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KQA MegaWhats 2016 finals

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Finals of MegaWhats 2016 - the national open team quizzing championship of the KQA conducted on June 24, 2016. Won by Remembrance of Things Fast, Chennai.

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KQA MegaWhats 2016 finals

  1. 1. MEGAWHATS 2016 FINALS Research By Mitesh Agarwal and Venkatesh Srinivasan
  2. 2.  Written Round with six questions  20 questions clock-wise on Infinite Pounce  Written Theme Round with eight questions  20 questions anti-clock-wise on Infinite Pounce
  3. 3. • Six questions in writing • +5 for each correct answer • +3 for each part
  4. 4. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the book/movie character and the TV series 1
  5. 5. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the two blanked out characters. 2
  6. 6. MegaWhats 2016 Name this character – an amalgam of two characters. 3
  7. 7. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the 1980 film. 4
  8. 8. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the original work and the author. 5
  9. 9. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the original (debut) album and the band. 6
  10. 10. Exchange Sheets…
  11. 11. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the book/movie character and the TV series 1
  12. 12. MegaWhats 2016 President Coriolanus Snow The Simpsons
  13. 13. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the two blanked out characters. 2
  14. 14. MegaWhats 2016 Argus Filch Hermione Granger
  15. 15. MegaWhats 2016 Name this character – an amalgam of two characters. 3
  16. 16. MegaWhats 2016 Iron Lantern
  17. 17. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the 1980 film. 4
  18. 18. MegaWhats 2016 Caddyshack
  19. 19. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the original work and the author. 5
  20. 20. MegaWhats 2016 Little Women Louisa May Alcott
  21. 21. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the original (debut) album and the band. 6
  22. 22. MegaWhats 2016 License to Ill Beastie Boys
  23. 23. Score check…
  24. 24.  20 questions  +10 on Infinite Bounce  +10/-5 on Infinite Pounce, no part pounce
  25. 25. MegaWhats 2016 This is the iconic photo of Mahatma Gandhi clicked by Margaret Bourke-White for Life Magazine. Gandhi's secretaries informed White that she would be allowed to take a photograph only if she fulfilled three conditions. One was that she was not allowed to use bright lights as Gandhi didn't like it. What were the other two conditions? 1
  26. 26. MegaWhats 2016
  27. 27. MegaWhats 2016 a. She has to learn to use the spinning wheel/Charkha. b. She would not be able to talk to him as it was his day of silence.
  28. 28. MegaWhats 2016 This acid, a key ingredient in tannic acid which is used in various industries, is produced by plants such as sumac, tea leaves, oak bark, and witch hazel. It takes its name from the formations below and not from a European country. Such formations in plants, animals and humans also comes from the same origin. Name the acid and the source. 2
  29. 29. MegaWhats 2016 Gallic Acid from Galls/Gall nuts Oak galls are formed when a gall wasp lays her eggs on the tip of an oak branch, and the tree begins to secrete a fluid that ends up enveloping the egg, and ultimately becomes a food source for the developing wasp larva.
  30. 30. MegaWhats 2016 A monk from Geneva, François Bonivard was imprisoned with his two brothers from 1532 to 1536 in a castle. Over the years, he saw his brothers die in front of his eyes. The castle in which they were imprisoned is a tourist attraction if you go on a Lake Geneva cruise even today. Taken up with this story after seeing the castle, a) Who penned a famous 392-line narrative poem about Bonivard in 1816? (3) b) Which painter created a work with the same name in 1834? (3) c) What is the name of the work – common to the poem and the painting? (4) 3
  31. 31. MegaWhats 2016 Lord Byron Eugene Delacroix (The) Prisoner of Chillon
  32. 32. MegaWhats 2016 This is an iconic painting by an Iranian woman artist Oranous Ghasemi which made waves in 2004, as it was sold online without much protest. Though this would seem blasphemous as per Islamic law, experts said that this particular painting was not forbidden due to a key element in the painting. What? 4
  33. 33. MegaWhats 2016 It depicts a young Mohammed before he was visited by the Angel Gabriel and started receiving his visions, which means that at this stage in his life he is not yet the Prophet.
  34. 34. MegaWhats 2016 The name of this former capital city literally translates to ‘father of apples’. Some say this is because the world’s largest variety is found here. Some say it is because of the rich genetic diversity of apples here. And some others say it is because Malus sieversii, the wild ancestor of the common apple is endemic to this region. Identify the city. 5
  35. 35. MegaWhats 2016 Almaty Capital of Kazakhstan
  36. 36. MegaWhats 2016 Connect the visuals to a critically acclaimed film from 1980, widely considered the best Gujarati film of all time. 6
  37. 37. MegaWhats 2016 Bhavni Bhavai was dedicated to Bertolt Brecht and Goscinny Ketan Mehta filmed Bhavni Bhavai with distancing effect and the use of comic characters. Hence, the film is dedicated to Bertolt Brecht and Goscinny, the creator of Astérix.
