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Chennai -q_mar_0212-_finals


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Chennai -q_mar_0212-_finals

  1. 1. Finals• Prelims scores carried over to this 36 Q final.• +1 for correct answer unless it’s “Duel question”• Duel Questions • Starting from 6th placed team (from prelims), one team can choose a Q for an another team. If the chosen team misses the Q (if they answer, they get +1 only) & the team that chooses the Q (they will have 1st right to answer), gets it then the team will get +5, instead of 1. If neither team gets it & some other team answers, then usual rules apply • No team can be chose twice & no team can be chosen twice.• Connection round with bonus/penalties
  2. 2. 1/36 This lass, who at the age of 13, ran away from her home to land up in the house of Naushad to become a singer. She went to become a popular singer, reaching her peak in Chitralekha in 1948. Ironically her singing in this film lead to a breach of contract with her mentor – AR Kardar. This, along with the rise to Lata & others, lead to the decline of her style of singing. Things reached a stage in 1950, destitute, she approached a close friend of hers to ask for help in a new film of his. He not only helped her but also renamed her (supposedly after a cat of his friend’s). Who is this singer & his friend?
  3. 3. Answer
  4. 4. Uma Devi aka Tuntun / Dilip Kumar
  5. 5. 2/36 This group is numbered with an abbreviation KV. So far there are 65 of them; from KV1 to KV65. The last one was announced on 2008 and the most famous one is KV 62 which got into prominence sometime in 1922. What are we talking about?
  6. 6. Answer
  7. 7. Tombs in Egypt’s “valley of kings”. KV62 is Tut’stomb.
  8. 8. 3/36 What connects these two paintings ?
  9. 9. Answer
  10. 10. Only 2 paintings in Parliamentarycentral hall, which is painted by a nonIndian – S. Roerich
  11. 11. 4/36 She inspired! She in a way was He actually designed it! responsible for the name! What is being talked about?
  12. 12. Answer
  13. 13. Sadhna cut.Sadhna was named afterBengali actress SadhnaBose ( pic on the left)RK Nayyar due on theright, inspired by AuderyHepburn designed theSadhna Cut
  14. 14. 5/36 Connect!
  15. 15. Answer
  16. 16. The villain Charles Muntz in the movie Upis named after Charles Mintz, theUniversal Pictures executive who in 1928stole Walt Disneys production rights tohis highly-successful "Oswald the LuckyRabbit" cartoon series. This led WaltDisney to create Mickey Mouse, whosoon eclipsed Oswald in popularity
  17. 17. 6/36 Etymology of this word has “before” and also “after” & its present use perhaps comes from the sea-faring who conjured fantastic sea-animals during their tempestuous crossings. What word?
  18. 18. Answer
  19. 19. Pre post erous
  20. 20. 7/36 Connect +6/-6 His father owned a cigar company & along with friends/family made an investment primarily to increase the cigar sales. He took charge of this company & was a pioneer in this space & grew the company to an pre-eminent position. A notorious ladies man; he as an octogenarian was included in a list of the ten most eligible bachelors compiled by Cosmopolitan magazine in 1985. This was the inspiration for Late Night with David Lettermans nightly Top Ten lists. Who & which company?
  21. 21. Answer
  22. 22. William S Paley / CBS
  23. 23. 8/36 Connect +5/-5 This movie is considered by many to be the finest Elvis movie & was King’s personal favorite. Elvis was so keen to make this movie that he successfully requested the draft board to got a 60- day extension from his draft board to finish filming this movie before he was inducted into the U.S. Army. Id the movie?
  24. 24. Answer
  25. 25. King Creole
  26. 26. 9/36 Connect +4/-4 Lana Turner’s gangster boyfriend - Johnny Stompanato was stabbed to death by her 14 year old daughter. Johnny was known to be exceedingly jealous of Turner & once during the shooting of a Turner film – Another Time & Another Place - the jealous man had pointed a gun at the lead actor and warned him to keep away from Turner. The actor answered by grabbing the gun out of Stompanatos hand and followed it up with a thrashing. There were strong rumors that instead of Turner’s daughter, it was this actor who had killed the goon & the mafia had ordered a hit in revenge. This lead the actor to lie low for many months & not sign any further films. Id the actor?
  27. 27. Answer
  28. 28. Sean Connery
  29. 29. 10/36 Connect +3/-3 X - an one time employee of Thomas Edison was so devoted that on Edisons deathbed, he demanded Edisons son catch his final breath in a test tube. He kept this test-tube for the rest of his life. In Aldous Huxleys “Brave New World”, society is organized on Xist lines and the years are dated A.X. or Anno X (In the Year of our X) - a reference to A.D., Anno Domini ("in the year of our Lord"); and the expression My X is used instead of My Lord. Id X?
