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Social & mobile security


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Published in: Education
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Social & mobile security

  1. 1. Social & Mobile Security Social & Mobile Security IT Security Director City of Chattanooga MS Information Assurance, CISSP, CEH, CWNA, Security+, MCSE, CNA, I-Net+, Network+, Server+, A
  2. 2. Social Media is #1
  3. 3. CIRP Freshman Survey Results Cooperative Institutional Research Program  Toxic psychological impact of media  faux celebrities—lead actors in fictionalized life  F acebook “friends”  Block anyone  Only flattering, photos  Connect with famous Social & Mobile Security More students think they are exceptional or gifted than what they can actually perform
  4. 4. Youth vs Adult Reality •Parents feel better informed about teens’ online activity (29 point Gap) •How closely do your parents follow or monitor what you do online or on a cell phone? (45 point Gap ) •Social networking sites like Facebook (18 point Gap) •Twitter (24 point Gap) •Email, Youtube, Instagram (10 point Gap) •Two in five teens admit to having posted something online that they later regretted
  5. 5. Ensure Your Loved Ones Are Protected From Ongoing Threats By: (1) Educating Yourself (2) Setting Guidelines & (3) Installing Parental Control Software
  6. 6. Communicate Monitor Report COMMUNICATION
  7. 7. Establish rules for online life
  8. 8. Internet 10 Startling Trends Feelings similar to drug addiction craving, very anxious, antsy, miserable, jittery, crazy College students highly susceptible to Internet Dependence Students can’t go 24 Students are surfing, 38% can’t go more than 10 minutes Internet use can physically change your brain Many students need intervention for addiction, Leads to depression Tech conditions can be dangerous to your health CTS, Headaches, Eyesight insomnia Social & Mobile Security
  9. 9. Social Media Challenges Fundamentally shifting how we communicate to: Sound bites laced with a dizzying array of fragments and acronyms Emoticons to expressing feelings Value frequent communication over meaningful communication We freely like or dislike anything Provide an array of details and images from our private lives Overshare a variety of information Social & Mobile Security
  10. 10. Social Media and Employment Social & Mobile Security
  11. 11. SM and Employee Rejection Social & Mobile Security
  12. 12. Spiritual Challenges ‘Friending’ online nurtures shallow relationships Gives the illusion of knowing everyone Distracts people from existing relationships 39% of adults are self-described ‘Facebook addicts 57% of women 18 to 35 say they talk to people more online than face to face 57% of young people believe their generation uses social networking sites for self-promotion, narcissism and attention seeking Trivialization of meaningful things Social & Mobile Security
  13. 13. Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8 (NLT) Social & Mobile Security
  14. 14. FBI and Hulu+ Over 20% increase in Armored car robberies after “Armored” Social & Mobile Security TED Talk On Mirror Neurons We perceive we are doing what we see others doing
  15. 15. GEO TAGGING August of 2010, Adam Savage, of “MythBusters,” took a photo of his vehicle using his smartphone. He then posted the photo to his Twitter account including the phrase “off to work.” The image contained metadata reveling the exact geographical location the photo. Savage revealed the exact location of his home, the vehicle he drives and the time he leaves for work. Demo: Jeffrey's Exif Viewer Social & Mobile Security
  16. 16. Meta Data Images Hands on Go to Jeffrey's Exif Viewer Photo 1 photo.JPG Where was the photo taken of the Police office was the photographer on the sidewalk or somewhere else what kind of device was used to take the photo Second photo Who is in the photo besides the kids? What device was used to take the photo Social & Mobile Security
  17. 17. What does Your Phone Know? Text messages, even deleted ones Words in your personal dictionary Facebook contacts Tens of thousands of location pings Every website ever visited What locations you have mapped (SwiftKey - Personalization) Emails going back a month Your photos with Geolocation data attached – even if deleted How many times you have checked your email Any application ever installed on your device Social & Mobile Security
  18. 18. Mobile Issues /Demo Who is calling you Just going to a website one can steal all your info: Contacts, text messages, photos, videos, credit card information PIN security – secure or easy to do 1 handed Camera and mic can be turned on without permission Social & Mobile Security
