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26/04/2013 Harrison & Shriftman Capstone Project


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- Developed an integrated marketing communication plan to Harrison&Shriftman in positioning the agency as a Corptique Lifestyle Communications Agency.
- Assisted the agency in building a comprehensive online presence that will allow them to keep up with their competitors, attract new clients, and new employee talent.

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26/04/2013 Harrison & Shriftman Capstone Project

  1. 1. an IntegratedMarketing CommunicationStrategy forinspirationlaneExecuted by
  2. 2. Doug DeorchisAccount ManagerWalid AbrazCreative DirectorLindsay HuttonDigital ExpertRaquel TelladoAccount PlannerEnitan OgunkoyaPR/PromotionsKiki ZhengMedia PlannerinspirationlaneAgencyProfileDevoted to creating, maintainingand sustaining an unbreakableemotional chord between brandand audience.inspirationlane
  3. 3. CompanyOverview
  4. 4. Current Clients& Categories18 years working withLifestyle brands from luxuryto mass brands alike
  5. 5. Public Relations•Advertorial Placements•Press•Media MailersProductAnalysisTalent Relations•Brand Ambassador Selection•Celebrity Brand Integration•Guest ListMarketing•Brand Strategy & Planning•Research•Strategic Partnerships/ SponsorshipsProduction (Studio HS)•Event Design and Production•Experiential marketing•Special Events
  6. 6. TheDiscovery
  7. 7. CompetitiveAnalysisStrategicfocusStrategic marketing,communications &media relations firm.GROUPSTRENGTHS• Trusted relationships witheditorial decision-makers• Access to high-profileinfluencers• Expertise in traditional &social media platforms.Beauty, fashion,entertainment & lifestylepublic relations andmarketing agency.STRENGTHS• Digital capabilities (SEO,evergreen content, andonline PR)• Visible to TV shows &press at relevant fashionevents.Marketing and publicrelations firm.STRENGTHS• Organized into specializeddivisions & practice areas• Digital and social mediateam.• Social media services.
  8. 8. CompetitiveAnalysisCommunicationfocus“Fresh Thinking & FlawlessExecution”Source:“We are HLGroup. We help buildgreat brands.”GROUP“Chances are, youhave read about oneof our clients today.”“At L+S, we prideourselves on a buttonedup-meets-boutiqueapproach. Our visionand versatility set usapart.”
  9. 9. The researchApproach
  10. 10. ResearchApproachClients& prospective clients• Agency search process• Differentiator• Expectations• Satisfaction• Digital Capabilities
  11. 11. ResearchApproachEmployees& prospectiveemployeesProspective Employees• Awareness• Employment Search Tool• First impressionCurrent Employees• Profile• Employment search tools• Recruitment• Decision• Onboarding• Internal structure• Satisfaction
  12. 12. StrategicConclusions
  13. 13. SWOTAnalysisSTRENGTHS• Savvy & Trendy• Solid Database• Ketchum• Studio HSTHREATS• Competition• Turnover rate.WEAKNESSESOPPORTUNITIES• H&S, expert• Lead Generation• Online identity• H&S, thought leaderSWOT
  14. 14. the newfocusStrategicConclusions
  15. 15. the newfocusStrategicConclusionsexpertiseAny communication agencies can attempt to claimexpertise when it comes to certain tactics.What sets Harrison & Shriftman apart is that itsexperience grants them ability to recognize lifestylebrand potential and leverage that insight to createworld-class brand experiences with their exclusiveresources .Help clients to connect withThe Mass Affluent
  16. 16. StrategicConclusions11% of all US households(more 13 million) areclassified as Mass Affluent.Sophisticated,well-educatedconsumersTend to tune out traditionalmarketing strategies and do notthink of themselves as rich.Early adoptersof high-endtechnology.Households with incomeproducing assets between$250,000 and $1 million.mass affluentThe Indirect Target Audience
  17. 17. How to appealStrategicConclusionsH&S“Versatility withglobal access”Global Resources/Corptique H&S CapabilitiesH&S“Strategists inBrand Building”Clients H&S servesH&S“Creating theNews”H&S ExpertiseH&S“???”
