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Presentation from Singapore event "How Agency Recruiters Gain a Competitive Edge with LinkedIn"

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  • Thanks Adam.High level overview of LinkedIn, our mission and what we’re doing in the region
  • So where are you looking for talent?Active job seekers are the ones that are front and center, proactively reaching out to you. They apply to careers site, upload resumes to job boards and scan the print classifieds.
  • So where are you looking for talent?as you know, to successfully place the best talent, you have to dig a little deeper.<Transition>To the 85% of professionals that are accomplished, motivated and successful – but who just aren’t actively seeking a new job.These people currently making the big differences, getting stellar performance reviews and creating real shareholder value. These are the people you need to be engaging. They’re not scanning job boards, but they are on LinkedIn. And, according to recent survey of nearly 14,000 individuals, 94% stated they were comfortable being contacted by a recruiter wanting to discuss a relevant job opportunity and here’s Adam to talk about how…
  • The purpose of this training module is to help those of you who are presenting at or participating in prospect events this year to maximize your impact and be as successful as possible in generating new business through those events.We'll guickly review what's new in 2011; I'll cover some of the keys to success; explain how to download the content; and then talk through the presentation slides in detail.  
  • Your profile is your opportunity to build your personal brand as a recruiting leader.  Here, you'll see parts of the profile of Brendan Browne, LinkedIn's Director of Global Talent Acquisition. A couple things to note: First, he has a picture! Make sure you have a picture. It makes a world of difference in making your profile more human, and you more accessible. Second, note Brendan's headline: “Connecting Talent With Opportunity At Massive Scale.” That's part of LinkedIn's mission, and it's also exactly what Brendan does every day. Be creative with your headline. It doesn't have to be “Recruiter at Company XYZ.” Also, your headline shows up with your name in search results, so it's an opportunity to make someone want to click on your profile. Third, you'll see excerpts from a couple of Brendan's recommendations. Ask for recommendations from your team, from hiring managers you've worked with, AND from people you've hired. You want to make sure you're putting your best foot forward. Little changes, big difference.
  • There are parts of the LinkedIn profile that your entire team of recruiters should be leveraging to build your employment brand and talk about the opportunities at your company. Here, you’ll see excerpts from aTechnical Recruiter on Brendan’s team at LinkedIn. Three things that are done well here: First, she links to LinkedIn’s company website, career site, blog, AND Twitter feed. As a recruiter, you should link to every place a candidate can go to find out more about your company and careers there. Second, she uses her Summary section like an elevator pitch for any would-be-candidate. Use this section to give potential candidates an idea of what it’s like to work at your company. Xuan even actively solicits inquiries about working for LinkedIn and includes her email address. And finally, she takes advantage of the applications you can add to your LinkedIn profile. You’ll see that she’s incorporated LinkedIn’s corporate blog via our WordPress app. We’ve seen other recruiters embed presentations, polls, Twitter feeds, and sponsored events to provide more color around what it’s like to work at their companies.
  • When it comes to Groups… Join many. There are more than 1,000,000 groups on LinkedIn, and you can set up daily or weekly Group digests. Join recruiting groups to stay up to speed on your job, or join groups that are relevant to your key talent pools—whether they’re focused on industry, role or function. They’ll help you keep your finger on the pulse of the market. Participate in a few. Get involved in a few select groups to brand yourself as an expert. Again, it’s all about building your personal brand as a recruiter. Don’t just post an open job or plug for your company here or there—when you participate, make sure it counts. Post thoughtful questions, articles the group might like, and unbiased responses to their conversations. Run one. We’ve seen our customers create groups about their companies, their industries, functional areas or niches in which they’re particularly strong—and they use these groups for employment branding, pipeline building, and even sourcing. Figure out what’s best for your company and you recruiting strategy, and go for it.And don’t forget to promote and drive traffic to your group once you’ve created it—link to it from your career page and your profile, and encourage your recruiters to do the same.
  • Have you downloaded the Outlook Social Connector for LinkedIn? This tool brings LinkedIn to where you work the most—your email inbox.  Once you've downloaded this free application, you'll automatically see the latest activity from any LinkedIn connection that sends you an email. So you'll see what articles they're reading, what conferences they're attending, how they're updating their profile—even their profile picture—all right there at the bottom of your Outlook window. If you want to email a LinkedIn connection but you don't have their email address, you can just type their name into the “to” field of your email and it will appear—no more going back and forth. And if you're not connected to the person emailing you, you can add them as a connection with one click—without ever leaving Outlook. This is an incredible time saver as you're emailing with candidates, and it gives you an update on what a particular candidate is working on and thinking about in a single glance. You can download the Outlook Social Connector at
  • Creating a poll is a great way to get intel on your industry, talent market, or really anything that's on your mind. It's incredibly easy— click on 'more' in the navigation bar on LinkedIn and then on polls. you fill out a basic form with a question and up to five answer options. That's it! Once you've created your poll, make sure you select the options to share it in your LinkedIn status update and on Twitter, and post a link to the poll in your groups—this will help your poll go viral and boost your response rate.  As we mentioned earlier in the presentation, one of our LinkedIn members started a poll about whether recruiters approaching you unsolicited on LinkedIn would bother you. He received almost 14,000 responses—as well as more than 1,500 comments! Talk about a great way to leverage the network to make you more effective at your job.