  38. 38. MegaWhats 2016 The cake (A) shown is filled with dry fruit such as currants, named after the town in Oxfordshire (B). The town is famous on account of a nursery rhyme, which you can guess from the pic. Id the cake (or) the rhyme. 7 A B
  39. 39. MegaWhats 2016 Banbury Cross Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross, To see a fine lady upon a white horse; Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, And she shall have music wherever she goes
  40. 40. MegaWhats 2016 During the 1941 Siege of Leningrad, there were severe hardships faced by the people in the town, due to the German forces cutting off the city from any possible outside access and depriving people of basic necessities. Resultantly, 2000 people in the city were convicted under “Special Category Banditry” under Soviet Law. What was the crime they were accused of, brought about by the effects of the siege? 8
  41. 41. MegaWhats 2016 Cannibalism At its worst, daily rations were reduced to 150 grams of bread (baked with sawdust) with wallpaper used as seasoning.
  42. 42. MegaWhats 2016 In 2015, some of this company’s businesses like Verily, the self-driving cars team, the Ventures investment group, Nest and Calico cumulatively reported a revenue of $448 Million, but failed to make a profit. The name given to these businesses collectively, is a reference/pun on name of the main business of the company and the speculative, early-stage nature of these businesses. What’s the name and the reference? Need both parts. No part points 9
  43. 43. MegaWhats 2016 Other Bets – the main business being Alphabet
  44. 44. MegaWhats 2016 This revolution in a European country that resulted in the overthrow of an authoritarian regime is known by a name that references the unique way in which it was celebrated, using the Dianthus caryophyllus in a particular manner. The Revolution had far-reaching consequences geographically including in one country in Asia, which was invaded by a neighbour on the pretext of anti-colonialism, and remained a colony for 27 more years. Name the revolution and why it was named so. Name the Asian country that was impacted. 10
  45. 45. MegaWhats 2016 Carnation Revolution in Portugal named so because Carnations were inserted into muzzles of rifles East Timor/Timor-Leste Indonesia invaded East Timor
  46. 46. MegaWhats 2016 There are many small (but divisive) differences between the book and the film—such as – “a difference of 20” in one of the key locations. But one of the most significant rifts emerges in the characterization of the protagonist. The director paints him as mad from the outset, with his wife as a “sort of screaming dishrag”, according to the author. In the book, he is depicted more sympathetically, with his alcoholism forming a key part of the problems in the family and his hallucinations. It gives the story—and its chilling qualities—a convincing narrative axis; it comes as no surprise that the author found the director’s film similar to a “big, beautiful Cadillac with no engine inside it”. Paraphrased and edited extract from a review thanks to a recent opera version of the book! Book, Author and Director please. 11
  47. 47. MegaWhats 2016 The Shining, Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King Room number moves from 217 to 237 in the film.
  48. 48. MegaWhats 2016 In 1985 Conrad Black, a Canadian industrialist, acquired control of the Telegraph group. A feature of his new regime was the appointment of Hugh Massingberd to develop a more eclectic and literary approach to an otherwise dull part of the newspaper, and so outflank the Times. The Times, which had long been unrivalled in this field had adhered to a dull prose style and favoured a relatively narrow selection of subjects. What was the title given to Hugh Massingberd thanks to this job? 12
  49. 49. MegaWhats 2016 Master of Obituaries Or Obituaries Editor
  50. 50. MegaWhats 2016 This cucumber species Cucumis humifructus, found in the southern part of Africa, bears its fruit underground. It is thus dependent on a particular animal species for seed distribution. This is the only fruit that the animal eats—thus making for a strange, symbiotic relationship. Identify the animal. 13
  51. 51. MegaWhats 2016 The Aardvark, wherefore the fruit is known as the Aardvark pumpkin/cucumber
  52. 52. MegaWhats 2016 Also known as the Paragard, this contrivance is the only one of its kind that still enjoys official approval in the US. In India, it takes its name partly from the winding which is really the business end of the device. What was it commonly known as in India? 14
  53. 53. MegaWhats 2016
  54. 54. MegaWhats 2016 Copper T (For Birth Control/Contraceptive/intrauterine device, IUD)
  55. 55. MegaWhats 2016 This “wretched instrument,” would have long since been snuffed out had Mozart not used it in his Requiem. According to the person in the picture, “Its peculiar watery melancholy ... is just the thing for a funeral,” and “The devil himself could not make a _____ ______ sparkle.” What are we talking about? How is this music instrument connected to the person in pic? 15
  56. 56. MegaWhats 2016
  57. 57. MegaWhats 2016 Bassett-Horn The Italian name for the instrument, corno di bassetto, was used by George Bernard Shaw as a pseudonym when writing music criticism.
