Jaquizzi Chapter 21


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Jaquizzi Chapter 21

  1. 1. Please excuse the QM, if case he commits any mistakes!
  4. 4. 1)  This person was born into an OBC family. He inculcated patriotic feelings since the 1965 war, where he volunteered to serve for the soldiers in transit at Railway station.  He ran away from home to Himalayas for two years, and did odd jobs like running a tea stall. He refrains from practicing the “minor vices”, and is an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda. Who am I talking out?
  5. 5. Hint! He was married once, when he was a child. This is a fact that he had always denied, who is he?
  6. 6. 2)  This man honed his reflexes and developed eye moment and co-ordination by hitting a golf ball with stumps. He even featured in the list of top 100 people of the 20th century along with two other athletes pele, Muhammad ali.  He was a tee lover and his favorite subject was mathematics. Which great athlete am I talking about?
  7. 7. Hint! To honor him, ABC news has postal address 9994 in all the capital cities of Australia.
  8. 8. 3)  Her real name literary means little flower in Albanian, she was fluent in Bengali, though not being of an Indian origin. Like Steve Jobs, she had an unique attire. That attire costs 1$.  Unlike in her latter life, she was born in a rich family and played mandolin in early life. Who is she?
  9. 9. Hint! A myth surrounds around her is that she must be a vegetarian, but contrary to it she ate meat!
  10. 10. 4)  This man was born and brought up in Texas. He is considered to be a good friend of George W. Bush and Robin Williams. His nick name is Mellow Johnny for obvious reasons.  His sponsors withdrew support from him, but he found his support in US Postal department. Who am I talking about?
  11. 11. Hint! He recently accepted something, which he has been denying since early 21st century! Identify!
  12. 12. 5)  X’s son was saved by a person Y, but Y’s brother assassinated X. X was a successful lawyer, but we know him for a completely different reason.  He was a champion wrestler in school, he was the only person in his position till date to register a patent.  This man was on of the best orators, this world has ever seen, who was he?
  13. 13. Hint! One of his speeches say “All men are created equal” and he was the first one to term democracy as “for the people, of the people and by the people!”
  14. 14. PART -2 Dry round!
  15. 15. 6)  X’s measurements are 19-19-19. Her brother’s name is Castor. She is very tall and very skinny with tightly wound hair and enormous feet. She had black hair with a red bow. She wears a red shirt with short sleeves, black skirt with a red line on the bottom and black high heels. Who is she?
  16. 16. Hint!
  17. 17. 7) This chemical formula was shownas series of advertisements by acompany. Please explain thisformula!
  18. 18. Hint!
  19. 19. Parker pens, This formula shows a series of advertisements by parker, showing theformula for martini!The formula is 3.5 shots of gin and half shot of vermouth with four cubes of ice. Stir itthrice and martini is ready !
  20. 20. 8)  He was born as James Howlett, but you don’t know him by his actual name. He has also served in the Vietnam war. A myth goes around him is “You can’t kill him, but you can definitely hurt him”. Contrary to popular belief, he is actually very old and is “scientifically” obese. Who am I talking about?
  21. 21. Hint!
  22. 22. 9)  This structure was inspired by Pramukh Swami, the head of an organization called BAPS. The structure is said to be one of the largest of this kind.  People come to see various shows organized by the foundation. Eating here is a pure vegetarian affair!
  23. 23. Hint! Gujarati is said to be the official language here!
  24. 24. 10) Burma – 1969 Sri Lanka - 1972 Nepal – 1975 India – 1975 Bangladesh – 1975 Somalia – 1977 As a result of this, what announcement was made on 9th Dec, 1979?
  25. 25. Hint!
  26. 26. SCORES?
  27. 27. Round-2.1 Survival Instincts! Here you need to fill the crossword puzzle. Five Questions are there in this round. Infinite bounce in this round! 10 points for the correct answer. Manual Buzzing is allowed here and scoring pattern would be +10/-10 for the same !
  28. 28. Across ! Down !9-Across
  29. 29. 9-Across  When the Japanese flew over Pearl Harbor to attack it, the air commander who was leading the attack shouted TORA! TORA! TORA! What does TORA mean in English and why did they shout TORA?