  30. 30. Answer
  31. 31. Henry Ford
  32. 32. 11/36 Connect : +2/-2Porfino Rubirosa, aDominican diplomat isregarded by many asthe greatest playboyof 1940-50s, knownfor many marriages torich heiresses &quicker divorces,which always left himricher. In his memoirs,he considered X as hisprime conquest. When X refused to leave her current husband, theactor George Sanders, Rubirosa struck her. X called a news conferenceand showed up wearing an eye patch. “In Spanish, Rubirosa means a redrose, but to me it’s a black eye,” she told reporters. The headline in TheNew York Daily News read: “I Said No, So Porfy Poked Me”. Id X?
  33. 33. Answer
  34. 34. Zsa Zsa Gabor
  35. 35. 12/36 Connect +1/-1 What word does this piece of travel accessory originate?
  36. 36. Answer
  37. 37. Carpetbaggers
  38. 38. Connection All sources/or derived for/from Harold Robbins’ novels 7. Tycoon – Based on Paley 8. Stone for Danny Fisher – King Creole is an adaption 9. Where the love is gone – partly based on Lana Turner & the end is based on Stompanato’s murder 10. The Betsy – Based on Henry Ford 11. The Adventurers – Based on Porfiro Rubirosa 12. The Carperbaggers
  39. 39. 13/36 James Hilton’s Shangrila is actually based on the legend of Shambala – a mythical Buddhist kingdom, where everyone is spiritually well advanced & peaceful. It takes it’s root to the Buddhist myth of King Suchandra ( Dwa Sangpo in Tibetian) of the kingdom Shambala, who requested teachings from the Buddha that would allow him to practice the Dharma without renouncing his worldly enjoyments and responsibilities. In response, Buddha taught him Kalachakra concepts in his capital – Dharanikota. Dharanikota later became the capital of Satyavana dynasty and is close to which modern Indian city, where as late as 2006 Dalai Lama came to hold the 30 Kalachakra International festival?
  40. 40. Answer
  41. 41. Guntur
  42. 42. 14/36 During the 1st Filmfare award for best playback singer in 1959, Lata Mangeshkar, who won the award, refused to accept the award for a particular reason.How was it resolved?
  43. 43. Answer
  44. 44. The Filmfare statuette was designed inthe shape of a woman and the womanhad no clothes on. So Lata hadreservations in accepting that nudestatuette. Finally the award had to bewrapped with a handkerchief to begranted to Lata.
  45. 45. 15/36 He started as a child actor & then after his mother’s death, trained to be jockey. Faced with middling success, he returned to acting & gained fame for his role of Artful Dodger in the West End production of Oliver. The production also opened in Broadway to acclaim & he, along with the cast, was invited to the Ed Sullivan show in the famous episode which the Beatles for the 1st time. Seeing the screaming girls, he decided to switch career to music & in due course became the front man of which band?
  46. 46. Answer
  47. 47. Davy Jones of the Monkees.
  48. 48. 16/36 When American president William McKinley was shot in Buffalo, his aides contacted a certain person for something new that he had developed at that time. This something was promptly sent, but was never used as it was felt that the President was improving. History showed that McKinley died 8 days later. Who was contacted & what was sent?
  49. 49. Answer
  50. 50. Edison / X-ray
  51. 51. 17/36 Part Peruvian, he spent his childhood in Lima. Among the jobs that he held were – construction worker building the Panama Canal, deckhand at a merchant ship, stockbroker & an artist. He failed to make money in all of them. Fond of causes, his last cause was to support a particular nation’s natives against their colonial masters, for which he was sentenced to jail. Suffering from syphilis, he very likely ODed on morphine & died before he could get locked up for good. Mario Vargas Llosa’s - The way to paradise – is partly based on him. Who?
  52. 52. Answer
  53. 53. Paul Gaugin
  54. 54. 18/36 This is fort built in 15th century, is built upon the ruins of which even more famous Construction?
  55. 55. Answer
  56. 56. Qaitbay citadel builtupon the ruins ofLighthouse of Alexandria
  57. 57. 19/36 • V.S. Bias - son of a jagirdar at Khajrana Kothi died in early 2010 • Baldev Singh – a famous dentist of Bangalore. Now dead. • J. Singh Rao Kalevar died in 2006. He had worked in a company in Mumbai, then grew vegetables at a farm in Thane Connect!
