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Toronto | ConnectIn 2013

Click through to see key topics from ConnectIn 2013 in Toronto, including predictions of talent acquisition in 2015 and Moneyball sourcing.

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Toronto | ConnectIn 2013

  1. 1. #inTalent#inTalentWifi: Guest, no password needed
  2. 2. #inTalentWelcome  Brian  Church  Country  Manager,  Canada  LinkedIn  
  3. 3. #inTalentTalent  Acquisi=on  2015  Wade  Burgess  Head  of  Talent  Solu=ons,  North  America  LinkedIn  
  4. 4. InsightsIdentity Everywhere
  5. 5. Iden=ty:  Endorsements  6  Billion Endorsements1+
  6. 6. Iden=ty:  LinkedIn  Alumni  7  20+ MillionStudents and recent graduates
  7. 7. Insights:  Influencers  143,878followers
  8. 8. 9  Unique visitorsQ4 2012116MPage viewsQ4 20129.8BSearches20125.7BCompany Pages2.7M
  9. 9. 10Members worldwide
  10. 10. 11  93%of recruiters use or plan to useLinkedIn for recruitingSource: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey.
  11. 11. Your  biggest  concern  today?  12  Source: ConnectIn survey.“Recruiting is extremely competitive.The talent pool is small and I fear itwill only get worse this year.”
  12. 12. Your  biggest  concern  today?  13  Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog.“Taking a more proactive stance takesa cultural change, a reorientation ofhow we work and what we deliver.Not everyone is comfortable with it.”
  13. 13. Your  biggest  concern  today?  14  “In a highly competitive marketplace, it’scritical to have a valid and engagingemployer brand that differentiates.”Source: ConnectIn survey.
  14. 14. Your  biggest  concern  today?  15  Source: ConnectIn survey.“Finding ways to increase internaltalent pools and market internalopenings.”
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. Think about jobs the wayNike thinks aboutproducts.17
  17. 17. 18  Six Principles for RecruitingLike It’s 2015Today
  18. 18. Rethink  how  you’re  spending  your  =me  19  Screening/interviewingapplicantsPosting jobs PipeliningtalentEmployerbrandingSocialrecruiting24% 22% 19% 16% 10% 6% 4% 6% 10% 3% 5% 6% 2% 7% 12%Recruiting team time allocation, by activity1Source: LinkedIn survey of 272 recruiting leaders in North America, February 2013Two years ago Currently Two years from now
  19. 19. Turn  your  team  members  into  talent  scouts  20  Ed NathansonDirector of Talent Acquisition at Rapid7Previous Kronos, Veracode, Emptoris, Inc.Education Ithaca College2
  20. 20. ates ▼InMail responsesNew job applicantsSaved search resultsProfile updates… and many more
  21. 21. Invest  in  your  pipeline  24  Troy GrabelTalent Acquisition Manager at LeanLogisticsPrevious Kelly Services, Atwell LLC, Kensington Community ChurchEducation Central Michigan University3
  22. 22. Op=mize  for  mobile  4
  23. 23. Hire  from  within  26  Falling Rising3%YoY YoYBest sources for key quality hires  Source: LinkedIn survey of 755 recruiting professionals in the US, May-July 20126%Internet jobboardsATS/internalcandidatedatabase4%Internalhires2%Socialprofessionalnetworks5
  24. 24. Hire  from  within  5
  25. 25. Embrace  the  power  of  data  28  Average or poor atusing data72%Utilizes data well28%How well does your organization use data to make hiring decisions?6Source: LinkedIn survey of 299 recruiting professionals in Canada, May-July 2012.
  26. 26. #inTalent New YorkEmbrace  the  power  of  data  29only one out of threeregularly measure employer brand in a quantifiable way6Source: LinkedIn survey of 3,028 recruiting professionals globally, October 2012.
  27. 27. The People We Hire TodayForm the DNA of OurCompanies Tomorrow.