  30. 30.  Tora means tiger in English, they were instructed to shout TORA if they catch the Americans by Surprise! This was the reason US joined the World War II. Back!
  31. 31. 3-Down  In the ongoing civil war in Syria, the Syrian army uses a gas developed in Germany as a pesticide. This Gas in 500 times more toxic than cyanide gas that was used in the Nazi Death camps.  Person can die if you consume even half mg, of this gas. It is generally mixed with mustard gas. Treatment is possible if you hospitalize the patient immediately. Which gas am I talking about?
  32. 32.  The gas is called Sarin Gas. Sarin is made by mixing isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) and a compound called methylphosphonic difluoride Back!
  33. 33. 7-Across  You probably might have heard of this place but you have never seen it !
  34. 34.  It’s the tower of Hanoi! Back!
  35. 35. 1-Down  This event is commonly referred to as miracle, there’s a movie also made by the same name. It was a result of extreme determination and hard work.  A person called Herb Brooks related to the incident is said to have died two months before the movie released. What miracle am I talking about?
  36. 36. United States defeating Soviet Union in the 1980 Ice Hockey WC! Back!
  37. 37. 4-Across This word literary meant hairy, this name was chosen first as the person saw receding hairline in his family and chose this name. Some say that this name came because of how they are born. Now this word is no longer being used to describe people. What am I talking about?
  38. 38. Caesar! Back!
  39. 39. 2-Across He was convicted for a very serious offence, in his charge sheet police have accused him of not taking the “platform ticket”. Who am I talking about?
  40. 40. Back!
  41. 41. 5-Down The Gurjars, pratihars, solankis and people of various casts settled in North India around 6th century. One village near modern day Delhi houses a landmark derives it’s name from one of these clans. In the village is a very famous landmark, famous because of the number of VIPs that visit there! Which landmark am I talking about?
  42. 42. Tihar Jail! Back!
  43. 43. 8-ACROSS It all started after Congress was defeated for the first time in Gujarat. According to TOI, a very important person had died in this period. He was the husband of Ms. T. Ruth, and father of Ms Li. Bertie. Who died in this period, and what is this period called?
  44. 44. Times of India carried an Obituary that read “D.E.M O’Cracybeloved husband of T.Ruth, father of L.I.Bertie, brother ofFaith, Hope and Justica expired on 26 June. Emergency by Indira Gandhi! Back!
  45. 45. 6-DOWN This line was famously said by Cap’n Vikram Batra when interviewed by Barkha Dutt. Cap’n Batra played a fundamental role in operation ‘Vijay’. These lines were also used by a company, and it became a nation-wide commercial success. What were the lines said by Late PVC Vikram batra ? Part points for company name.
  46. 46. Back!
  47. 47. 10-DOWN This boy can be called as an Indian Tom Sawyer. People call him as the face of the common man, the face of the rural India. How do we know him?
  48. 48. Gattu, the mascot of Asian Paints! Back!
  49. 49. SCORES?
  50. 50. ROUND 3: Formulae !Scoring pattern:• +10 for every individual answer,• +10 extra if you get all four individual answers correct and if you get the final answer.• +10 if you can answer the final answer.
  51. 51. Question Formula AnswerWhat does S stand for in SUN T+3 StanfordMicro. ?Who invented the CD player ? S+1 SonyStandard Oil is owned by the ___ C-2 Rockefellerfamily ?The company’s name in Japanese N+4 Nintendomeans “Leave luck in heaven” Ford!
  52. 52. 1) What forced Chris Gayle to tweet H-2 1)“It’s child abuse” ?II) “Pele should go back to the museum” O-2III) “I probably like to be invisible. Just sneak into the girls locker room. Thats one of the D+3super powers”IV) “Sharapova’s as mean as a snake, she reminds me of me” I-1V) “I am so mean that I make medicines sick” IVI) Who said “Where else would you find an opportunity to kill a person two times an Y+1over, and that too legally ?? ”
  53. 53. 1) What forced Chris Gayle to tweet Sehwag 1)“It’s child abuse” ?II) “Pele should go back to the museum” MaradonnaIII) “I probably like to be invisible. Just sneak into the girls locker room. Thats one of the Djokovicsuper powers”IV) “Sharapova’s as mean as a snake, she reminds me of me” HingisV) “I am so mean that I make medicines sick” AliVI) Who said “Where else would you find an opportunity to kill a person two times an Steynover, and that too legally ?? ”
  54. 54. Scores?