  19. 19. TURN OFF GPS/WIFI Bluetooth when not in use Social & Mobile Security
  20. 20. Texting for fun and Profit •53% kids have ridden with someone texting •22% bullied via a text •46% message or picture that was sexual •75% Youth think friends are addicted (Not them) •40% parents haven’t talked about mobile safety •
  21. 21. Mobile Safety Tips Password-protect your Mobile device Cell Phone Repeaters Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to avoid retail tracking AVG PrivacyFix or Tasker for Android "geofencing” Don't share your location information You never know who is calling you Review any unknown numbers or odd calls and texts Texting is viral — easily forwarded Never reveal mobile # or passwords online Not recommended to do baking on mobile device that leaves home Social & Mobile Security
  22. 22. Mobile Safety Tips Cont. Indicators of Hack mobile: Battery Life stinks Battery Temp Coded messages Background noise electrical interference when not getting txt/call Remember consequences of sexually explicit or provocative images or txt Use security settings that are available Can be triangulated even if the location services are off Use Don’t Track me Social & Mobile Security
  23. 23. Social / Mobile Exposure Demo Social & Mobile Security
  24. 24. Social Media Search Engines Kurrently offers the ability to search both Facebook and Twitter in real time Who’s Talkin It searches 60 social media gateways Socialmention Social Media Alerts : Like Google Alerts but for social media Your Open Book Looks at profile status updates Social & Mobile Security
  25. 25. Facebook Spying Facebook Visualizer -- Police can make profiles about a person such as where they would most likely go if they were in trouble, where they might hide, what friends they would turn to etc... Generates animated, clickable maps of the relationships between Facebook users. Features include profile summaries, export of networks to csv files, fast search utility and storage of complete html code and download time They also have products for Myspace and YouTube. Social & Mobile Security
  26. 26. Social Media Tips Don't sign up for a new service using Facebook or another social networking account Lock down those social network privacy settings Think before you post Lie. About. Everything Use a password manager and two-factor authentication Disposable email DoNotTrackMe, and Yahoo disposable emails Use secure browser such as WhiteHat Aviator Create personal and professional personas Social & Mobile Security
  27. 27. Physical & Mental Issues 80 percent of us spend three or more hours sitting during our leisure time long-reaching effects on our health: long-range obesity, heart problems, depression and diabetes Makes people feel anxious, moody or restless 'Facebook depression’ see others as having fun feel left out Social & Mobile Security
  28. 28. Family Safety Suggestions Use different passwords / two Factor for google dropbox Turn off “Find My Mac.” Instead, encrypt your data Don’t use social media to logon to other sites Use a password manager LastPass Backup your data / Dropbox or crashplan Check your email accounts Lock your device mobile or portable Social & Mobile Security
  29. 29. Family Safety Suggestions TOS;DR Terms of service did not read extension / website Keep your system updated Use AV Filter home and mobile devices Shopping Check URLs Secure Connection Beware Express Check Out Avoid Express checkout Be careful of Apps Setup Alerts about self and Children GA #2 Social & Mobile Security
  30. 30. Family Safety Suggestions Email Know your senders Beware of attachments Beware of Links Set Boundaries Open Communication is key Social & Mobile Security
  31. 31. Top 10 - Mobile controls 2014 Social & Mobile Security
  32. 32. Passwords Social & Mobile Security
  33. 33. Social & Mobile Security Look Up Challenge
  34. 34. Geolocation tools Great tool for geolocating/tracking Twitter/Foursquare users. Not only pulls coordinates from the posts directly, but can grab them from the EXIF data in pictures they link to. Social & Mobile Security
  35. 35. Scrubbing Meta Data Software Jpg and PNG metadata striper BatchPurifier LITE Doc Scrubber Websites Social & Mobile Security
  36. 36. Cyberstalking Sites Lullar Search for a person using email name or user name Spokeo Searches lots of public Records to find information about someone KnowEm Claims to check over 500 sites to see if a given user name is taken Peek You old but still full of good info about someone Social & Mobile Security
  37. 37. Google Yourself What personal information of yours is available online? Social & Mobile Security