  • Use your personal LinkedIn status update as you would a targeted, business edition of Twitter. You can even selectively synchronize the two from or from Your status updates are a fantastic opportunity to share information virally. You can:- Advertise open jobs at your company and ask your network to pass on leads- Share tips on job seeking to position yourself as an expertPost exciting updates about your company and highlight what it’s like to work there(as you’ll see on the slide, here’s Greg, sharing a position he’s trying to fill)We also recently rolled out the ability for COMPANIES to use status updates. These are a great way for you to directly engage the people who are following your company on LinkedIn. You can use the status update to share info on career opportunities, products, company milestones and successes… whatever you wish. All in all, a great way to build the relationship with those who have opted in to learn more about your company.
  • Follow companies in the industries that you work closely with, or companies that you’re trying to build a relationship with, to get the inside track on their hiring trends. You’ll get updates on those companies’ new hires, new job opportunities, promotions or job changes within the company, and departures from the company—and you’ll be able to see who’s hiring actively, who’s losing talent, and where their talent is coming from or going to. You should also actively monitor who’s following YOUR company—these people are obviously interested in knowing what’s going on there, and this is a prime group of candidates for your own talent or new business pipeline.
  • How many of you are on LinkedIn Today? (show of hands)We launched this platform last year and it’s fast becoming the go-to source for news in your industry. If you go to, you can set up your industry preferences to follow the recruiting industry, as well as any industries in which you recruit. You can also see what individuals in your network are sharing, and which articles are getting the most viral attention. All in all, it’s a great way to stay up on the trends that are impacting your candidates and your clients, helping you be a better advisor to them.
  • We talked earlier about the power of the LinkedIn Career Page. There’s a separate tab on your company page where you can showcase your services and gather recommendations from clients you’ve worked with and candidates you’ve placed. You can add multiple products and services to the tab if you need, and gather recommendations on each one.
  • LinkedIn offers a complete portfolio of Recruiting Solutions that give you unprecedented ability to connect with the best talent anywhere, and tap the full potential of the world’s #1 professional network. NOTE: Most agencies will be primarily interested in RPS and Job Slots, but there is a lot of value in positioning our holistic product suite. Media solutions can help promote jobs, and some agencies even use a Career Page for business development purposes (they’re always looking for new clients).
  • The purpose of this training module is to help those of you who are presenting at or participating in prospect events this year to maximize your impact and be as successful as possible in generating new business through those events.We'll guickly review what's new in 2011; I'll cover some of the keys to success; explain how to download the content; and then talk through the presentation slides in detail.  
  • *Note: Can cut this slide if you’re already presenting an update on LinkedIn’s size and growthIntroduce the value of LinkedIn as a professional network and how professionals use it:Maintaining their professional profile of recordComing to LinkedIn for insights and opportunitiesGo-to place to learn about companiesThe network is growing rapidlyAll of these professionals are already on LinkedIn and able to connect with your company – This is the best place to find your next hirePassive as well as active candidates (v. a job board, which is a closed system limited to a subset of super-active seekers)
  • LinkedIn Jobs network is not about creating an incrementally better job board. We’re about redefining the way companies post jobs online. The old way: Until recently, traditional job boards were the only solutionAudience: limited to active candidates who search boards – Only ~20% of professionals are actively looking (Lou Adler study of LI members)Method: Post and hope that the right candidate would search for the job and applyResults: Large numbers of lower quality applicants and time wasted disqualifyingLinkedIn is changing the game: Jobs network, not a job boardAudience: Passive as well as active candidates – 60% of professionals are not actively looking, but willing to consider the right opportunity if presentedMethod: Your jobs target these candidates with the right opportunities in the context of professional interactions they’re having onlineOutcome: Higher quality candidates and less time wasted disqualifying poor applicantsI’ll explain how LinkedIn does this
  • As soon as you post:LinkedIn Real Time Profile Matching saves you time by enabling you to begin proactively sourcing in seconds, simply by posting a job.LinkedIn’s Talent Matching Algorithm finds up to 50 of the most relevant candidates for each of your jobs. You can reach out to these prospective candidates immediately.Match scores help you prioritize who to contact, saving you even more time sourcing.