  55. 55. ROUND 4: Connect!Here this round contains 4 clues, you need to give me a final answer relatingto all the four clues.For 1st clue, scoring will be +40/-20 2nd clue, +30/-15 3rd clue, +20/-10 4th clue, +10/-0Now, teams can buzz manually!
  56. 56. 1)
  57. 57. 2)
  58. 58. Easy one!
  59. 59. 4)
  60. 60. 5)
  61. 61. Q1
  62. 62. And the answer is:
  63. 63. Lenka!
  64. 64.  The song “The Show”, used in the movie “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging”. “Everything at once” was used in Grey’s Anatomy “Everything at once “ was used in a Windows 8 advert.
  65. 65. Q 2.
  66. 66. And the answer is:
  67. 67. Nicolas Flamel
  68. 68. Q3
  69. 69. And the answer is:
  70. 70. Richard Branson!
  71. 71. Q.4
  72. 72. And the answer is:
  73. 73. Movies made on works bySarat Chandra Chattopadhyay!!Apne Paraye(1980)Majhli Didi( 1967)DevdasParineeta
  74. 74. Q 5.
  75. 75. And the answer is:
  76. 76. Organizations/Agencies who havebeen awarded the Nobel PeacePrize!!  International Peace Bureau  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  League of Red Cross Societies  European Union
  77. 77. Reserve Question:
  78. 78. And the answer is :
  79. 79. All of the them have been namedTime Person Of the Year more thanonce.
  80. 80. SCORES?
  81. 81. Round 5 :  10 questions  Infinite bounce  +10/0 for each question. No negatives
  82. 82. Q 1.  Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder that may affect many tissues and organs.  The process produces an inflammatory response of the synovium (synovitis) secondary to hyperplasia of synovial cells, and excess synovial fluid.  Who is the most famous sufferer of this from the world of cricket?
  83. 83. And the answer is :
  84. 84. Billy Bowden!
  85. 85. Q 2. In 1882, Mr. W L Lake, a Canadian engineer saw elephants emerging out of dense forests with oil stains on their feet. So the story goes, that he shouts, urging his men to drill the area in search of crude oil. This gave this Indian town its name. Which town?
  86. 86. And the answer is:
  87. 87. Digboi!!
  88. 88. Q 3. Which actor?
  89. 89. And the answer is :
  90. 90. Benedict Cumberbatch!!
  91. 91. Q 4. The jasper was brought from Punjab, jade and crystal from China. The turquoise was from Tibet and the Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, while the sapphire came from Sri Lanka and the carnelian from Arabia. In all, twenty eight types of precious and semi-precious stones were inlaid into the main translucent stone. However, the stone that was used the most was brought from a small town X. X= ?
  92. 92. And the answer is :
  93. 93. Makrana! ( Makrana Marble )
  94. 94. Q 5.  In Medieval times, in Britain, 1/3rd of the taxes went to the king, 1/3rd went to the Nobility and 1/3 went to the common man.  How has this custom been immortalized in English Literature?
  95. 95. And the answer is :
  96. 96. Baa Baa Black Sheep!
  97. 97. Q 6. Funda?
  98. 98. And the answer is:
  99. 99. Thomas Alva Edison, Nikola TeslaNobel Prize
  100. 100. Q 7. Knut Jensen - Heat stroke Francisco Lázaro - Electrolyte imbalance Nicolae Berechet - Blood poisoning Ross Milne - Ski collision Kazimierz Kay - Luge crash Nodar Kumaritashvili - Luge crash The above is an exhaustive list of the names of people and their reason for death. What connects them?
  101. 101. And the answer is:
  102. 102.  Deaths during Olympics!!