  18. 18. the newtagline“See Brands Through a LuxuryLens”StrategicConclusions
  19. 19. TargetedcommunicationSWOTCurrent and Prospective ClientsLOOK for a communication agency that can leverageluxury elements of their brands and connect thebrands with mass affluent consumers.Current EmployeesIncrease the sense ofbelongingProspective EmployeesYoung professionals with entrepreneurial spirit wholook for skills and talent but mostly a specific mindset.They are socially savvy, they influence style and culture,and are eager to find a voice.
  20. 20. Campaign ExecutionHow to Address the StrategicConclusions
  21. 21. H&SExpertiseInternalBrandingXIXEventWebinarsTV ShowsParticipationXIX Pop upExhibitCocktailMixerH&S UMUSTDOSHOULDDOCOULDDODigitalStrategy& TacticsSEO/SEMWebsiteBlogSocial Media
  22. 22. IMC CampaignExecutionMUST DOInternal BrandingInternal branding will ensure thatH&S employees internalize thecompany’s values and understandits offerings and differentiatedposition in the marketplace.
  23. 23. MUST DOCampaign ExecutionInternal Branding• Screening Process• No formal orientation program• Ketchum’ macro-level training• Close working relationships• Culture Committee• None in place• 90-day check in• The Emerging Dialog(Ketchum)
  24. 24. MUST DOCampaign ExecutionInternal Branding• Standard online recruitmentmessaging• Formal orientation protocol• Culture Committee (Enforced) Office Life Social Gatherings• Newsletter• Internal Hub• Communication consistentlyreflects H&S’ mission andvalues
  25. 25. IMC CampaignExecutionMUST DODigital Strategy
  26. 26. Inventory ofCurrent DigitalAssetsCase StudiesH&S WebsiteUse of Social Channels43 Studio HS blog1MUST DOCampaign ExecutionDigital Content Strategy22
  27. 27. CHANNEL ADOPTION FACILITATIONFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube,Google+, Internal Community2CONTENT CREATIONWebsite, Blogs, Video, Webinars, DigitalAdvertising, Email Marketing1MUST DOCampaign ExecutionDigital Content StrategyAt the end of the day, all messagesand content across the digitallandscape should come back to themain message, “H&S sees brandsthrough a luxury lens”.Moving forwardH&S will need to adopt a content creationstrategy that will cause them to outshinethe competition.
  28. 28. MUST DOWebsite RevampingIMC CampaignExecution
  29. 29. MUST DOCampaign ExecutionWebsite RevampingOutdated VideosObstacle to SEOA problematic URLUser UnfriendlyUnclear Brand ImageH&S WebsiteThe Issues
  30. 30. Nibbler AnalysisMUST DOCampaign ExecutionWebsite RevampingA tool for testing H&Swebsite in terms ofaccessibility, SEO, andsocial media.POPULARITY 3.9 Ranked3,877,357th Most popular website.TWITTER SHARING 4.2 Fewtweets mentioning the website.HEADINGS 0.0No defined headings found. Hardfor search engine to determine thecontent of the website.FEEDS 0.0No feeds to followupdates to websitesANALYTICS 0.0No recognized analytics software.The website doesn’t provide websitevisitor analysis.MEDIA TYPES 0.0Not optimized formobile devices not forprinting.FACEBOOK 0.0There’s no publicFacebook page linkedto the website.
  31. 31. MUST DOCampaign ExecutionWebsite RevampingRedo the VideosSEO/Social MediaChange the URL nameRedesign the websiteH&S WebsiteThe or• HTML instead of Flash
  32. 32. AfterBeforeH&S WebsiteThe Revamping
  33. 33. Case StudyJimmy ChooH&S WebsiteThe RevampingBefore
  34. 34. BeforeCase StudyW South BeachH&S WebsiteThe Revamping
  35. 35. BeforeCase StudyVeuve CliquotH&S WebsiteThe Revamping
  36. 36. BeforeClients& PartnersH&S WebsiteThe Revamping
  37. 37. IMC CampaignExecutionMUST (DO) HAVESEO/SEM Strategy•Raise brand awareness of H&S.•Drive measurable traffic to thecompany’s website.
  38. 38. MUST DOCampaign ExecutionSEO/SEM StrategyH&S to integrate SEM-paidkeyword advertising intothe campaign.• Bidding with the right keywords and maintaining therelevancy of the ads.• Bidding for relevant keywords in terms of H&S expertiseand capabilities.SEMstrategy
  39. 39. KeywordstrategyMUST DOCampaign ExecutionSEO/SEM StrategySome keywords for thespidersLifestyle, Public Relations, Luxury Lens, Corptique, TalentRelations, Celebrity Seeding, Editorial Placement, ProductPlacement, Experiential Marketing, Production, Harrison,Shriftman, Lara, Elizabeth, Studio HS, The Hamptons, Boutique,Communication Agency, PR Agency.
