Common Technical Mistakes SMX Munich 2012


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Face off vs. @randfish - SMX Munich 2012 keynote

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  • Hi Will!

    I have learned something new today. Thanks to your post. I salute you for tackling some common technical mistakes. I hope that others must check this presentation of yours.
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  • will make sure anyone who embeds your video doesn’t get attribution.
  • Common Technical Mistakes SMX Munich 2012

    1. Common Technical Mistakes WILL CRITCHLOW
    2. WILL CRITCHLOW Fremdscham One of those amazing German words that we have no direct translation for
    3. WILL CRITCHLOWI hope this presentation will be entirelyabout being embarrassed for other people.Because of course we wouldn’t makethese mistakes, would we?
    4. WILL CRITCHLOWMy biggest?sudo chmod 775 –R /.Instead ofsudo chmod 775 –R ./
    5. WILL CRITCHLOW Sitemaps Speed Social Spiders Science fiction
    6. WILL CRITCHLOW Common Sitemap Errors
    7. WILL CRITCHLOWNot keeping your sitemap “clean” Duane Forrester, Bing Some other guy
    8. WILL CRITCHLOWDon’t allow 404 errors into sitemap
    10. WILL CRITCHLOWDon’t forget video sitemap etc
    11. WILL CRITCHLOWPriority is relative and only asuggestion This goes to 11. There’s no need for your sitemap priority to do the same
    12. WILL CRITCHLOW Common Site Speed Errors
    13. WILL CRITCHLOW First mistake: not caring
    15. WILL CRITCHLOW 100ms
    16. WILL CRITCHLOW 2 frames of a movie
    17. WILL CRITCHLOWFor reference, that’s here
    18. WILL CRITCHLOWTo here
    19. WILL CRITCHLOW Quarter of a blink (literally)
    20. WILL CRITCHLOW 1% drop in conversions [Source: Amazon -]
    21. WILL CRITCHLOW Here’s Walmart’s version [Source: correlates-to-business-metrics-at-walmart-com/]
    24. WILL CRITCHLOW It’s not just about server response time
    25. WILL CRITCHLOWMeasure “time to first byte” with pingdom DDoS 1,222 ms
    26. WILL CRITCHLOWWe’ve had good results withCloudflare
    27. WILL CRITCHLOWDiagnose quick wins with pagespeed
    28. WILL CRITCHLOWSegment site speed with GoogleAnalytics
    29. WILL CRITCHLOW Social and link building (technical) mistakes
    30. WILL CRITCHLOWDefault widgets don’t link to your profile pages These widgets don’t link to your profile Add regular links as well to help your profile pages rank for branded searches
    31. WILL CRITCHLOWNot implementing OpenGraph
    32. WILL CRITCHLOWNot implementing Facebook verbsImage: Mat Clayton is your man for learning about FB integration. We have videos: videos/
    33. WILL CRITCHLOWNot customising embed codes• Don’t use standard embed codes within third party players – no links• Place custom codes underneath video embed codes• Use iFrames• Partial Anchor Text<iframesrc=""frameborder="0" width="640" height="360"></iframe><br><spanstyle="font-size: 12px;">Linkbuilding protips from <ahref="">Brand and partial anchor text</a> Ensure your embed code will build links back to your site, not the video hosting company
    34. WILL CRITCHLOWNot cross-browser testing yourlinkbait We had one piece where the share buttons were cut off in Internet Explorer. We’ve also had journalists fail to link to things because they were still using IE6!
    35. WILL CRITCHLOW Common Robot Exclusion Errors
    36. WILL CRITCHLOWKnow the difference? Read aboutREP Robots.txt X-robots Noindex Nofollow Response codes
    37. WILL CRITCHLOWMonitor your robots exclusionI use [disclaimer: we invested inthem]
    38. WILL CRITCHLOWMonitor for changes to robots.txt
    39. WILL CRITCHLOWSpot the accidental inclusion ofnoindex
    40. WILL CRITCHLOWMore SEO monitoring tools and tricks
    41. WILL CRITCHLOWWatch out for over-aggressivefirewalls[Image:]
    42. WILL CRITCHLOW Common Mistakes with New Technologies
    43. WILL CRITCHLOWFailing to use AJAX properly Came across a site where this was the entire html after stripping out js. No title. No content. What is this? 2002 Flash?
    44. WILL CRITCHLOWWhat the #! were you thinking?
    45. WILL CRITCHLOWPushState is better
    46. WILL CRITCHLOWObligatory G+ complaint – follow me! Dear Google. WHAT is this?
    47. WILL CRITCHLOW Responsive design beats m. mobile version
    48. WILL CRITCHLOWAvoid splitting link juice / duplication
    49. WILL CRITCHLOWBut also get more links This is the “desktop” experience I got when I followed a link someone else shared from a mobile
    50. WILL CRITCHLOW rel=canonical Risky. Didn’t Rand talk about this?
    51. WILL CRITCHLOWhreflang – what is rel=canonical supposed tomean?[Image credit:]
    52. WILL CRITCHLOWRe-write your visible URL to thecanonical Do this after your analytics pageview call
    53. Thank YouAny QuestionsWILL CRITCHLOW
    54. WILL CRITCHLOWWill CritchlowFounder – up to hear when and where I’m speakingnext: free SEO training videos: our SEO training program, DistilledU: