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  • Welcome to Designer Creations and Publications presentation on Joining the Evolving World of Social Media.My name is Stephanie Ruby Wychozowycz (Vee-he-sovach). I am the account executive, and I will be explaining the whole process to you and fielding any questions you may have.
  • To begin, I will use the 5 W’s to explain the benefits for utilizing Social Media for Northwestern Technologies.
  • I imagine everyone can recognize these symbols from somewhere. Where do you recall seeing them? TV? Internet? Magazines? They have an enormous impact in social branding and awareness. These logos are a vital attribution to beginning your Social Media campaign. They keep you interacted with other business (B2B), which is focused on companies sharing specific information. As well as consumers (B2C), which on the other hand is geared more to public social sites. Both of these provide direct access to your corporation on a 24/7 basis. No individual could do this, no matter how talented they may be, or how much they are being paid...
  • Connecting Northwestern with mobile applications, another form of social media, regardless what kind of media device it may be, you will have direct access to your consumers on the go, no matter where they are. This is anothersimple feature that adding new media will keep your business connected to thousands of people at all times, allowing them access to your website.
  • At Designer Creations Publications we are here to monitor ALL aspects of the business, by implementing the social media tools I spoke about in my last 2 slides.
  • Through observation and analysis of other businesses’ neglect of interaction with their clientele, our company has recognized and acted on said acknowledgments in an effort to offer a more engaged business to business as well as business to client relationships. This is a dynamic innovation and an undeniable opportunity, Northwestern should be a part of it all!
  • Choosing Designer Creations and Publication for your social media advocates, we will effectively teach, train and prove how your company is really going to surpass all of your present goals. As your Social Media expertise we will send you weekly reports, pilot your business into the market as well as handle any day to day issues you may experience. Together I am certain we will go above and beyond any expectations you may have and essentially exceed all of your fiscal goals.
  • With Designer Creations Publications, we strive to make Northwestern a grand new addition into the world of corporate Social MediaIf anyone has any further questions please ask them now I would be more than happy to explain any confusions or doubts you may have… Again, thank you all for the opportunity to share this presentation with all of you today!
  • Imkt120 unit 1 wychozowycz_stephanieruby_individual project

    1. 1. Social Media solutions bringing your business global… SOCIAL MEDIA CONCEPTS BY: STEPHANIE RUBY WYCHOZOWYCZ
    2. 2.  Social Media is a process of gaining attention through social media sites. In whole it allows you to interact on the internet to build relationships. In order to accumulate these relationships and gain traffic using social media you must begin with a communications strategy, as with any other business venture. Northwestern Technology has the potential to connect with a vast amount of your target audience that you are not now reaching. By adding social media you implement an entire new scope of consumers leading to profitable outcomes. Moving forward, our main objective is to hit the ground running and with technology ever improving the importance of linking social media is going to be a key factor in many of your advancement goals. Our team will ultimately provide the capabilities to reach an additional area of internet savvy cliental.
    3. 3. What can Social Media do for your company?Social Media has many attributes that allcontribute to interactive dialog, reputation andthe status of your business…There are three major types of tools :-Social Networking-Social Sharing-Social PublishingWhen used these, only several outof many can :• Build brand awareness• Improve Creditably• Provide Immediate Communication• 24 Hour Monitoring System
    4. 4. What can Social Media do for your company? Cont… Mobile devices Nailing down the mobile fields will open up NW to people on the go: innovative devices, such as iPads, androids, tablets and Smartphones • Immediacy • Convenience
    5. 5. ● BRAND AWARENESSStepping into to Social Media we need to build brand awareness. “Impressions”Improve Brand Credibility. “Reputation”Constant PR Tools for Crisis Situations, to Communicate with Stockholders in “Real-Time” to circumvent ANY problems or bad media.Research Tools available for tracking results● Surveys● Content Analysis● Experiments● Data Mining
    6. 6. How is Social Media a Good Fit?There are SIX imperative factors that make socialmedia a powerful tool for Northwestern:● Authenticity – Creates compelling B2Cmanagement● Transparency – Provides financial tracking andsecurity● Immediacy – Access to breaking news to allcorporate situations● Participation & Connectedness – Both allowB2B control● Accountability – Ability to prove reliability
    7. 7. Now Where do we Begin...● We will develop a Social Media strategy that willenforce all angles in order to reach your targetaudience with utmost precision.● Designer Creations and Publications is ready tobegin training your staff and get going movingforward towards becoming part of this MediaMovement.
    8. 8. Designer Creations and Publications looksforward to working for and withNorthwestern and your associates! Together with our training and Social Mediaplacement strategies, we will set a higherstandard for national and internationalbusiness, revenue and trade.
    9. 9. Postman, Joel. "Chapters 1 & 2." SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate. Berkeley, CA: New Riders, 2009. 8-30. Print.