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The Bombay Open Gossip Quiz


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The Bombay Open Gossip Quiz

  1. 1. The Bombay Open Gossip Quiz THE BOMBAY QUIZ CLUB PRESENTS
  2. 2. Gossip Quiz Teams of 3 adults – please let us know if you need partners. 40 questions  Please answer legibly – if we can‟t read it, it‟s wrong.  This isn‟t a spelling bee, but do try & get as close as possible. Questions 11-20 are * marked and are tiebreakers. Questions on affairs, link-ups, family-ties of famous and not-so-famous men and women. „Pati, Patni aur Woh‟ is a recurring meme through the quiz. Two of the three vertices of a love-triangle will be present in the question. The missing one is to be put as the answer. Please put away your electronic devices.
  3. 3. Gossip 1The name of this orgiastic feast held in the Papal palaceby Cardinal Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI onOctober 30, 1501, comes from the post-prandial liberalstrewing around of a commodity not entirely unknown toquizzers. This happened once the clothes of theprostitutes were auctioned and the guests crawled nakedto pick up the said commodity. There were prizes formen who were most successful with the whores (servantswere keeping score) as Pope greatly valued virility andmeasured a mans machismo by his ejaculative capacity.What has this feast come to be known as?
  4. 4. Gossip 1 - AnswerBanquet/Ballet of Chestnuts
  5. 5. Gossip 2Two contemporary accounts contradicting eachother. What rumour? “Rumour has it ... According to them it would have been unjust to deny the king the privilege of gathering fruit from the tree he himself had planted. ”- Francois Bernier “It was ...her love... (that) has given occasion to Monsieur Bernier to write many things, founded entirely on the talk of low people. Therefore it is incumbent on me, begging his pardon, to say that what he writes is untrue.”- Manucci
  6. 6. Gossip 2 - AnswerThat Shahjehan had an incestuous relationshipwith Jehanara
  7. 7. Gossip 3 What on earth have you done, said _________ To have wrecked the entire party machine To lie in the nude Is not at all rude But to lie in the House Is obscene.Fill in the blank, or tell me what inspired thislimerick?
  8. 8. Gossip 3 - AnswerChristine Keeler, mistress of British minister of warJohn Profumo, in the 60s.
  9. 9. Gossip 4What do these lovely looking actresses have incommon?
  10. 10. Gossip 4 - AnswerThey are all related to Rabindranath Tagore. Devika Rani & Sharmila were great-grand nieces of Tagore. Meena Kumaris grandmother, Hem Sundari Thakur was forced to give up the family name on her husband‟s death
  11. 11. 1 Alys & Christobel George, sisters. Married two eminent men of letters. 3 Married Married Son3 2 Lived-in Married Son Dated Lady Gabriella  Identify 1, 2 & 3 Windsor, daughter, Prin ce of Kent
  12. 12. Gossip 5 - AnswerAlys George married Faiz Ahmed Faiz, her sisterBilqees/Christobel married MD Taseer.Tavleen Singh’s short lived marriage with now slainGovernor of Punjab Salman Taseer resulted in novelistAatish Taseer.Tavleen went on to have a 25 year relationship withmuch-married Ajit Gulabchand of HCC.
  13. 13. Gossip 6Pati, Patni aur Woh-I Pati and woh can be seen here. The original patni?
  14. 14. Gossip 6 - AnswerSonali Dasgupta, filmmaker Harisadhan Dasgupta‟swife eloped with Roberto Rosellini who was on afilmmaking trip to India in 1957. Rosellini was marriedto Ingrid Bergman at that time.
  15. 15. Gossip 7A 1998 DNA study finally laid to rest thequestion, which was of considerable interest not justbecause of one of its subjects stature, but also becauseof his extensive writings about slavery and againstmiscegenation.The 1997 book Sally Hemmings: An AmericanControversy and a 2000 documentary by the samename also deal with the controversy, what was it allabout?
  16. 16. Gossip 7 - AnswerThe Jefferson-Hemings controversy concerns thequestion whether Thomas Jefferson fathered thechildren of his mixed-race slave, Sally Hemings.
  17. 17. Gossip 8Did they, or didn‟t they, we will never know but MJAkbar in his 1987 biography has this anecdote fromthe UP Governor‟s holiday home in Nainital. Akbarquotes the son of then governor, who later went toacquire a voracious appetite for an 18 eggs breakfast.It seems the son when instructed by his father to tellhis guests that dinner was ready, marched up andopened the door to find our couple in a clinch. Hequickly shut the door and walked out.Which couple, and who was the governor‟s son?