  58. 58. Answer
  59. 59. Veeru, Thakur & Jai’s name were takenfrom their names. Bias & Kalevar wereSalim Khan’s drinking buddies & Baldevwas his father-in-law
  60. 60. 20/36This star of French origin, got his fame & fortune in Hollywood in20s. Nicknamed as the "mortgage lifter", as his film with ClaireAdams - Where the North begins - saved Warner Bros frombankruptcy. A popular urban legend surrounding him is that hewon the most Best Actor votes at the first Academy Awardcompetition in 1929...but certain vested interests changed therules to ensure than Emil Jannings got the 1st Oscar. What wasthis rule change that got Jannings the 1st Oscar?
  61. 61. Answer
  62. 62. The star is Rin Tin Tin and the rule was changedto ensure that the 1st oscar goes to a human.
  63. 63. 21/36 Richard Hadlee nearly made it to list. If he had made it, he would have been only the 2nd person to have the honor. The 1st person was among other things once the president of his country’s cricket board and a boring cricket commentator who once during a commentary started describing his hunting skills. His co –commentator Kohan Kanhai sarcastically remarked “Really? I thought you just left a transistor radio on when you were commentating and bored them to death “ Who & what list?
  64. 64. Answer
  65. 65. List was of playinginternational cricketeers,who were knighted.Maharaja of Vizzygram is theonly person, so far in this list.
  66. 66. 22/36 This organization was formed in 80s, but did not have permanent home. Many cities were in the race to house this…and among them were NY, Memphis, Cincinnati etc. The city that finally won this, did so because it lobbied on three things – a) a resident of the city played part in naming this organization b) 1st ever event that this organization associated with was held in this city & c) pledged $65M to fund the construction. Which city?
  67. 67. Answer
  68. 68. Cleveland /Alan Freed/Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame
  69. 69. 23/36 What is so special about this Aretha Franklin’s album?
  70. 70. Answer
  71. 71. Last work of Andy Warhol,who had done the portraiton the cover
  72. 72. 24/36 Prince William married Kate – a commoner. Royal marrying a commoner is a sticky issue for many years. Prince Adolphus Frederick, was the seventh son of King George III. Frederick refused to participate in an arranged marriage and wed his commoner actress mistress in 1847. Why was Fredrick in news on the same day – 29/4/11 – the day William & Kate wed?
  73. 73. Answer
  74. 74. Royal couples are granted new names at thetime of their marriage & William/Kate weremade Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. TheDukedom of Cambridge was created in 1801 butbecame extinct on the death of the second dukeof Cambridge in 1904 & hence it was free to begiven. 2nd duke who died was Fredrick & sincehis marriage to mistress wasn’t legal, thedukedom become vacant after his death, insteadof going to his illegitimate heirs.
  75. 75. 25/36 His great great grandfather was Fazl-e-Haq-Khairabadi – a sufi poet who edited the 1st collection of poems of Mirza Ghalib & a freedom fighter in the 1857 war of independence, who had issued the fatwa for Jihad against the British. He get’s his name from the line of his father’s poem - "Lamba, lamba kisi jadoo ka fasana hoga". Who?
  76. 76. Answer
  77. 77. Javed Akhtar who was born asJadoo Akhtar
  78. 78. 26/36 Bad, grainy clip..tons of apologies . But in the words of QG Murugan Sar…”Mind it…connect the clip to the pic!”
  79. 79. Answer
  80. 80. In the movie “Remains of the day”, the servantsquarters, conservatory, entrance hall ( servantqtrs is shown in the clip) are shot in BadmintonHall.Snap is of Pune district.Game badminton, was originally called asPoona…then from Badminton House,Gloucestershire, the sport gets it’s modern name
  81. 81. 27/36 Diocletian, the first Roman emperor to voluntarily abdicate the position, lead the last & perhaps the greatest prosecution of Christians in Roman empire. This prosecution was so severe that roughly 200 years later, it lead a Christian monk called Dennis the Humble (translated from Latin) to do something. What Dennis the Humble did was popularized by Venerable Bede in the English speaking world and Alcuin in continental Europe in 7-8th century. What did Dennis the Humble do?
  82. 82. Answer
  83. 83. Dennis the Humble aka Dionysius Exiguuswas the inventor of the Anno Domini era,which is used to number the years of boththe Gregorian calendar and the Juliancalendar. He invented a new system ofnumbering years to replace the Diocletianyears that had been used in Easter tablebecause he did not wish to continue thememory of a tyrant who persecutedChristians
  84. 84. 28/36 Adolf was a part of a group called "The Three Nightingales". On seeing a performance of the group, theater critic Joe Stiller wrote, "Adolph performed beautifully, but the routine was ruined whenever he spoke". This lead to something, what?