  28. 28. #inTalentMoneyball  for  Talent  Acquisi=on  Will  Hamlin  Insights,  LinkedIn  @Will_Hamlin  Using LinkedIn Data to Inform Your Strategy
  29. 29. Let’s get to know the attendeesMost Endorsed Most PreparedMost Connected Most PopularTonyGiacobbeJohnFleischauerJosephCatricalaPaulHamilton
  30. 30. In  Moneyball  data  transformed  baseball  33  
  31. 31. 34  
  32. 32. If  you  can’t  measure  it,  you  can’t  manage  it  35  
  33. 33. #inTalent New YorkLinkedIn  data  can  measure  much  be[er  than  before  36Star=ng  with  the  profile  Broader200M+ MembersDeeper Real-TimeBreakdown by geo,function, etc.Constantly updating
  34. 34. Put in practicePlanPrioritizeToday  let’s  discuss  using  LinkedIn  data  for  3  Ps  37  
  35. 35. How  to:  PlanPrioritizePut in practice38  
  36. 36. Let’s  use  BDO  as  an  example  39  
  37. 37. Start  by  sizing  up  the  talent  pool  to  set  expecta=ons  with  hiring  managers  40  
  38. 38. Recruiter  can  measure  the  talent  pool  41  3 talent poolCanadaKPMG3 to 5 yearsCalgary, Canada AreaMaster’s DegreeSenior Accountant
  39. 39. Recruiter  can  measure  the  talent  pool  42  3 talent poolSenior AccountantCanadaKPMG3 to 5 yearsCalgary, Canada AreaMaster’s Degree
  40. 40. You  can  also  use  Recruiter  to  iden=fy  markets  for  talent  43  34,0539,0085,50110,933
  41. 41. How  can  you  use  data  to  plan?  44  Set expectations withhiring managers1Identify markets fortargeting talent2
  42. 42. How  to  PlanPrioritizePut in practice45  
  43. 43. Once  you’ve  iden=fied  the  right  people,    are  they  interested  in  you?  46  
  44. 44. Let’s  look  at  Husky  Injec=on  Molding  as  an  example  47  
  45. 45. Your  employees  are  engaging  talent  every  day;  mobilize  them  as  brand  ambassadors  48  36,527Potential candidatesview Husky’s employeeprofiles monthly
  46. 46. Your  company  page  draws  in  talent    49  4,760Engaged Talentfollowing Husky
  47. 47. We  first  assess  two  important  elements  of  your  employer  brand:  Reach  and  Engagement  LinkedIn  Confiden=al  ©2012   50  Talent Brand ReachTalentTalent that’s familiar with you as an employerTalent Brand EngagementTalent that is interested in you as an employerResearching company and career pagesFollowing your companyViewing jobs and applyingViewing employee profilesConnecting with your employees106,713membersmembers28,949
  48. 48. TalentTalent  Brand  Index  can  measure  your  employer  brand    What  percent  of  people  who  know  about  you  show  an  interest?  LinkedIn  Confiden=al  ©2012   51  Talent Brand Index=Talent Brand EngagementTalent Brand ReachHusky27%Talent Brand ReachTalent Brand Engagement106,713membersmembers28,949
  49. 49. We  can  compare  your  Talent  Brand  Index  against  your  peers  52  PEERSABCDEF27%  21%  16%   16%  14%  8%   7%  HuskyWeakeremployer brandEmployer ofchoice
  50. 50. Talent moredifficult to engageTalent easiest toengageWe  can  measure  your  Talent  Brand  Index  varies  across  the  func=ons  you’re  hiring…  53  43%  37%   37%  25%   24%   23%  Support   Eng.   IT   Opera=ons   Sales   HR  
  51. 51. We  can  track  how  your  Talent  Brand  Index    progresses  over  =me  54  10%13%16%19%22%25%28%Jul-12 Aug-12Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13 Mar-13
  52. 52. How  can  you  use  data  to  priori=ze?  55  Identify engagedcandidates1Benchmark against peers2Diagnose strengths /weaknesses3
  53. 53. How  to:  PlanPrioritizePut in practice56  
  54. 54. Start  using  data  &  keep  it  simple  57  What is the size of your talent pool?How well are you engaging that talent?
  55. 55. Should  you  create  a  new  workflow?  58  NO!
  56. 56. Integrate  and  enhance  your  exis=ng  workflow  59  Look at the data to:1)  Plan based on thesize of the talent pool2)  Prioritize engagedtalentAsk for the data:1)  How big is the talentpool?2)  How many candidatesare we engaging?Recruiter TA Leader
  57. 57. Talent  Tips  from  LinkedIn  60  Team TASourcing Ops &AnalyticsCoordinationWe embedded ops & analytics into TAMeasure, manage, iterate… Repeat
  58. 58. How  can  you  best  opera=onalize  talent  analy=cs?  61  Start using data &keep it simple1Integrate and enhanceyour workflow2Create the rightteam structure3Team TASourcingOps &AnalyticsCoordination
  59. 59. Put in practicePlanPrioritizeYou  should  now  know  how  to  use  data  to:  62  
  60. 60. You  can  now  verify  skills  with  endorsements  63  
  61. 61. We  can  help  companies  to  understand  where  they  are  skill  leaders  or  skill  trailers  64  Is that good?•  How does it compareto our peers?•  How does it vary bygeo, function, etc.?