  18. 18. Gossip 8 - AnswerNehru & Edwina Mountbatten.Russi Mody
  19. 19. Gossip 9Pati, Patni aur Woh -II Patni Woh  Daughter of eminent  Champion of educationist and handicrafts, Established Nehru‟s minister Gurjari, Gujarat state Humayun Kabir, Red emporium. Founder and Cross activist. president of Dastkari Haat Samiti, the force behind Dilli Pati? Haat, penned several books. Headed a political party.
  20. 20. Gossip 9 - AnswerGeorge Fernandes Leila Kabir & Jaya Jaitley
  21. 21. Gossip 10The cheesiest ever pick-up line has to be the one usedby the head of the Indian delegation at Toronto FilmFestival 1977 who turned up at the door of a fellowdelegate‟s hotel room, fully sozzled and muttered,„Main bhi _____. Tum bhi _____, kyon na hum saath meinrahein‟.Identify the dramatis personae, both blanks being thesame.
  22. 22. Gossip 10 - AnswerThen I&B minister Vidya Charan Shukla & VidyaSinha
  23. 23. *Gossip 11: Kissing CousinsEach of these actresses courted controversy with theiroff-screen kisses. Who were the recipients of theiraffections?
  24. 24. 1980 1980 1993 1986 2007
  25. 25. *Kissing cousins- Answer IPrince Charles on his 1980 India visit
  26. 26. *Kissing cousins- Answer IIKhushboo for a Cine Blitz cover
  27. 27. *Kissing cousins- Answer IIINelson Mandela in a Cape Town function
  28. 28. *Kissing cousins- Answer IVRichard Gere
  29. 29. * Gossip 12The autopsy performed on this man by the Red Armypathologists proved the hypothesis, but then it can beaccused of being politically motivated. But, there arerecords suggesting he had a groin injury during theBattle of the Somme in 1916 and also a testimony fromhis WWI company commander from a VD exam.This has led many including Robert G.L.Waite toconclude that there may be some credence to whatTommies always believed and celebrated in song andmusic. What belief?
  30. 30. * Gossip 12 - AnswerThat Hitler was possibly monorchic, or as one of theversions of Col. Bogey‟s March more crudely puts it,‘Hitler Has Only Got One Ball’.
  31. 31. * Gossip 13Siblings Sureshbabu Mane, Hirabai Badodekar andSaraswati Rane were doyens of Kirana Gharana. Whowas their illustrious father?
  32. 32. * Gossip 13 - AnswerUstad Abdul Karim Khan, founder of KiranaGharana, whose wife Tarabai Mane rechristened allher children on separation from Ustad.
  33. 33. *Gossip 14Kalakankar may be a small princely state in UP but twoscions of its royal family were romantically linked upwith daughters of two world leaders. One of the womenwas part of a diplomatic wrangle after she arrived inIndia to immerse her lover Brijesh Singh„s ashes whodied in her home-country.Brijesh Singh‟s nephew was by the time a minister inUnion Cabinet and was rumored to be lover of thedaughter of the other world leader, as per a tell-allmemoir (veracity disputed) by the leader‟s aide. Who isthe first world-leader in question and thenephew/minister?
  34. 34. *Gossip 14 - AnswerJoseph Stalin, whose daughter Svetlana defected toUS while in India. Brijesh‟s nephew Dinesh Singhwas a minister in Indira Gandhi‟s cabinet at that timeand was linked-up to her in various accounts.
  35. 35. *Gossip 15The epigraph to this novelist‟s third novel is dedicatedto the inspiration behind the novel. Whichnovelist, and who‟s it dedicated to, and how are thetwo related?
  36. 36. *Gossip 15
  37. 37. *Gossip 15 - AnswerVikram Seth credited his then lover, the violinistPhilippe Honore for the idea behind An EqualMusic
  38. 38. *Gossip 16Tahira Syed, Pakistani ghazalsinger and daughter of veteransinger Malika Pukhraj wasmarried to TV personality andlawyer Naeem Bokhari (betterknown for triggering events thatled to Parvez Musharraf‟s ouster).Whom did Bokhari blame fortheir marriage breaking down?
  39. 39. *Gossip 16 - AnswerNawaz Sharief
  40. 40. * Gossip 17This father-son duo both marriedwomen belonging to the rare 9-marriages club. In fact, the son evenhad an affair with his step-motherwhile she was still married to hisfather but we know him forinaugurating an illustrious list. Giveme the common last name, and thename of the two-timing lady.
  41. 41. * Gossip 17 - AnswerConrad & Conrad „Nicky‟ HiltonZsa Zsa Gabor
  42. 42. * Gossip 18This flamboyant classical instrumentalist planned tomarry this legendary star early on in their careers.However, a visit to the star‟s mother, a formidablewoman and a studio boss revealed that two cannotmarry as the star was sired by the musician‟s father-(another formidable name). So, if the revelation madeto a Bangla daily years later by the musician‟s uncle isto be believed, who were the two lovers?
