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How do i change my sysadmin mindset


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My Presentation at Gnome Asia 2015 Lightning Talk

Published in: Engineering
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How do i change my sysadmin mindset

  1. 1. How Do I Change My Sysadmin Mindset? GNOME Asia 2015 Dwi Sasongko Supriyadi
  2. 2. What is Sysadmin? System Administration is the blanket title for a myriad of job responsibilities involving the management of information systems and/or services. We choose to refer to it as a “blanket title” because the responsibilities are broad and can differ from organization to organization. In some organizations, it even differs from group to group! System Administration is often referred to as “operations” or “ops” too - you might have guessed that though, having decided to enroll in Ops School. -
  3. 3.
  4. 4. My Experience - Developer - System Admin - Quality Engineer - Dev/Ops
  5. 5. Common Problem - Production issues are usually fixed in production, directly, by hand … - It’s hard to remember changes - It’s hard to do repetitive tasks, and sometimes it’s just not possible to Rsync it - It’s hard to communicate - It’s hard when everyone is so stupid to understand
  6. 6. Common Issue - Imagine that you have to maintain 1000 servers - You need to patch OpenSSL - You're not going to do it manually one by one - You need to make sure that your patch won't break anything
  7. 7. Code It! - Configuration Management Tools - Keep your servers’ setting in a repository - You have the full knowledge of your system - You keep the system state - Change the code, test, then apply to your production - Improve communication
  8. 8. Code It!
  9. 9. Code it! $ sudo apt-get install git mtr vim zip htop make iotop iperf ngrep strace curl wget
  10. 10. System Lifecycle
  11. 11. Everything nowadays required to be efficient - More SEC findings - Systems need to scale in the speed of light - Systems have to be “AGILE” too - Systems have to be mature enough before “SCALABLE” - More and more and more and more “HOTFIX”
  12. 12. The Mindset - Collaborative - Collaboration instead of “I’m the superman!” - Proactive - Give out ideas, instead of “I won’t fix your computer” - Communicative - Explain, code, instead of “Don’t touch production!” - Articulative - Explain, use pictures if required
  13. 13. Want More?