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Building productivity solutions with Microsoft Graph


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Using Microsoft Graph you can access data and insights from the Microsoft cloud. In this session, you will learn how you can leverage Microsoft Graph to build productivity solutions for your organization. We will talk about the authentication flow, the different endpoints and tips and tricks when working with this powerful API.

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Building productivity solutions with Microsoft Graph

  1. 1. Building Productivity Solutions with Microsoft Graph
  2. 2. Microsoft Graph solutions
  3. 3. Single API for: 1.Accessing data /me, /users, /groups, /messages, /drive, …. 2.Traversing data /drive/items/<id>/lastmodifiedByUser 3.Accessing insights /insights/trending 4.Work/School and Personal What is Microsoft Graph?
  4. 4. Many different APIs to access data Separate auth stacks for work and personal State of the world before Microsoft Graph Work and school Personal
  5. 5. Today’s world with Microsoft Graph Microsoft Graph Work and school Personal …
  6. 6. Diverse API styles and endpoints /yina_contoso_com/_api/v2.0/drive /designCouncil/_api/v2./drive'*'&Prop erties='GraphQuery:actor(ME,action:1020,or(action:1020,action:1003 ,action:1001,action:1024,action:1005,action:1037,action:1039,action :1036)'&SelectProperties='Docid,Title
  7. 7. Unified API style – single endpoint Operation Service endpoint GET my profile GET my files GET my photo$value GET my mail GET my calendar GET my manager GET last user to modify file foo.txt GET users in my organization GET group conversations<id>/conversations GET people related to me GET my tasks GET my notes GET files trending around me
  8. 8. What’s in Microsoft Graph today
  9. 9. Why Microsoft Graph? Unified API Easy data traversing Online and on-premises
  10. 10. Traversing data in Microsoft Graph
  11. 11. What can you build with Microsoft Graph?
  12. 12. What can you build with Microsoft Graph? Web applications Native applications Worker processes/ APIs Office web add-ins SharePoint Framework web parts Single Page Application s Classic SharePoint web parts Bots …and more
  13. 13. Authenticating for Microsoft Graph Create AAD app Grant permissions Link application to AAD app Authenticate user Get access token
  14. 14. Authentication scenarios for Azure Active Directory More authentication scenarios: Single Page Applications
  15. 15. Building solutions with Microsoft Graph …and SharePoint Framework 
  16. 16. Next steps 1. Experiment with Graph Explorer 2. Learn the API 3. Get inspired (PnP samples) 4. Contribute More on MS Graph:
  17. 17. Download SPTransformator now at www.sptransformator.c om
  18. 18. Waldek Mastykarz @waldekm Senior Developer at Rencore Office Development MVP