Moneyball for Talent Acquisition


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A presentation that James Raybould and Will Hamlin from LinkedIn's Insights team gave at Talent Connect 2012

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  • Talk to examples as a voice-over
  • Introduce a bit of background on Caesars“you are looking Chris up right now”
  • How can we measure your employer brand? We start by looking at the reach and engagement you have with external talentTALENT BRAND REACH: Includes the people who know what it’s like to work at your company—those that are familiar with your company as an employerTALENT BRAND ENGAGEMENT: Includes the subset of people within your reach who are interested in you as a potential employerResearch shows that people familiar with what it’s like to work at your company are the same people connected to and engaging with your employees on LinkedInResearch also shows that people who are interested in working at your company are the same ones who are taking that extra step on LinkedIn to learn more: browsing/applying to jobs on LinkedIn, following your company, and visiting your company and career pages.Because these activities happen on LinkedIn, we can measure them. So we can see that at xyzCo, you have XXX members within your reach, and YYY of them have engaged with you and shown an interest
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  • Talk to examples as a voice-over
  • Talk to examples as a voice-over
  • Talk to examples as a voice-over
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  • Moneyball for Talent Acquisition

    1. 1. Moneyball for Talent Acquisition:Using LinkedIn Data to Inform Your StrategyJames RaybouldDirector of Insights, LinkedIn, @londonjamesWill HamlinInsights, LinkedIn, @Will_Hamlin
    2. 2. In Moneyball data transformed baseball TALENT CONNECT 2012 2
    3. 3. In Moneyball data transformed baseball TALENT CONNECT 2012 3
    4. 4. In Moneyball data transformed baseballIt’s time for data to transform Talent Acquisition TALENT CONNECT 2012 4
    5. 5. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it 5
    6. 6. However, TA is not yet great at measuring it 27% Talent Acquisition leaders believe that their organization utilizes data well when hiring TALENT CONNECT 2012 6
    7. 7. LinkedIn data can measure much better thanbefore, starting with the profile Broader Deeper In Real-Time• 175M+ • Breakdown by • Constantly members geo, function, etc. updating TALENT CONNECT 2012 7
    8. 8. Today let’s discuss using LinkedIn data for 3 Ps: Plan Talent Pool Talent Prioritize Brand Put-in-Practice TALENT CONNECT 2012 8
    9. 9. How to: Plan Talent Pool Talent Prioritize Brand Put-in-Practice TALENT CONNECT 2012 9
    10. 10. Let’s use Caesar’s as an example TALENT CONNECT 2012 10
    11. 11. Start by sizing up the talent pool to setexpectations with hiring managers TALENT CONNECT 2012 11
    12. 12. Recruiter can measure the talent pool Doctor 8,207 talent pool TALENT CONNECT 2012 12
    13. 13. Our strategic customers look at talent pool reports• Recruiter can show supply of talent NYC DEMAND• Now we can look at Vegas demand for talent Denver• This helps identify markets for talent SUPPLY TALENT CONNECT 2012 13
    14. 14. We run surveys to identify what the talent pool islooking for so you could tailor messaging Matter most Matter least Excellent compensation & benefits Feel more self-confident Job security Good relationship with colleagues Good work-life-balance Opportunity to apply what was learned at school TALENT CONNECT 2012 14
    15. 15. You can now all measure this through TalentPool reports 1) Healthcare providers 2) Technical salespeople 3) Software engineers 4) Financial services 5) Marketing – CPG 6) Drilling & petroleum 7) Procurement & supply TALENT CONNECT 2012 15
    16. 16. You can find the Talent Pool reports TALENT CONNECT 2012 16
