Converging Worlds: Navigating the New Integrated Communications Environment


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With a seemingly endless flood of new communications avenues, vehicles, techniques and viewpoints, danger looms large for many public relations practitioners. It’s all too easy to carve out a small section of familiar territory, plant your flag, and hope the whirlwind leaves you unscathed. In reality, that’s a recipe for career and organizational disaster.
This professional development seminar helps communicators discover, understand, blend and deploy a broad range of traditional and emerging disciplines. The resulting insights, strategies and tactics from your own “custom blend” – unencumbered by outdated rules – will have your executives applauding, your employees engaged, your customers buying, and your competitors trembling.

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  • More mobile apps. Dedicated private social networks. Gamification.
  • How do you pull this data in? Influence management and segmentation is key moving forward.
  • Nobody “owns” social – not PR, not advertising. It lives in a lot of different departments/agencies/etc. Collaboration is key with everyone involved in communications, marketing AND customer facing departments.
  • Digital is not the end all be all… it is not the solution for every situation.
  • Innocence is making a comeback. Example: Instagram – “vintage: style photography.
  • Converging Worlds: Navigating the New Integrated Communications Environment

    1. 1. Converging Worlds: Navigating the NewIntegrated Communications Environment PRSA 2012 International Conference San Francisco Monday, October 15
    2. 2. Who we are…Michael McDougall, APRManaging Partner of McDougall TraversCollins@MikeMcDougNicole RavlinPartner at PMG Public Relations@PMGNicole
    3. 3. CONVERGING WORLDS Uncovering the next breed of communications toolsets, keeping you one step ahead.
    4. 4. So, what’s next?
    5. 5. How do you keep track of it all?• Social CRM Solutions – Sprout Social – Meltwater Solutions – Mbuzz, JitterJam
    6. 6. CONVERGING WORLDS Navigating the politics of leading cross-discipline communications,turning naysayers into supporters.
    7. 7. CONVERGING WORLDS• Not about ownership, but collaboration.• Shared outcomes, shared rewards.• Betting on your colleagues; budget to help them.
    8. 8. CONVERGING WORLDS Capitalizing on “white space” territories that you and your team can embrace.
    9. 9. CONVERGING WORLDS • Change management • Social-based customer service • Corporate philanthropy
    10. 10.
    11. 11. CONVERGING WORLDS Blending new media with oldfor even more creative, exciting and results-bearing programs.
    12. 12. CONVERGING WORLDS • Customization of outdoor advertising • Informed variable print • Group-driven content programming
    13. 13.!
    14. 14. CONVERGING WORLDS Determining when digital media should take the lead, when itshould be dialed down in favor of more seasoned approaches.
    15. 15. CONVERGING WORLDS • Risk barometer for management team • Opportunity to fail? • Small steps… sneak in the new approach
    16. 16. CONVERGING WORLDS Reinvigorating “forgotten” techniquesand outlets for surprising success.
    17. 17. CONVERGING WORLDS• Local market media… turning into digital gold• The power of nostalgia
    19. 19. CONVERGING WORLDSPerfecting the snowball approach, formulating a “can’t miss” messaging stream by weaving together multiple disciplines.
    20. 20. CONVERGING WORLDS • Upward spiral of news creation
    21. 21. CONVERGING WORLDS Measuring the successes (and failures) of your integratedcommunications efforts, allowing future programsto have an even greater impact.
    22. 22. CONVERGING WORLDS• Real time measures• Digging deeper for qualitative – sales force, customer service• User-allowed tracking… rolling digital actions into traditional outreach
    23. 23. Thank you.• Michael McDougall, APR McDougall Travers Collins @MikeMcDoug• Nicole RavlinPMG Public Relations @PMGNicole