  62. 62. LinkedIn  can  help  you    measure  &  manage  it  65  
  63. 63. #inTalentRecruitment  Leader  Panel  Sarah Bettencourt, Director, Human Resources at PointClickCareMarc Viola, Senior Director, Talent at Loblaw Companies LimitedJay Zaidi, Senior Manager, Recruitment at TMX GroupSarah Lawless, Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn
  64. 64. #inTalent#inTalentWifi: Guest, no password neededCoffee & Networking Break
  65. 65. #inTalentPeter  Gima  Sales  Manager  LinkedIn  Welcome  Back  
  66. 66. #inTalentCustomer  Spotlight  Shahid  Wazed  Recruitment  Sourcing  Specialist  City  of  Edmonton  
  67. 67. #inTalentAnn  Barre[  Director,  eRecruitment  &  Social  Media  Strategy  Sun  Life  Financial  Customer  Spotlight  
  68. 68. Maximizing  Your  Social    Recrui=ng  Efforts  By:    
  69. 69. Agenda  88  Branding  Training  Metrics  
  70. 70. Social  Recruitment  Landscape  Today  Digital  Media  •  Mobile  usage  •  Sites  that  share  people’s  opinions  (Trip  Advisor,  Yelp,  Glassdoor,  etc.)  •  Sign  into  other  applica=ons  via  Social  media    Recruiter  •  Building  candidates  pipeline  •  More  on  line  searching  •  Emphasis  on  brand  (professional  &  company)  Job  Seeker  •  Served  up  jobs  while  on  social  sites    •  Easier  to  apply  to  jobs  via  social  networking  site  (Sign  in  w/  LinkedIn)  89  
  71. 71. Professional  &  Company  Branding  •  Recruiters  are  the  number  one  front  line  brand  ambassadors  for  your  company.    •  Candidates  look  up  Recruiters  via  LinkedIn  to  find  about  them.  How  do  you  want  their  profiles  to  represent  them  and  the  company?  •  Take  aways:    –  Introduce  a  LinkedIn  brand  standard  for  Recruiters  –  Add  branding  elements  within  current  work  experience  90  
  72. 72. Training  •  Take  aways:  –  Assess  the  skill  level  of  your  team.  –  Develop  a  training  plan.  –  Iden=fy  your  system  champions  and  ask  them  to  present  success  stories/  new  things  they  are  doing.  –  Iden=fy  skill  gaps  and  use  training  to  bridge  the  gaps.  This  may  be  1:1  with  certain  individuals.  •  Do  Recruiters  have  the  appropriate  skill  set  to  execute  your  strategy?    •  Don’t  rely  on  a  self-­‐service  approach.  Engage  vendors  to  work  with  your  Recruiters  to  build  their  skill  set.    e.g.  Boolean  search  training.  •  The  more  confident  Recruiters  are,  the  more  comfortable  they  will  be  to  execute.  91  
  73. 73. Metrics  How  do  we  know  if  we  are  successful?    •  Social  recrui=ng  means  thinking  about  how  and  what  you  measure  in  different  ways.  •  Metrics  should  be  part  of  your  strategy  to:  – Anchor  accountabili=es  – Educate  users/  communicate  success  – Refine  strategy  92  
  74. 74. Use  Metrics  to  Anchor  Accountability  •  Guidelines  around  what  will  be  measured.  This  sets  expecta=ons  around  ROI    •  Anchor  accountabili=es  by  crea=ng  benchmarks  and  frequently  measuring  against  them  •  Build  transparency  by  communica=ng  results.  Iden=fy  those  who  need  more  help  and  who  your  super  stars  are  •  Focus  on  quality  vs.  quan=ty  93  
  75. 75. Use  Metrics  to  Communicate  &  Educate  Take  aways:  •  Engagement:  Followers,  In  Mail  acceptance,  views  •  Branding:              Reach,  Number  of  employees,  shares  •  ROI:                                  #Hires,  CPH,  #applica=ons,  #searches,  #InMails  Rethink  about  what  you  are  measuring.  Hires  are  not  the  only  measure  of  success.  94  Dispel  assump=ons  through  metrics:  •  Candidate  Pool  •  Who  are  we  hiring?  
  76. 76. Use  Metrics  to  Refine  Your  Strategy  What  is  the  data  telling  us?    Take  data  from  repor=ng  and  use  to  refine  your  strategy.    95  
  77. 77. Thank  You  96  Ques=ons  
  78. 78. #inTalentPeter  Gima  Sales  Manager  LinkedIn  Wrap-­‐Up  and  Roundtables  
  79. 79. #inTalentAnd the winner is…
  80. 80. #inTalentPURPLE  -­‐  Effec=vely  Pipelining  Talent    ORANGE  -­‐  Upgrading  Your  Talent  Branding    GREEN  -­‐  When  Geography  is  a  Challenge:  Small  Towns  &  Mul=ple  Loca=ons    YELLOW  -­‐  Recrui=ng  in  a  Small  Organiza=on