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03 risk asses_4_cap_alert_area



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Maldives SAMBRO CAP on a Map project kickoff workshop:

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03 risk asses_4_cap_alert_area

  1. 1. CAP Alert Area Templates through Risk Assessments Nuwan Waidyanatha Director - Sahana Software Foundation nuwan[AT]sahanafoundation[DOT]org Mobile: +94773710394 (Int'l Roaming) +8613888446352 (cn) CAP on a Map Kickoff Workshop – Improving Institutional Responsiveness to Coastal Hazards through Multi Agency Situational Awareness 2015 April 15 Nasandura Palace Hote, Male, Maldives
  2. 2. 2 Outline ❑ Map layers for risk assessment ❑ Discussion of the data layers ❑ Common activities ❑ Group exercise
  3. 3. Purpose of the multiple <INFO> and <AREA> Cyclone NILAM-12 2012 October 31 NILAM-12 LK Met Dept 02:00 UTC Alert 'si' ඉහළ කාලගුණ 'ta' உயர் வானிைல 'en' HIGH MET North வடக்கு උතුර <AREA> <INFO> 02:00 UTC ඊශාන வடகிழக்கு Northeast NILAM-12 LK Met Dept 12:00 UTC Update 'si' ඉහළ කාලගුණ 'ta' உயர் வானிைல 'en' HIGH MET North வடக்கு උතුර <INFO> 12:00 UTC <Alert> qualifiers
  4. 4. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Maps and more … Much faster to understand data
  5. 5. Adopting from Sahana CRMT  Community Resilience Mapping Tool provides coalition members with the opportunity to create maps of their neighborhoods that can be overlaid  Help make communities better prepared with good information about their situation  System brings together  2010 Census Data,  2011 American Community Survey data,  USGS and California Geological Survey Hazards data,  FEMA flood zone data,  70,000 points of interest within LA County: schools, churches, health facilities, government offices, municipal services, social services agencies, arts and recreation facilities
  6. 6. Emulating a 2M Sea Level Rise Event
  7. 7. Affects of Alert Area Template Pamono landslide hazard map Save the alert polygon in CAP_area_template GIS layer Use those template names as a separate attribute to auto fill the <areaDesc>, <geocodes>, <polygon>
  8. 8. Coverage of emergency communications networks
  9. 9. Emergency Telecommunications Availability Early Warning Networks Stakeholders: . Incident management: Stakeholders
  10. 10. Exercise instructions 1) Form four (4) groups based on less to most technical/domain 2) access the software through your browser: 3) Login not required 4) Zoom in on West Coast USA 5) Visualize vulnerable populations: - Hazards ---> Sea Level Rise - Census data ---> Age 67-79 and Disabled
  11. 11. Exercise – generating an alert area 1) Who will be you working-group and what are the organizations part of the working group? 2) What are your geographical boundaries and area descriptions? 3) Consider a hazard and determine the availability of necessary hazard specific data? If not available how would you source it? 4) What census data will you require? If it is available who would have it? If not available how would you source it? 5) Given an example of a hazard specific vulnerable population and the resilience factor you are interested in? 6) How is done in your country now?