Company Credentials - 2014


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This is a summary of the company's approach. It outlines the categories we work in and some examples of the work we're done. For more, visit

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Company Credentials - 2014

  1. 1. Company Credentials February 2014
  2. 2. Sean Williams Sales & Marketing Roles Past/Current Clients Advertising Agencies & Consulting Companies
  3. 3. The Future?
  4. 4. Our Present – Unique Business Model
  5. 5. Our Present – Variety of Services Strategic Marketing Business & Market Planning, Brand Development, Research, Communications, Sponsorships Digital Marketing Social Media, Web Development, E-mail, Mobile, Analytics & Measurement Marketing Communications Broadcast, Print, Out-of-home, On-site, Online, Social, Mobile
  6. 6. Our Present – Three Focused Channels Imbedded • Work ‘for’ a company Complementary Direct • Support an agency or consulting company • Direct client work • Act as ‘staff’ • Resourcing based on client or project need • ‘Part-time’ of for a short-term • Project or retainer basis • Utilize partner network to staff up • Liaise with outside existing partners or bring in new ones • Offer something they don’t have • Project based and long-term relationships • Act as Marketing Manager/director
  7. 7. Work Samples - Tourism -
  8. 8. Atlantic Canada Cruise Association Developed a new brand strategy, visual identity and creative platform for Atlantic Canada to be used by the organization responsible for promoting cruising to this region. Brand Development Website Channel Marketing
  9. 9. Golf PEI Developed a brand strategy, assisted in the design of a new visual identity, and helped launch an online environment who’s primary role is to promote golfing on the island of PEI. Brand Development Website Strategy Document
  10. 10. Atlantic Canada Trails Association Developed a potential marketing strategy for 2013 that targets an untapped audience segment, links in with regional/provincial tourism efforts, and sells ‘Trails of Atlantic Canada’. Awaiting approval. Strategy Document Current Website
  11. 11. Maritime Travel Developed a social networking strategy that elevated the company’s efforts in social media. Also spoke at their national meetings on the topic of marketing and new media. Strategy Document Presentation
  12. 12. Work Samples - Retail -
  13. 13. Tirecraft Canada Developed a new ‘corporate’ message that introduced national tire brand to Atlantic Canada in 2011. Campaign went national. Since 2012, have been working for company at the national and regional level. Radio Outdoor Television Online/Social
  14. 14. Henry’s Photo Developed multiple Holiday and seasonal advertising campaigns in the Halifax market. Campaigns have included a mix of media, promotional elements, and direct marketing. Online/Social Media Radio
  15. 15. Pinky’s Ice Cream Skoopmore Developed an integrated brand platform and initiated a mix of marketing and communications programs to further increase generate awareness and drive sales. Advertising Charitable Event Promotion/Partnership Online Coupon Merchandise
  16. 16. Bell Aliant Developed a new online student targeted initiative that used online and social media advertising, along with email marketing, to grow a strong database and sell product. Online Advertising Microsite Email Marketing
  17. 17. Work Samples - Telecommunications and IT -
  18. 18. MOBIA Technology Innovations Developed the company’s new name and corporate identity. Conducted qualitative research and developed all elements within identity package. Currently on Contract as Director of Marketing. Brand Development and Management
  19. 19. Developed the original brand positioning. Also assisted in the creation of the name and visual identity. Brand Strategy Current Website
  20. 20. Assisted in the redevelopment of the Team Travel Center. Conducted qualitative research, gave direction on the new design and outlined promotional opportunities. Summary Document Center Website
  21. 21. Work Samples - Higher Education -
  22. 22. Holland College Developed new brand strategy. Also designed and implemented a multi-faceted advertising campaign that supported the 2012 and 2013 recruitment years. Advertising
  23. 23. St. Francis Xavier University Developed and implemented a multi-faceted advertising campaign that supported the 2009/2010 recruitment year. Conducted qualitative research Online/Social Media Out-of-home Newspaper
  24. 24. Andrew College (Georgia) Developed new recruitment website and social media efforts that are integral parts of the overall recruitment campaign. Recruitment Site Social Media
  25. 25. University of Regina Developed a comprehensive recruitment package (publications, display material, videos and microsite) and initiated as well as managed social media efforts. Publications/Display Microsite Social Media
  26. 26. Work Samples - Beverage Alcohol -
  27. 27. Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation Develop external and internal corporate communications. Produced the Annual Report since 2007. Staff Newsletter Annual Report(s)
  28. 28. Propeller Brewery Developed a marketing plan and audience segmentation, as well as directed the new look of the Propeller brand – consumer and channel facing. Also developed and executed channel plan for 2011. Advertising Website
  29. 29. Contact: Sean Williams (902)220-5945 @swmgroup