  43. 43. * Gossip 18 - AnswerNargis, Ustad Vilayat Khan Jaddan Bai revealed to the couple that Fatima was born of her affair with Ustad Inayat Khan
  44. 44. * Gossip 19Jordan Baker is a character in „The Great Gatsby‟. She isDaisy Buchanans long-time friend, a professional golferwith a slightly shady reputation. Her name is a play onthe two then-popular automobile brands, the JordanMotor Car Company and the Baker MotorVehicle, alluding to Jordans "fast" reputation and thefreedom now presented to Americans, especiallywomen, in the 1920s. F.Scott Fitzerald claimed that hebased her on a real-life sportsperson he met while datingGinerva King.Who served as the inspiration for Jordan Baker?
  45. 45. * Gossip 19 - AnswerEdith Cummings was one of the premier amateurgolfers of her generation. She was the first golfer andfirst female athlete to appear on the cover of Timemagazine.
  46. 46. * Gossip 20This and the following slide show serial conquests of twomen, with identical first & middle names. Name both.
  47. 47. * Gossip 20This and the previous slide show serial conquests of twomen, with identical first & middle names. Name both.
  48. 48. * Gossip 20 - AnswerRavi Shankars- Choudhuri & ShastriAnnapurna Devi, Kamala Chakravarthy, Sue Jones & Sukanya RajanAmrita Singh, Gabriela Sabatini & Ritu Singh
  49. 49. Gossip 21These two American writers A and B, both homosexuals, hada longstanding rivalry. The spat sprang from a 1975 Playgirlinterview in which A charged that B had been bounced from a1961 White House party because of obnoxious behaviour.They ended up trading vitriolic squibs. B said A had "madelying ... a minor art form". A retorted, "Im always sad aboutB, very sad that he has to breathe every day”.Once when B was punched by Norman Mailer, A wrote that“it was a shame Mailer had not killed him”. B called A “afully-fledged housewife from Kansas with all theprejudices”, and made jokes about A‟s small size, claimingthat he had accidentally sat on him at a party, and even wenton to call As death "a good career move”.Identify A and B.
  50. 50. Gossip 21- AnswerTruman Capote, Gore Vidal
  51. 51. Gossip 22In a 2005 blog post, this author associated with abestselling franchise revealed that he had a half-brother from his late former-model mother„s affairwith a then-struggling filmmaker and that the childwas given away to a Koli couple. Thefilmmaker, otherwise known for milking his personallife for his films, was quick to deny the whole affair.Identify the writer and the filmmaker.
  52. 52. Gossip 22 - AnswerAshok Banker, Mahesh Bhatt
  53. 53. Gossip 23Radhika Piramal is MD of luggage major VIPindustries. In what way is she unique, atleast, amongst Indian corporate head honchos?
  54. 54. Gossip 23 - AnswerRadhika entered into a civil union with her long-timegirlfriend in London last year, making her the first everout LGBT corporate head in India.
  55. 55. Gossip 24Pati, Patni aur Woh- III  Patni- contested and lostPati, who? Rajya Sabha elections on a BJP ticket in 2004 from Karnataka
  56. 56. Gossip 24 - AnswerRamakrishna Hegde Wife- Shakuntala Hegde Bharatanatyam artiste Pratibha Prahalad
  57. 57. Gossip 25Mihir Bose in his book History of Indian Cricketwrites:“India‟s first great spinner ended his career becausehe happened to share a room with a man who wanteda drink with a girl.”Who is Bose talking about and who was his roommate?
  58. 58. Gossip 25 - AnswerSubhash Gupte and AG Kripal Singh
  59. 59. Gossip 26On 23 March 1969, Assia Wevill gassed herself andfour-year-old daughter Shura in their London home.Who was Wevill‟s lover at that time?
  60. 60. Gossip 26 - AnswerPoet Ted Hughes. Earlier, Hughes‟s wife Sylvia Plathhad also killed herself in a similar manner
  61. 61. Gossip 27This theatre stalwart, filmmaker, and musiciancourted controversy when his acting disciple Vibhasuffered severe burn injuries and he was blamed. Theywere then part of Bharat Bhavan‟s theatre repertoryRangakar at Bhopal. He was later acquitted whenVibha denied his hand in the incident. His wife Premais also a theatre-person of repute and directed themuch acclaimed Kannada film „Phaniamma‟. Who?
  62. 62. Gossip 27 - AnswerBV Karanth
  63. 63. Gossip 28National Lampoon printed a fake quote from this manas a "response" to a question on whether he planned tocampaign for President in the next election: “I‟ll driveoff that bridge when I come to it.”Who is being mocked or which incident is beingalluded to?