  • Note: Can combine with groups discussion on next slide if need to streamline (see last appendix slide for combined groups/sharing slide)When you post a job, you can immediately send it viral by sharing it to your LinkedIn network, Facebook, Twitter and individuals.Once you start the virality going, members forward jobs to each other, helping jobs reach the right candidates.
  • Note: Can combine groups discussion with previous slide if need to streamline (see last appendix slide for combined groups/sharing slide)You can also share to LinkedIn groups.By pushing your jobs to groups of relevant professionals, you can access pools of passive candidates that are right for your jobs.
  • Each time Eric logs into LinkedIn, he sees relevant jobs targeted to his professional background.Through the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” module, your jobs automatically target members right on their homepages using LinkedIn’s matching algorithm. The majority of these members are passive candidates who will only be shown jobs relevant to them.
  • Any time a candidate visits your LinkedIn Career Page--either from one of your employees’ profiles or company search--they see jobs targeted specifically to them.They will learn what it’s like to work at your company and what your employment brand is all about through banners, videos, employee testimonials and more.Again, by putting more of your jobs on LinkedIn, you can provide a relevant experience to the broad range of professionals who will be viewing the page. Limiting your jobs misses opportunities to reach those types of candidates when they come to your page.
  • Note: Can be removed from deck if need to streamlineOur ability to reach passive candidates is a defining factor of the LinkedIn jobs network.But there are also high quality active candidates on LinkedIn. Our intelligent job matching also helps your jobs reach active candidates more effectively. Members who search for jobs receive highly personalized job recommendations directly to their email inboxes.
  • Understand what types of candidates you’re reaching and how your jobs are performing through new Who’s Viewed This Job analytics.Measure how you’re reaching candidates by tracking views, appearances in search, shares and applications (or apply button clicks if you collect applicants externally). See who’s interacting with your jobs by job title, company and region. You can also see how candidates find your jobs.
  • Summarize the huge advantage customers get by posting to LinkedIn:The jobs you post to traditional boards or your careers website will reach only active candidates (about 20%) The jobs you post to LinkedIn will reach these as well as passive candidates (about 60%) They will also benefit from automatic targeting, so the right jobs reach the right candidatesItalicized text represents enhanced features that carry a cost (WWU, LCP, Jobs for You)This is based on the December, 2010 study by the Adler group
  • All the jobs that you do not post to LinkedIn miss out on reaching this audience and the benefits of targeting.
  • LinkedIn Event Singapore Presentation

    1. 1. Recruiting to WinSingapore – July 20th, 2012 Recruiting Solutions
    2. 2. Agenda Scott Johnstone Introduction LinkedIn Corporate Solutions LinkedIn’s Mission LinkedIn | Internet | Singapore Connections: 389 LinkedIn products  Tips for using Adam Gregory  LinkedIn’s recruiting solutions LinkedIn Corporate Solutions Questions LinkedIn | Internet | Sydney, Australia Connections: 530 Recruiting Solutions 2
    3. 3. TalentRecruiting Solutions
    4. 4. Our MissionConnect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Recruiting Solutions
    5. 5. LinkedIn connects talent with opportunity at massivescale + Recruiting Solutions
    6. 6. Transforming the Way the World WorksRecruiting Solutions
    7. 7. The value we bring to our members Identity Insights Everywhere Connect, find and Be great at what We work where our be found you do members work Recruiting Solutions
    8. 8. 170,000,000+ MEMBERS WORLDWIDERecruiting Solutions
    9. 9. Huge local opportunity in members840,000M+ 1 LinkedIn Members 2 1.4M+ Singapore professionals 3 5.1M+ Singapore Population 1 LinkedIn members as of June 2012 | 2 Source: Ministry of National Development | 3 Source: Wikipedia Recruiting Solutions
    10. 10. So where are you looking for talent?Recruiting Solutions 10
    11. 11. Are you reaching passive the 82%? How would you classify your current job search status? Very Active Super Passive 8% Semi-Active 22% 10% Tiptoer 16% 60% Explorer Passive 44% Recruiting Solutions Source: September 2010 survey of US-based professionals by LinkedIn and the Adler Group, n=5525. Chart shows responses of 4,543 participants who were fully-employed at the time.
