Comparison - E Learning Hosting Providers


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Comparison - E Learning Hosting Providers

  1. 1. eLearning Hosting Providers Comparative analysis of BigGyan, Remote and E-Learn Design Ltd. Learn 10 February 2010 Valeria Filipova Plovdiv University, Bulgaria
  2. 2. Presentation will cover What is eLearning? Learning Management System (LMS) Open Source LMS Commercial LMS Moodle Vs Blackboard Features of Moodle Main Objective of the Study Study - BigGyan, Remote and E-Learn Design Ltd. Findings Suggestions
  3. 3. What is eLearning? eLearning (or electronic learning or eLearning) is a term that encompasses all forms of Technology-EnhancedEnhanced Learning (TEL) or very specific types of TEL such as online or Web-based learning. Nevertheless, the term does not have a universally accepted definition. The term eLearning is ambiguous to those outside the eLearning industry, and even within its diverse disciplines it has different meanings to different people. For instance in companies, it often refers to the strategies that use the company network to deliver training courses to employees and lately in most Universities, eLearning is used to define a specific mode to attend a course or program of study where the students rarely or never meet face-to-face, nor face, access on-campus educational facilities, because they study online.
  4. 4. Learning Management System (LMS) A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, eLearning programs, and training content. LMSs cater to educational, administrative, and deployment requirements. While an LMS for corporate learning, for example, may share many characteristics with a VLE, or virtual learning environment, used by educational institutions, they each meet unique needs needs. The virtual learning environment used by universities and colleges allow instructors to manage their courses and exchange information with students for a course that in most cases will last several weeks and will meet several times during those weeks. In the corporate setting a course may be much shorter, completed in a single instructor-led or online session session.
  5. 5. Open Source LMS There are many open source LMS available. Below, is a list of most popular ones. The list is presented in alphabetical order and is not an indication of their popularity or effectiveness. • ATutor • Claroline • Dokeos • ILIAS - • Moodle • OLAT • Sakai Project Moodle is the number one open source LMS. Moodle has a significant user base with more than 45k registered sites. Apart from that, it is easily extendible extendible. Moodle software is free but to get a real sense of cost of implementing Moodle see this link - thought-moodle-was-free
  6. 6. Commercial LMS Similarly, there are many commercial LMS available Below, is list of most popular ones. The list is available. presented in alphabetical order and is not an indication of their popularity or effectiveness. • Angel Learning • Blackboard • Desire2Learn • eCollege Blackboard is most popular commercial eLearning Software provided by company of same name. Blackboard was involved in a fight regarding a patent infringement case. Blackboard got lot of negative publicity due to opposition by open source community. Finally, they took a pledge to forever refrain from asserting patent rights against open-source developers, except when it is itself sued for patent infringement.
  7. 7. Moodle Vs Blackboard Now we know, the best open source tool and the best commercial tool available. But which of them to use in your institute? In Feb. 2005, Kathy D. Munoz, and Joan Van Duzer from Humboldt State University (HSU) conducted a study to find Better tool between Moodle and Blackboard and he published a report – "Blackboard vs. Moodle. A Comparison of Satisfaction with Online Teaching and Learning Tools". The research involved teaching students using Blackboard and Moodle as an addition to normal classroom teaching. Some of the question that research intended to answer are as follows: • 1. Did Blackboard/Moodle enhance instruction? • 2. Received adequate technical assistance? • 3 .Technology-based activities developed problem problem-solving skills? • 4.Well organized instructional materials? • 5. Communication tools: Interaction with classmates? • 6. Communication tools: Interaction with instructor? • 7.Web-based resources were effective learning tools? • 8. Discussion Boards were easy to use? Almost on all these parameters Moodle scored over blackboard. Moodle was found to be more effective tool for students and teachers. So we have a clear winner – Moodle.
  8. 8. Features of Moodle o User management Overview Enrolment Roles o Course management Overview Assignment Module Chat Module Forum Module Glossary Module Quiz Module Resource Module Wiki Module Workshop Module o Site management
  9. 9. Main objective of this Study Evaluation and examination of Moodle hosting providers. To find a less costly, efficient, production grade Moodle hosting.
  10. 10. Methodology of the study Selection of popular Moodle Hosting Providers Data collection using a checklist Scoring of software performance Computation of the performance of Moodle Hosting Providers
  11. 11. Popular commercial Moodle based LMS providers Price (500 users), Name Full Support, 100GB) BigGyan Rs. 2,500 per month - Full Support 25GB Remote- Rs. 10, 400 per month - Only 3 Support Accounts - 25GB E-Learn Design Rs. 7,000 per month Ltd. - 15GB
  12. 12. BigGyan Remote E-Learn Design Ltd.
