everyone... etc, etc, etc....
  42. 42. Fail quickly, Fail often, LEARN and Get Better each time!
  43. 43. Measure, Measure, Measure...
  44. 44. Social Media is Communication The meaning of communication is the response you get.
  45. 45. Measure = Feedback = Learn = Change...
  46. 46. Ideas toget you started
  47. 47. Press the SM button, just let it Flow...
  48. 48. Pick one to harvest...
  49. 49. Which one?
  50. 50. Start with one of the BIG 6
  51. 51. IMPORTANT!!!Integration amongst the platforms; Congruency; Consistency; and Creativity
  52. 52. The mostvaluable rule = Be yourself!
  53. 53. Know your Values
  54. 54. Know your PassionsCarefully observe what way your heartdraws you and then choose that waywith all your strength - Hasidic saying
  55. 55. EXERCISE:Take a blank piece of paper and fill in the blanks to this: Who You Are – This can be bullet points of all the things you believe you are as a person.What You Believe – Again more bullets with what you believe in in life, business, relationships, etc.What You Value- List more of the things you value.
  56. 56. Know your StrengthsDefine your USP! (unique selling proposition)
  57. 57. Make it a MANTRA!(because mission statements are boring and hard to remember)
  58. 58. My Mantra“Helping People SHIPPING IDEAS and Changing the World!”
  59. 59. VALUES + PASSION + USP + MANTRA = :)-
  60. 60. Know YOUR GOALS
  61. 61. Know your Constraints!(Little money, little time, lack of skills, etc)
  62. 62. Know the INFLUENCERS
  63. 63. Know what comes FIRST
  64. 64. Models and System help• ARC: Attraction, Retention and Conversion (from Chris Garret - world renowned Blogger and author); OR• ACT: Attract, Convert and Transform (from Shama Hyder Kabani- SM expert and author)
  65. 65. Measure, Learn, Do it Again...
  66. 66. ENCODE Creativity andIntuition in your SOCIAL DNA!
  67. 67. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and therational mind is a faithful servant. We havecreated a society that honors the servantand has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein
  68. 68. Stop COPYing and PASTING someone’s messages, REMIX or CREATE your own instead.More than ever, people want original content. Exercise your creative capacity, getused to producing your own stuff!
  69. 69. The Ultimate GOAL should be to build your own Tribe!
  70. 70. TRY somethingdifferent - HAVE A GO!
  71. 71. Q &A ?
  72. 72. Facebook, the social networking phenomenon withsomewhere over 850 million users, can’t be ignored byanyone in business – or should I say simply “byanyone”. Just how effective it will be for specificbusinesses is a subject that needs attention whendeveloping a company-specific social strategy.Twitter, the instant messaging and social networkingsite where your message can’t be more than 140characters in length, is seriously underestimated bymany, maybe most of the professionals I meet. Othersmake very effective use of it, as part of their socialmedia strategy. Souce:
  73. 73. A Blog is often the missing element in a business’s socialmedia setup, which in my view is a big mistake,especially for a solo professional wanting to be noticedabove th din and wanting to do that economically indollar terms.LinkedIn is indisputably the first platform of choice forprofessionals, whatever the industry. It’s morefundamentally a professional networking site than a“social” networking one, has over 150 million users andis still growing. Souce:
  74. 74. YouTube, the video sharing site with some 60 hours ofvideo being uploaded every minute, provides a veryaccessible way for any of us to get our message out andis a seriously underutilized resource for manybusinesses.Google+ (or Google Plus) is a newer social networking platformbut growing: launched in June 2011, by the end of the year ithad 90 million users.  There has been vigorous debate, via blogsand various online forums, about whether Google+ will be asuccess. Most TOP Social Media influencers, including ChrisBogan, Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki are all very active in GooglePlus. Something to keep in mind, Google CONTROLS searchand it’s integrating search with G+. Souce: