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Online officer safety 9 1-11


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Conducting an online investigation takes more planning than simply going online in search of a suspect. Understanding a real-world neighborhood's residents, landscape and problems can help keep officers safe and enable them to investigate crime more effectively; this is true online as well. Also as in the real world, officers must understand the boundaries between their personal and professional roles, and act accordingly when they are online. In this webinar, learn how to plot strategies for different kinds of social media use, how criminals can take advantage of you as easily as you can of them, and what you can do about it.

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Online officer safety 9 1-11

  1. 1. OnlineOfficer Safety
  2. 2. DisclaimerI am not an Attorney and although I willbe providing information about legalmatters – this should NOT beconsidered legal adviceConsult with your agency or personalattorneyThis presentation is not an officialrepresentation of the Office of theMissouri Attorney General
  3. 3. PresentationOnline Identities– Professional– Undercover– PersonalGPSBoundaries
  4. 4. Teens and Social NetworkingOf online teens with profiles–82% include their first name–79% include a photo of themselves–61% include their city or town–49% include the name of their school–29% include last name & Email address–2% have included their cell phone # Teens, Privacy & Online Social Networks, Pew Internet & American Life Project April 2007
  5. 5. Social Media – (web 2.0)Blogs - (twitter)Social Networks - (facebook)Video Sharing - (youtube)Audio Sharing - (podcasts)Photo Sharing – (flickr)Geolocating – (foursquare)
  6. 6. 1st Amendment & Government Employee“when a citizen enters government service, the citizen by necessity must accept certain limitation on his or her freedom” US Supreme Court Garcetti v Ceballos 2006
  7. 7. Official Use of Social MediaInvestigations–Missing Persons–Cyber Stalking/Harassment–Evidence (photos or statements)Crime PreventionRecruitment/VettingCommunity Outreach
  8. 8. Official Use of Social MediaPolicy & Training–Vere Software Model Policies–IACP Social Media Concept PaperAuthorization–Public Information OfficerInformation Management Issues
  9. 9. Undercover Use of Social MediaUse of proper equipment–IP Address–Terms of ServiceDocument your actions–Rules of evidence–Entrapment issuesWho are your friends?–Don’t use your family!!!
  10. 10. Personal Use of Social MediaPolicy Issues–Agency identification (uniform, patch)Freedom of Speech–Detrimental to the mission and function of the employerPublic Information–Name, home address, phone, email–Family connections
  11. 11. Personal Use of Social MediaPersonal & Work Crossover Issues–Duty status–Agency identification (uniform, patch)Crime scene photosTime stamps!!Bias, weapons, violence, sex
  12. 12. Personal Use of Social MediaInvestigative or sensitive informationSexually explicit communications–Quon v City of Ontario (June 2010)Defamatory or offensive materialCrossing appropriate boundaries–SRO & students
  13. 13. Amy Hestir Student Protection Act MO Senate Bill 54 (162.069) “Exclusive Access” No teacher shall establish: – an internet site unless available to parents & administration
  14. 14. Are You At Risk?Who would use this against you?–Defense–Suspect–Someone who doesn’t like you/copsRatemycop.comTopix.comFacebook (ie: Missouri Police Complaints)
  15. 15. Are You At Risk?Protect your–NAME–IDENTITY–REPUTATIONPasswordsPhone access
  16. 16. Location Based SitesGeolocation social media–Brightkite–Foursquare–GowallaUsed to meet up with friendsMay have incentives from businesses
  17. 17. Photo Exif Data
  18. 18. ApertureValue: 2.970854ColorSpace: sRGBComponentsConfiguration: YCbCrDateTimeDigitized: 2011:08:08 12:16:19DateTimeOriginal: 2011:08:08 12:16:19 Map Link: 38.577000,-92.177667‡ExifVersion: 2.21ExposureMode: Auto Translated EXIFExposureProgram: NormalExposureTime: 0.06666667FNumber: 2.8Flash: Off, Did not fireFlashPixVersion: 1.0 ImgDirection: 221.2339°=FocalLength: 3.85ISOSpeedRatings: 1000 SouthwestMeteringMode: AveragePixelXDimension: 2592 ImgDirectionRef: True NorthPixelYDimension: 1936SceneCaptureType: StandardSensingMethod: One-chip color area Latitude: 38.577Sharpness: SoftShutterSpeedValue: 3.906891 LatitudeRef: NSubjectArea:X Center: 1295, Longitude: 92.17766666666667Y Center: 967,Width: 699, LongitudeRef: WHeight: 696WhiteBalance: AutoDateTime: 2011:08:08 12:16:19 TimeStamp: 17:38:36.27Make: AppleModel: iPhone 4 DateTime: 2011:08:08 12:38:36Orientation: LeftResolutionUnit: InchesSoftware: 4.2.8XResolution: 72YResolution: 72_YCbCrPositioning: CenteredPixelWidth: 2592PixelHeight: 1936FileSize: 2.02298 MB
  19. 19. Exif DataFree IPhone App – Exif WizardWorks on images fromiPhones, iPad, many cameras–“a button which allows you to open your iPhone’s built-in Maps app to obtain directions to a photo’s location”
  20. 20. iPhone GPS* Settings * General * Location Services
  21. 21. Removing Personal InfoConduct a search of your name–Don’t just use Google •–You may be able to remove some of your data •
  22. 22. Final ThoughtsThere is NO eraser buttonWatch for Behavioral MarketingConsider what the defense might useUnderstand “Sync Contacts”Take a break:–Don’t live your life online!!!