  85. 85. Answer
  86. 86. Adolf Marx, stung by the feedback, decided tochange his routine to “not to speak” again. Alsochanged his 1st name to Harpo….and historynotes Harpo Marx never spoke again in his publicperformances
  87. 87. 29/36 The large number of youth who participated in the armed struggle or the non cooperation movement could not be accommodated in ordinary jails. The British Government decided to establish a few detention camps – among them was the Hijli Detention Camp set-up in 1930. The Hijli Detention Camp was closed in 1937 and was reopened again in 1940 to detain the freedom fighters without trial. In 1942 the camp was again closed and the detainees were transferred elswhere. In 1950 the camp infrastructure was used to start something else – a 1st in the country. What?
  88. 88. Answer
  89. 89. Hijli camp is the site for 1st IIT in Kharagpur. Thecollege initially was started in the sheds of thecamp.
  90. 90. 30/36 Gulab Singh, the 1st Dogra Raja of Kashmir, passed a law restricting something for the beautification of Srinagar. The British, living in the city, to circumvent the law & start something. What did this lead to?
  91. 91. Answer
  92. 92. Houseboats in Dal Lake. GulabSingh had banned constructionof houses on the lake share,hence the Brits started theconcept of houseboats.
  93. 93. 31/36 Vivian Hubert Howard Green (died on January 2005) was a Fellow and Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, a priest, author, teacher, and historian. John Michael Ward Bingham, 7th Baron Clanmorris of Newbrook (died on August 1988) was an English novelist who published 17 thrillers, detective novels and spy novels. Had they been alive, very likely they would have had some media spotlight on Feb 26th, 2012. Why?
  94. 94. Answer
  95. 95. These two gentlemen are the inspirations forGeorge Smiley of Le Carre’s Circus series. GaryOldman’s fate for Oscar for best actor as Smileyin Tinker TSS…was decided on Feb 26th.
  96. 96. 32/36 American writer Sylvia Wright coined this term X in her essay "The Death of Lady X," published in Harpers Magazine in November 1954. A well known example of X would be the origin of the title – “Catcher in the Rye”. What?
  97. 97. Answer
  98. 98. X= Mondegreen. A mondegreen is the mishearingor misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of nearhomophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning. Itmost commonly is applied to a line in a poem or alyric in a song. The title of J. D. Salingers TheCatcher in the Rye comes from the main character,Holden Caulfield, mishearing a sung version of theRobert Burns poem Coming Through the Rye: theline "Gin a body meet a body / comin through therye" is understood as "Gin a body catch a body /comin through the rye."
  99. 99. 33/36 In 1909, six members of Yales Skull and Bones secret society, including Prescott Bush, grandfather of 43rd President George W. Bush, allegedly stole something while serving as army volunteers in Oklahoma during World War I. Researchers in 2006, uncovered a letter, in which one of the members wrote a letter, which unearthed the deed & also indicated that the stolen object was kept in the society’s presumed meeting place in New Haven. A flurry of law suits to retrieve the object followed, but have been deflected by the Skull and Bones, which denies possession of it. But it still cant ward away campus rumors that this object is used in the societys nocturnal initiation rites. What object?
  100. 100. Answer
  101. 101. Geronimo’s skull. It was exhumed by the societymembers
  102. 102. 34/36Prince St. Imre, a Hungarian price,died young but was such agood boy that he was canonized by a pope. History should haveforgotten him, but it didn’t, through what quirk of fate?
  103. 103. Answer
  104. 104. Amerigo Vespucci was named afterthe canonized name St Emirich
  105. 105. 35/36 In 1993, the museum of modern art in Stockholm was burgled. 6 Picassos & 2 Braques were stolen by thieves who came in through the roof by night, copying the method from the 1955 French movie Rififi. This museum also has indirect claim to an origin of an expression. The expression was derived a line in a painter’s exhibition catalog for an exhibit at the museum in Stockholm from February to March 1968. What expression?
  106. 106. Answer
  107. 107. “15 minutes of fame” derived from Andy Warhol’sexhibition catalog.
  108. 108. 36/36 John Roberts & Joel Rosenman placed the following advertisement in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal under the name of Challenge International, Ltd.: “Young men with unlimited capital looking for interesting, legitimate investment opportunities and business propositions.” Martie Lang & Artie Kornfeld responded to the ad and the 4 of planned to start their 1st business venture in Mills Industrial Park, Wakill, NY, but had to shift due to the opposition of Wakill city council. Where did they shift to…for their 1st & last business venture together?
  109. 109. Answer
  110. 110. Max Yasgur farm – Woodstock 69.