  64. 64. Gossip 28 - AnswerSenator Ted Kennedy. The Chappaquiddick incident
  65. 65. Gossip 29Badruddin Tyyabji in his memoirs vividly describes anencounter with her in Simla in 1930s when in midst ofconversation on art and literature she simply took herclothes off and lay stark naked on the carpet.Malcolm Muggeridge wrote of how a week spent withher in Simla reduced him to a "limp rag... I could notcope.”Her nephew Vivan Sundaram in his book on her talksof her various affairs with men and women. Who?
  66. 66. Gossip 29 - AnswerAmrita Shergill
  67. 67. Gossip 30Excerpts from an interview. Who is being interviewed?Which great love of his life is the interviewerrepeatedly hinting at?
  68. 68. Gossip 30 - AnswerC Ramchandra, Lata Mangeshkar
  69. 69. Gossip 31Vir Sanghvi in his Dec‟ 2009 Counterpoint columnwrites: “When Veer Bahadur Singh became chiefminister of UP in the 1980s, he announced that he hadpurified every couch in the chief minister‟s office withGangajal.”Also, according to Sanghvi for a brief period when thisleader broke with Congress to form his own Congress(T), the joke was that T stood for Thoku.Who is the politician?
  70. 70. Gossip 31 - AnswerNarayan Dutt Tewari
  71. 71. Gossip 32Pati, Patni aur Woh-IV.Pati?
  72. 72. Gossip 32 - AnswerSatyajit RayBijoya Ray in her memoirs wrote of the director‟s affair withhis Charulata Madhabi Mukherjee
  73. 73. Gossip 33The two men this lady was married to at differentstages of her life are also part of another oft-repeatedquizzing trivia about a classic comedy film.A) Identify her. B) Who were her two husbands?
  74. 74. Gossip 33 - AnswerFour times National Award winning editor Renu Saluja wasmarried to Vinod Chopra & Sudhir Mishra- two menwho lent their names to protagonists of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
  75. 75. Gossip 34Major Mohinder Singh Chaudhary of Punjab regimentwent down fighting after a 11 day long pitched battle inNEFA during the 1962 Sino-India war. He wasdecorated with the Mahavir Chakra.His only child briefly came in limelight sometime inearly 80‟s and then more prominently again in late80‟s. Who?
  76. 76. Gossip 34 - AnswerPamela Bordes
  77. 77. Gossip 35Though the claims of a love-child as per her biographerremain unproved, the affair lasted 9 years. Hisexplanation for the first encounter:"There [was] just a natural curiosity; after all, we werethe most famous Greeks alive in the world". Which couple?
  78. 78. Gossip 35 - AnswerAristotle Onassis & Maria Callas
  79. 79. Gossip 36The 1980 IBF World Championships were held inJakarta, Indonesia. Following was the compositionof the Indian squad. FITB Men: Women: Prakash Padukone Ami Ghia Vikram Singh _____ _______ ____ ____ Partho Ganguli
  80. 80. Gossip 36 - AnswerSyed Modi- Ameeta Kulkarni
  81. 81. Gossip 37These two ladies are namesakes. What else do they have incommon?A-Bharatanatyam dancer, child prodigy, danced in Chori Chori, KathputliB-Author of childrens books, including the popular Thama series of books
  82. 82. Gossip 37 - AnswerKumari Kamala & Kamala Laxman.Cartoonist RK Laxman’s wives
  83. 83. Gossip 38The phrase refers to the name given by local natives to alocation near Moreton Bay on the eastern coast ofAustralia, according to an 1852 issue of HoggsInstructor and was also part of a 1910 literary hoax.The man most associated with the phrase now in itstotally new connotations was allegedly taught the termby Muammar al-Gaddafi. An alternative explanation forits origins was proposed by actress Sabina Began whoclaimed that it was a nickname based on her surnameand that she had organized such parties. What phrase?
  84. 84. Gossip 38 - AnswerBunga Bunga
  85. 85. Gossip 39How are the two younger gentlemen in the pics belowrelated?
  86. 86. Gossip 39 - AnswerCo-brothers. Patrick French and Akhil Sibal are married to JLF impresario Namita Gokhale‟s daughters.
  87. 87. Gossip 40Though there are no pictures of them together, nopersonal testaments, according to her friends, Pakistan-born heart surgeon Hasnat Khan was the man shewanted to marry, the one she described to friends as thelove of my life. She started studying Koran and evenmugged up about the human heart using GraysAnatomy, so she could talk to Hasnat about his work.Even her last fatal love-affair was a rebound to win himback. Who?
  88. 88. Gossip 40
  89. 89. Gossip 40 - AnswerLady Diana
  90. 90. THANK YOU!