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MicroStrategy App for the Financial Services Industry


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Published in: Business, Technology
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MicroStrategy App for the Financial Services Industry

  1. 1. Apps for financial services and insurance
  2. 2. Apps for financial services and insurance FSI companies use MicroStrategy apps to grow revenue, reduce cost, and grow market share with improved customer experience. iPad 5:58 PM iPad 1:55 PM 5:58 Apps for counterparty risk, CFO dashboards, prime brokers, and annuities. Only MicroStrategy is suited to meet the complex and varied needs of FSI institutions. MicroStrategy meets the unique regulatory, risk management, customer experience, operational profitability, and data volume requirements of the financial services industry. As mobile technology rapidly transforms the industry, new competitors and agile leaders are leveraging the change and staying ahead of the curve with mobile apps that improve business processes, reduce risk, and add new value to client relationships. Twelve of the top 14 global banks and four of the top five US diversified financial services companies rely on MicroStrategy. Our customers include:
  3. 3. Mobile business apps built and deployed via the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform What happens when your people have 24/7 access to all your systems and information? For starters, how about amazing increases in productivity and a competitive edge? With our solution you get great mobile apps in 1/10th the time and a fraction of the cost. It’s the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to mobilize all your information systems, such as data warehouses, BI, ERP, CRM, and web applications currently trapped on the desktop. This will transform your entire workforce into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce with mobile apps that are 10x more robust than their web counterparts. With MicroStrategy, your people are no longer tied to their desktop and VPN connections to access critical corporate data and systems that drive your business. Your people will literally have their offices in their hands 24/7. MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform Build Deploy Maintain Monitor On a single cohesive architecture
  4. 4. Logistic apps B2E apps Product apps iPad Operations apps Context-aware apps Executive apps 5:58 PM iPad 1:55 PM 5:58 Data collection apps
  5. 5. Why are MicroStrategy business apps unique? Native apps – provide users with the best experience. Compelling workflows – gracefully present any process in the iPod touch®, iPhone®, iPad mini®, iPad® and Android. Contextual apps – absorb contextual inputs like location (GPS), barcode (camera), device orientation (rotation), and user (personalization) to drive the app experience. Highly secure apps – protect your data with a combination of sophisticated security capabilities – both as the data travels to and from the device and as it’s stored on the device. Systems apps – transact with any operational system, allowing you to build compelling OS Apps for any new or existing business processes. Integrated native mapping plots geo-locational data directly onto integrated native maps. – Fast apps – handle the most complex questions and transactions from thousands of users concurrently. Offline, online capabilities optimize the user experience for the varying levels of connectivity (strong 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, LTE, intermittent 3g, or offline). – Our code-free platform enables organizations to assemble a wide variety of essential mobile apps that deliver analytics, transactions, and multimedia content. Leverage military grade security, internationalization, in-app collaboration, monitoring, and alerting capabilities in your enterprise apps. Evolve, build, and push out mobile app changes without any recompilation or coding. Our platform gives you special powers to turn any business function into a mobile app.
  6. 6. Learn more about the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform: Call us 1.888.537.8135 E-mail us
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