  103. 103. Q 8. What’s in a word?  This word X ,on 13 November 2012, was named Word of the Year by the Oxford English Dictionary.  X is a neologism first used in the BBC political satire The Thick of It.  The term received international attention in July 2012 after Mitt Romney, made controversial comments criticizing Londons preparations for the 2012 Summer Olympics during a visit there one day before the opening ceremony.  The Democratic National Committee quickly released a campaign ad by the name “Y” highlighting criticisms of Romneys diplomacy made by politicians and journalists.
  104. 104. And the answer is:
  105. 105. Omnishambles!!
  106. 106. Q 9. What occasion?
  107. 107. And the answer is:
  108. 108. S. Ramanujan’s 125th birthday!
  109. 109. Q.10.
  110. 110. And the answer is:
  111. 111. The concept of Infinity!
  112. 112. Reserve Question:
  113. 113. And the answer is:
  114. 114. Et tu, Brute?
  115. 115. Scores?
  116. 116. Final: Business Round !!!
  117. 117. Rules:
  118. 118. 1)  X designed and introduced the EA7 range, a brand inspired by Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko, who wore the number 7 jersey.  Early in his career, X took a job as a window dresser in a store named La Rinascente. X was cemented in the public imagination for dressing Y in American Gigolo in 1980.  Z has commissioned X to create a new look for its Directors Suite at Stamford Bridge,.
  119. 119. And the answer is:
  120. 120. Answer:  X= Giorgio Armani  Y= Richard Gere  Z= Chelsea Football Club
  121. 121. Q 2.  Portfolio named X the 18th-greatest American CEO of all time. X is the author (or co-author) of several books, including ’Where Have All the Leaders Gone’?  X was in controversies in 1977 when there were allegations that Y’s structural design allowed its fuel-tank filler neck to break off and the fuel tank to be punctured in a rear-end collision, resulting in deadly fires.  X was fired from a company(not Z) in 1978, and retired as President, CEO and Chairman of Z at the end of 1992.  Politically, X supported the Republican candidate George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election. In the 2004 presidential election, however, he endorsed Bushs opponent, Democrat W.  X,Y,Z,W=?
  122. 122. And the answer is :
  123. 123. Answers:  X= Lee Iococca  Y= Ford Pinto  Z= Chrysler  W= John Kerry
  124. 124. Q 3.  As of 2012 ,X United States is the fifth-largest privately owned organization in the United States. It is the one of the worlds largest professional services firm .  In 1990, the US Internal Revenue Service seized most of the assets of Y, claiming he owed $32 million in back taxes, including penalties and interest. He sued X, contending that they put him into tax shelters that were later disallowed by the IRS.  X provided services to Z and was involved in the Z scandal. Two partners of X, have been charged by Indias Central Bureau of Investigation in connection with the Z scandal.  X,Y,Z=?
  125. 125. And the answer is:
  126. 126. Answer:  X= PricewaterHouse Coopers  Y= Willie Nelson  Z= Satyam
  127. 127. Q 4.  Prior to the sale of Pringles to Y, X’s product line included foods and beverages also.  Fortune magazine ranked X at fifth place of the "Worlds Most Admired Companies" list.  X has received criticism from animal advocacy group PETA for the practice of testing on animals.  In the 1980s when rumors spread that the moon-and-stars logo was a satanic symbol. The accusation was based on a particular passage in the Bible. However, these interpretations have been denied by company officials.  X sued Z over rumors forwarded through a company voicemail system in 1995.
  128. 128. And the answer is:
  129. 129. Answer:  X= Procter & Gamble  Y= Kellogg Company  Z= Amway
  130. 130. Q5  The idea for X was rejected by it’s founder’s professor, but my founder anyway started with some venture capital. The venture started in Little Rock and then moved to Memphis Tennessee in 1973.Today, X has one of the largest fleet of aircrafts in the world.  From 1989 to 2010, X was the title sponsor of the Y, played in Miami, Florida every year since 1935. X previously sponsored the Formula One team McLaren.  The company has donated over $21 million since 1990.  Some of the tagline of X include: “ Absolutely, positively anytime” and “ Relax, its X”.  Cast Away is a 2000 drama film,starring Z as a X employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific.
  131. 131. And the answer is :
  132. 132. Answer:  X= Fedex  Y= Orange Bowl  Z= Tom Hanks
  133. 133. Scores??
  134. 134. Thank You!! Congratulations to the winners!!