    12. 12. What about the Only 18%... other 82%?Recruiting Solutions Source: LinkedIn AU online survey, n = 1,035; fielded Dec. 16 - 23, 2010
    13. 13. So where are you looking for talent?Recruiting Solutions 13
    14. 14. Recruiting Recruiting Solutions v
    15. 15. 1. It all starts with your profile. “Brendan was the staffing manager for Microsoft Research. He did a fantastic job of recruiting top technical talent for us…” Dan Ling, Corporate VP, Microsoft Research “Brendan hired me at LinkedIn. It was a tough decision to leave my former company, but Brendan really made the case.” Sarah James, Director of Sales, LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions 15
    16. 16. 2. Leverage your recruiters’ profiles too Summary I would love to help you be a part of our team in making LinkedIn THE social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn is a company that is changing people’s lives around the world. We are at a point in our growth where your input will help shape our future. Please contact me if you’re interested in working for a great pre-IPO, hyper-growth company ( Recruiting Solutions 16
    17. 17. 3. Utilize Groups Groups Join many Participate in a few 1Million + Run one Eng & Tech Mining Design Pro’s & Oil Recruiting Solutions 17
    18. 18. 4. Download the Outlook SocialConnector Recruiting Solutions 18
    19. 19. 5. Create a poll Recruiting Solutions 19
    20. 20. 6. Update your status – personal AND company Recruiting Solutions 20
    21. 21. 7. Follow companies Recruiting Solutions 21
    22. 22. 8. Get LinkedIn Today (and every day) Recruiting Solutions 22
    23. 23. 9. Apply with LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions
    24. 24. 10. Build credibility via the Products & Servicestab of your Company Page Shows Viewers People in the Their Network who Recommend You Quick and Easy for Clients/Candidates to Recommend You Recruiting Solutions 24
    25. 25. LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions LinkedIn Recruiter LinkedIn Jobs Network Find the world’s best passive talent Let your jobs do your sourcing for you Work With Us LinkedIn Career Pages Recruitment Media Own the ad space Create a home on LinkedIn to build Share your message to the on your employees’ profiles your employment brand right, targeted audience Recruiting Solutions 25
    26. 26. Recruiting SolutionsJobs Network Recruiting Solutions v
    27. 27. The LinkedIn Network: Your nextplacements are here 4M+ 60% - 80% 170M+ Members passive Members added per candidates month Recruiting Solutions
    28. 28. The New Paradigm in Online Jobs: Source at Scale The old way: Traditional Boards LinkedIn Jobs Network  Active candidates only  Passive & active candidates  Post and pray  Automatic targeting in context Low quality High quality Time intensive Time savings Recruiting Solutions 28
    29. 29. Sourcing begins the moment you post xyzCo, San Francisco, CA  Start sourcing in seconds with a list of high potential profile matches  LinkedIn suggests up to 50 relevant candidates each time you post Recruiting Solutions 29
    30. 30. Forwarding and sharing sends your jobs viral LinkedIn Network Update Audrey Wilkerson posted a job Product & Partner Engineer - Performance Engineer xyzCo - IN xyzCo Twitter @linkedinjobsProduct & Partner Engineer - Performance Engineer xyzCo – IN #in #jobs Facebook Audrey Wilkerson We’re hiring! Product & Partner Engineer - Performance Engineer xyzCo – IN Each job is shared an average of 11 times Recruiting Solutions 30
    31. 31. Leverage groups as specialized talent pools xyzCo Recruiting Solutions 31
    32. 32. Personalized jobs delivered to member home page Jobs You May Be Interested In beta Eric Robertson Account Executive, ACME systems Account Executive x San Francisco Bay Area | Software xyzCo – Sunnyvale, CA Sr. Account Executive x – Seattle, WA Jobs You May Be Interested In beta Sales Manager Product Marekting Account Executive x x xyzCo – Sunnyvale, CA – ManagerNetApp San Jose, CA NetApp– Sunnyvale, CA Product Marketing Manager Sr. Account Executive – Seattle, WA x – Seattle, WA See more » Sales Manager Senior Product x NetApp – San Jose, CA Manager NetApp – Santa Clara, CA See more » Recruiting Solutions
    33. 33. Jobs automatically appear on yourcompany page Eric Robertson Account Executive, ACME systems San Francisco Bay Area | Computer Software xyzCo xyzCo Each viewer will see personalized jobs Recruiting Solutions 33
    34. 34. Make sure active candidates are seeingyour relevant jobs David Chen Senior Product Manager San Francisco Bay Area | Internet Recruiting Solutions
    35. 35. Understand what types of peopleare viewing your jobs Recruiting Solutions 35
    36. 36. Reach the best candidates with theright jobs Passive 60% Targeting in context:  LinkedIn homepage  Groups  Viral forwarding  Employee profiles  Company Page  Targeted Ads Active Traditional job boards 20% (Remaining ~20% may not consider a job change) Recruiting Solutions 36
    37. 37. For all of your professionalopportunities Passive 60% Targeting in context:  LinkedIn homepage  Groups  Viral forwarding  Employee profiles  Career Page  Targeted Ads off site Active Traditional job boards 20% (Remaining ~20% may not consider a job change) Recruiting Solutions 37
    38. 38. Questions? Recruiting Solutions 38
    39. 39. Recruiting Solutions