  40. 40. Google AdsMockupsMUST DOCampaign ExecutionSEO/SEM Strategy
  41. 41. H&S VISIONARYThe Official BlogIMC CampaignExecution
  42. 42. CurrentclientsProspectiveclientsProspectiveEmployeesCurrentEmployeesTheAudiencewe see brands through a luxury lens.visionaryMUST DOCampaign ExecutionDigital Content Strategy
  43. 43. H&SSocial Media LandscapeIMC CampaignExecution
  44. 44. Current H&SFacebook Profile
  45. 45. Current H&STwitter profile
  46. 46. Current H&SLinkedIn ProfileNo posts or updates
  47. 47. H&S Social MediaA DisconnectIMC CampaignExecution
  48. 48. H&S Social Media StrategyDesired StateCurrentClientsProspectiveClientsCurrentEmployeesProspectiveEmployeesInternal BrandingCase StudiesBlog PostingsDigital AdsWebinarsCase StudiesBlog PostingsH&S MomentsWebinarsCase StudiesBlog PostingsNew Video Content WebinarsCase StudiesBlog PostingsCorporate VideosStudio HS ContentEmployee DiaryVisual Case StudiesG+ Live HangoutsG+ CommunityMUST DOCampaign ExecutionSocial Media Strategy
  49. 49. H&S New Social MediaStrategyIMC CampaignExecutionGoals-Increase overall H&S generatedcontent by 50%.-Increase traffic to H&S website by50% by 2014Measurable Objectives-Increase leads by 25% by 2014-Receive 300 new job applicationsby 2014
  50. 50. H&S Facebook StrategyVisualShareable ContentCross Promotion ofDigital AssetsCompanyWins/SuccessesCampaign ExecutionSocial Media StrategyCurrentclientsProspectiveclientsProspectiveEmployeesCurrentEmployeesAudienceFocus
  51. 51. New H&SFacebook Profile
  52. 52. H&S Twitter StrategyCampaign ExecutionSocial Media StrategyCurrentclientsProspectiveclientsProspectiveEmployeesCurrentEmployeesAudienceFocusThought LeadershipCompanywins/successesH&S MomentsLive chats:Hashtag Strategy
  53. 53. Current H&STwitter profile
  54. 54. Thought LeadershipCompany wins/successesOpen Job postingsJoining Relevant Industry GroupsCampaign ExecutionSocial Media StrategyH&S LinkedIn StrategyCurrentclientsProspectiveclientsProspectiveEmployeesCurrentEmployeesAudienceFocus
  55. 55. Current H&SLinkedIn ProfileRecent UpdatesHarrison & ShriftmanElizabeth Harrison recently spoke atHarvard University for the 5th Annual CEORoundtable focused on Building LeadingBrands and Driving Growth.Recent UpdatesHarrison & ShriftmanJoin us in celebrating H&S’s19 years of experience incommunications. What toexpect from H&S goingforward.
  56. 56. MUST (have) DOH&S Social HubIMC CampaignExecution
  57. 57. MUST DOCampaign ExecutionSocial Hub
  58. 58. Social MediaAds
  59. 59. Campaign ExecutionSocial Media AdsAd contentReflect H&S company culture andappeal to prospective employees’interests.Looking to work at aversatile boutiquecommunications agency?Apply today and join ourteam of taste makers.Aspiring to be a PR,Marketing or a TalentRelations expert? H&Sis hiring. Make themove today!
  60. 60. Apply!Campaign ATargeting Prospective ClientsCampaign BTargeting ProspectiveEmployeesCampaign ExecutionSocial Media Ads
  61. 61. H&S MUST (have) DODigital Team
  62. 62. MUST DOXIX EventIMC CampaignExecution
  63. 63. MUST DOCampaign ExecutionXIX EventWhy do anEvent?GoalsDetailsSustainabilityXIXToast to H&S’s 19 years of experience incommunications. What to expect from H&S goingforward.
  64. 64. Scope andTimeline
  65. 65. ROI andBudget
  66. 66. inspirationlaneQUESTIONS?