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  • For our final assignment, I decided to make an online strategy proposal for Audi. I am quite familiar with the brand, as my parents have been loyal to Audi for nearly 12 years. While conducting my research, I found that Audi has been very successful in many of its marketing strategies - especially within the past 5 years. Audi's has already somewhat differentiated themselves from the competition, established a niche following, and developed decent online web content. However, even impressive brands like Audi can find room for improvement to reach their organizational goals, and I believe the following online strategy will help this company find even greater success.\n
  • SWOT\n- Strengths:\n- "Audi is a manufacturer of exquisite cars - attractive, sophisticated, and technically perfect."\n- Innovation in technology\n- Image - high prestige, performance, status\n- Partnerships - like Google Earth\n- Product placement in movies\n- Presence on YouTube, Google, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook\n- Talked about by others - featured on other websites\n- Weaknesses:\n- Expensive\n- "Stuck up" image\n- Technology not very easy to use\n- Opportunities:\n- Buyer Personas - reach different groups\n- Expand social media strategy\n- Blogging\n \n- Threats:\n- Competition - BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes\n- American marketplace - negative image of foreign automakers\n- Economy - less spending on luxury goods\n
  • - Goals:\n- Go beyond awareness - develop more meaningful interaction & sense of community to build brand loyalty\n- Improve sales conversions - turn lookers into buyers\n
  • - Transform buyers' view from, "Audi is a great brand, but I can't afford that" into "I see great value in owning an Audi and I'm going to make sure I get one...and it's going to be my next car...and the car after that..."\n
  • - Buyer Personas - Learn from Harley-Davidson\n- Trendy Young Professionals\n- Stylish Women\n- Car Enthusiasts\n- Seasoned Sophistication\n- Niche marketing\n\n
  • Importance of Social Media\n- Need more than just a presence in order to compete and be successful\n- ENGAGE\n- Audi as a lifestyle - incorporating Audi into daily life \nSocial Media Engagement\n- Expand YouTube Channel - more than just commercials\n- Consumers share their videos, photos, and stories \n- Include "How To" videos and instructions to make technology easier to use\n\n
  • - Develop separate web content and community for each buyer persona\n- Utilize knowledge of experts in each area\n- Focus on the problems each group needs to solve\n- Audi as a lifetime - Be there for all the problems buyers face throughout their lives as they transition into different buyer persona groups\n
  • - Viral campaign highlighting fascinating facts about Audi - on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube\n- Create buzz about Audi's involvement in the US community, social responsibility, green technology, recognition/awards, etc.\n- Learn from Obama's presidential campaign\n- Inclusive language, articulate what you want people to believe, put fans first, stay positive, and don't interrupt buyers\n\n
  • - Online tools - Google Analytics\n- Customer surveys\n- Sales conversions and revenue\n- Quantity and quality of commentary about Audi online\n
  • Budget & $$ allocation\n- Budget: $1,000,000\n- Allocation:\n- 20% into market research\n- 50% into developing excellent web content for blogs\n- 10% into greater development of Twitter & Facebook content\n- 20% into online marketing campaign\nTimeline\n- Within first 6 months:\n- Research, listening, interviewing consumers\n- Develop detailed profiles of each buyer persona\n- Begin to further engage with buyers on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube\n- Within 1 year:\n- Develop excellent blog content and community pages for each buyer persona\n- YouTube Marketing with video submission from consumers\n- Begin "Get Audi-Here" Campaign\n- Within 1 1/2 - 2 years:\n- Collect and analyze data\n
  • Audi - New Media Marketing Proposal

    1. 1. LUXURY LIFESTYLE FOR A LIFETIME New Media Marketing Proposal
    2. 2. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Luxury & Innovation Expensive Image “Stuck up” Partnerships Not So User-Friendly Product Placement Online Presence Talked AboutOPPORTUNITIES THREATS Buyer Personas CompetitionSocial Media Strategy US Marketplace Blogging Economy
    3. 3. DRIVING FOR THE GOALS • Meaningful interaction & community • Lookers into buyers
    4. 4. Audi as a Lifestyle... Audi for a Lifetime.
    5. 5. TRANSFORMATION THROUGH BUYER PERSONAS • Trendy Young Professionals • Stylish Women • Car Enthusiasts • Seasoned Sophistication
    6. 6. ENGAGE Audi as a Lifestyle...
    7. 7. FORGET MASS BLOGGING Audi for a Lifetime.
    8. 8. “GET AUDI-HERE” Viral Marketing Campaign
    9. 9. MEASURING SUCCESS• Online Tools• Surveys• Sales Conversions• Commentary
    10. 10. MAKING IT HAPPEN Budget: $1,000,000 TIMELINE 6 months • Research Campaigns • Profile 20% • EngageDevelopment Web Content 1 year 10% 50% • Content • Community Market Research • Campaign 20% 2 years • Collect & Analyze