  13. 13. BigGyan features •Cloud platform •50GB space •Integration with your existing website •Pre-prepared content •Automatic daily backups •24X7 Web-based help (raise unlimited number of tickets) • Basic Theme customization (your logo and colors etc.) •Fully Ajax user interface •Extendible - BigGyan App Engine •BigGyan search engine •Attendance, automatic certificates, E- mail, Video-conference, Media centre Lightbox directory •Integration with Google Apps
  14. 14. Remote-Learner . net features •25GB storage • 2-Hour backups (with incremental rollback) •Limited Support (3 Support accounts) •Custom Moodle theme •Unique URL
  15. 15. E-Learn Design Ltd. features •15GB space for your files •1000 users/ 50 courses •Free domain name • Nightly backups • Basic Theme customization (your logo and colors etc.) •Limited Support
  16. 16. Data collection list 1. Getting started 3.Managing users NetLogo Signing up Enhanced User Administration Jmol Ease of using - Admin Importing Users Word censorship Ease of using - Faculty Adding Users Report Cards Ease of using - Students Deleting Users Promoting Users 6.User Interface 2. Managing Courses Alumni Management Ajax based interface Creating new courses Cool colour schemes Uploading content 4. Backups Integrated Logo Searching content Automatic Backups Data Security 3. Pre-prepared courses Restore data 7.Help and Support Universities Video Tutorials Competition Exams 5 Add-on Modules on Detailed Tutorials K-12 courses Certificates Online Helpdesk Vocational Courses Attendance Phone Support Corporate Training Mobile Learning Webinars Google Apps Email 8.SLA 99.9% uptime
  17. 17. Scoring Scheme Excellent Very good 4 5 Very good 4 Good 3 Good 3 Average 2 Average 2 Poor 1 Poor 1 Not available 0 Not available 0
  18. 18. Getting Started –Analyzed data Score Sub functions Remote-Learn E-Learn BigGyan .net Design Ltd. Signing up 4 2 1 Ease of learning - Admin 3 1 1 Ease of learning - Teacher 5 2 2 Ease of learning - Students 4 3 1 Reports & Statistics 4 0 0 20 8 5 Total 25 (80%) (32%) (20%)
  19. 19. Managing Courses – Analyzed data Score Sub functions Remote-Learn E-Learn BigGyan .net Design Ltd. Creating New courses 5 3 3 Searching content 4 0 0 Creating content 4 3 3 Uploading content 3 0 0 Rapid course development 5+ 2 1 21 8 7 Total 25 (84%) (32%) (28%)
  20. 20. Pre-prepared Courses prepared Number of courses Categories Remote-Learn E-Learn BigGyan .net Design Ltd. Universities 500 0 0 K-12 courses 200 0 0 Competition Exams 100 0 0 Vocational Courses 50 0 0 Corporate Training 50 0 0 Total 900 0 0
  21. 21. Managing Users – Analyzed Data Number of courses Categories Remote-Learn E-Learn BigGyan .net Design Ltd. Adding Users 3 3 3 Allocating Roles 4 3 4 Bulk Actions 5 1 1 Deleting/Disabling 3 3 3 Users Importing/Exporting 5+ 0 0 User lists 20 10 Total 25 11 80% 40% 44%
  22. 22. Security - Analyzed data Scores Sub- functions Remote-Learn E-Learn BigGyan .net Design Ltd. Automatic Backups 5 3 2 Data Security 4 3 3 Restore data 4 3 2 Tape Backups 5 3 5 Total 20 16 12 12 80% 60% 60%
  23. 23. Support - Analysis Scores Sub- functions Remote-Learn E-Learn BigGyan .net Design Ltd. 24X7 Email Support/ 5 2 2 Helpdesk Video Tutorials 4 1 1 Get Satisfaction Community 5 0 0 Onsite Support 5 2 2 Total 20 17 5 5 85% 25% 25%
  24. 24. Findings BigGyan satisfies all the functional requirements of a learning management system. Pre-prepared courses and most of add-on modules are not available in and E-Learn Design Ltd. E-Learn Design Ltd. is not recommended for any type of implementation as the data security is not guaranteed guaranteed. BigGyan has all the features of commercial system available in the market. The study finds BigGyan to be the most useful and most beautiful eLearning platform.
  25. 25. Suggestions • Don't use free hostings unless your goals are short short-term. • BigGyan provides a complete solution to most clients. The packages are available for institutes of various sizes - whether an individual teacher teaching 50 students or a university with over 5000 students.
  26. 26. Thank you Valeria Filipova