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Being human


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Being Human Marketing Strategy

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Being human

  1. 1. Marketing Application and Strategy Presentation on NGO Group Members Vishal Thakur Kopal Saluja Sri Lakshmi Anjali Parate Faraz R Siddiqui Hitesh Chawla
  2. 2. Idea Research_NGOs sed%20by%20NGOs.pdf
  3. 3. Idea Research_NGOs sed%20by%20NGOs.pdf
  4. 4. Idea Research_NGOs sed%20by%20NGOs.pdf
  5. 5. Brand Strategy
  6. 6. Brand Positioning  Being Human positions the brand on beliefs and values.
  7. 7. Brand Sponsorship  Being Human is a licensed brand.
  8. 8. Brand Name Selection  Word Being Human is easy to pronounce, recognize, and remember.  Being Human can be easily translated into foreign languages.
  9. 9. Source of income  75% of funds are received from Salman Khan.  Charitable Shows  Being Human brand products  Public Investment
  10. 10. Products
  11. 11. PROMOTION
  12. 12. PRICE The charity is funded by a 8-10% cut of the sales from Being Human-branded clothing. The merchandise is manufactured and marketed by Mandhana Industries. Sales revenue was about 235 crore INR in 2014-2015 with the figure expected to rise to 300 crore INR in 2016.
  13. 13. Place
  14. 14. Segmentation Targeting 1) Targets the whole market with one offer. 2) Mass marketing Positioning As a high end brand. Store of being human is located at different nations and within different part of nation. MARKET
  15. 15. THANK YOU!!