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10 eLearning Trends for 2017


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Inforgraphic on 10 eLearning trends to watch in 2017.
1. Microlearning
2. Interactive Video
3. Games and Gamification
4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
5. Responsive Design
6. Adaptive and Personalised
7. Brain Friendly
8. Learning Analytics
9. Learning Experience Design
10. Articulate 360

Published in: Education
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10 eLearning Trends for 2017

  1. 1. 5 @aurionlearning /company/aurion-learning/AurionLearning /aurionlearning /aurion-learning ©Aurion Learning 2017 To read a full overview of the 10 eLearning trends likely to make an impact in 2017 visit FOR 2017 E-LEARNING TRENDS10 Microlearning 1Affordability: Design Trend Interactive Video Affordability: 2 Tech Trend Augmented RealityandVirtual Reality(ARandVR) Affordability: Gamesand Gamification Affordability: Design Trend 3 4 Tech Trend Responsive Design Affordability: Design Trend 5 5 BrainFriendly Affordability: Design Trend 7 Learning Experience Design Affordability: Tech Trend 9 Articulate360 Affordability:10 Tech Trend Adaptiveand Personalised Affordability: 6 Tech Trend Learning Analytics Affordability: Tech Trend 8