    17. 17. Brendan Browne’s Talent TipsI use talent pools to figure outhow to deploy my recruiters…We spread out the “purplesquirrels” by giving recruiters fewerreqs for hard-to-find positions TALENT CONNECT 2012 17
    18. 18. How can you use data to plan? Set expectations with 1 hiring managers Identify markets for NYC DEMAND Vegas 2 targeting talent Denver SUPPLY Allocate recruiters time 3 most effectively TALENT CONNECT 2012 18
    19. 19. How to Plan Talent Pool Talent Prioritize Brand Put-in-Practice TALENT CONNECT 2012 19
    20. 20. Once you’ve identified the right people,are they interested in you? TALENT CONNECT 2012 20
    21. 21. Your employees are engaging talent every day;mobilize them as brand ambassadors 114,183 Potential candidates view Caesars’ employee profiles yearly TALENT CONNECT 2012 21
    22. 22. Your company page draws in talent 11,416 Engaged Talent following your company TALENT CONNECT 2012 22
    23. 23. But how are you engaging talent vs. your peers?Followers (K) 12 11.4K 10 8 6 4.1K 4 3.6K 2.5K 2.4K 2 0 Caesars MGM Grand Venetian Cosmopolitan Wynn TALENT CONNECT 2012 23
    24. 24. You can discover what talent is expressinginterest in your company TALENT CONNECT 2012 24
    25. 25. We first assess two important elements of youremployer brand: Reach & Engagement Talent Brand Reach Talent that’s familiar with you as an employer ??? members Viewing employee profiles Connecting with your employees Talent Brand Engagement ??? Talent that is interested in you as an employer members Researching company pages Talent Following your company Viewing jobs and applying LinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved TALENT CONNECT 2012 25
    26. 26. We can now pull this together as part of yourTalent Brand Index Talent Brand Reach ??? YOUR members Talent Brand Index ?% Talent Brand Engagement = Talent Brand Reach Talent Brand Engagement ??? members Talent TALENT CONNECT 2012 26
    27. 27. Brendan Browne’s Talent TipsI look at the Talent Brand Index toidentify strengths and weaknessesWe’ve noticed that we do better amongoperations and worse among HR TALENT CONNECT 2012 27
    28. 28. How can you use data to prioritize? Measure the reach of 1 your employees Identify engaged 11,416 2 Interested Talent candidates following your company Diagnose strengths / 3 weaknesses TALENT CONNECT 2012 28
    29. 29. How to: Plan Talent Pool Talent Prioritize Brand Put-in-Practice TALENT CONNECT 2012 29
    30. 30. Start using data & keep it simple What is the size of your talent pool? How well are you engaging that talent? TALENT CONNECT 2012 30
    31. 31. Should you create a new workflow? NO! TALENT CONNECT 2012 31
    32. 32. Integrate and enhance your existing workflow Recruiter TA LeaderLook at the data to: Ask for the data:1) Plan based on the 1) How big is the talent size of the talent pool pool?2) Prioritize engaged 2) How many candidates talent are we engaging? TALENT CONNECT 2012 32
    33. 33. Brendan Browne’s Talent Tips Team TA Ops & Sourcing Analytics CoordinationWe embedded ops & analytics into TAMeasure, manage, iterate… Repeat TALENT CONNECT 2012 33
    34. 34. How can you best operationalize talent analytics? Start using data & 1 keep it simple Integrate and enhance 2 your workflow Create the right Team TA 3 Ops & team structure Sourcing Analytics Coordination TALENT CONNECT 2012 34
    35. 35. You should now know how to use data to: Plan Talent Pool Talent Prioritize Brand Put-in-Practice TALENT CONNECT 2012 35
    36. 36. You can now verify skills with endorsements TALENT CONNECT 2012 36
    37. 37. We can help companies to understand wherethey are skill leaders or skill trailers Is that good? • How does it compare to our peers? • How does it vary by geo, function, etc.? TALENT CONNECT 2012 37
    38. 38. Soon, we can help companies predict the skillsthey will need to succeed Oil & Energy Computer Software Subsea Engineering Machine Learning + Health Care Food & Beverage Mobile Health Gluten-Free TALENT CONNECT 2012 38
    39. 39. LinkedIn can help youmeasure & manage it 39