  58. 58. MegaWhats 2016 Every issue of this magazine has a different message on the spine. Readers then work out what the message has to do with the contents of the magazine. This practice — known as the "spine line" — has since become commonplace among British lifestyle magazines, including its movie-centric sister magazine Empire. The magazine was originally named ‘____’, after the button on tape- recorders. This name was abandoned because it was feared that people might view it as a magazine catering to aficionados of a specific sport. What was the original name of the magazine and what was the new name they adopted? 16
  59. 59. MegaWhats 2016 Cue later became Q People started associating with Billiards/Snooker
  60. 60. MegaWhats 2016 These Mughal miniatures influenced his later Biblical paintings. The painter never met any Mughal emperor. In 1579, some decades after Akbar ascended to the Mughal throne, he invited a delegation of Portuguese Jesuits from Goa to his court to discuss their religion. The Jesuits immediately wrote home saying that they would soon convert the Grand Moghul. While history shows that Akbar did not convert, he still encouraged interactions between Mughal and European artists that continued for centuries. Which artist painted these Mughal miniatures in the 17th century? 17
  61. 61. MegaWhats 2016
  62. 62. MegaWhats 2016 The Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn
  63. 63. MegaWhats 2016 This is the figurative map drawn by Charles Joseph Minard (Inspector General of Bridges and Roads, Paris) which shows the successive losses in men of the French Army in the Russian campaign 1812-1813. This map is now used in Information Graphics and Big Data visualization. However, its first application was in 1898 by an Irish Mechanical Engineer – Captain Matthew Riall Sankey (not the Sankey in Sankey tank). This use led to the next wave of manufacturing and industrialization and the graphics came to be known as Sankey Diagrams. What use that later became a standard in visualization? 18
  64. 64. MegaWhats 2016
  65. 65. MegaWhats 2016 Sankey diagrams were first used in Engine Energy Flow Diagrams that led to engine capacity definitions in the Automobile industry. The width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity.
  66. 66. MegaWhats 2016 Connect and explain. 19 The Mars Climate Orbiter (1999) The Vasa warship (1628) Gimli Glider (1983) Sochi biathlon track (2014)
  67. 67. MegaWhats 2016 Fiascos due to the confusion between Metric System and the English/Roman System of measurement
  68. 68. MegaWhats 2016 When the infamous Killing Fields containing the mass graves of the people slaughtered by Pol Pot’s regime were found, substantial traces of the chemical DDT were found. After studying the bodies and hearing testimonies, researchers have concluded that there were two key reasons why the chemical was used – both equally morbid. What were the reasons? 20
  69. 69. MegaWhats 2016 Mask the stench from the bodies Complete the process of killing the people who were buried alive
  70. 70. Score check…
  71. 71. • Eight questions in writing • +5 for each correct answer, no part points anywhere • The eight answers form four pairs – every correct pair gets you an additional two points each • There is a theme linking the four pairs, which gets you seven more points
  72. 72. MegaWhats 2016 In 1954, X wrote a lengthy letter to his friend Dorothy Sayers, praising her recent publication of Introductory Papers on Dante. His opening sentence reveals his delight. “Your Introductory Papers have given me a regular feast.” He specifically commented on a number of insights he found particularly worthwhile. X was an expert on Dante in his own right, having written a 1933 work inspired by it, which had an “opposite title” to a John Bunyan book. Who is X? 1
  73. 73. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the subject of this documentary film. 2
  74. 74. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the Russian on this Time magazine cover. 3
  75. 75. MegaWhats 2016 Who is this? 4
  76. 76. MegaWhats 2016 Screenshot from a Sega game based on a pop culture rage. Who and what’s the name of the game? 5
  77. 77. MegaWhats 2016 While numerous films have been made about this person, this is the only biographical film that delves into his military career. Who? 6
  78. 78. MegaWhats 2016 Who? 7
  79. 79. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the title of this book. 8
  80. 80. Exchange Sheets…
  81. 81. MegaWhats 2016 In 1954, X wrote a lengthy letter to his friend Dorothy Sayers, praising her recent publication of Introductory Papers on Dante. His opening sentence reveals his delight. “Your Introductory Papers have given me a regular feast.” He specifically commented on a number of insights he found particularly worthwhile. X was an expert on Dante in his own right, having written a 1933 work inspired by it, which had an “opposite title” to a John Bunyan book. Who is X? 1
  82. 82. MegaWhats 2016 CS Lewis
  83. 83. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the subject of this documentary film. 2
  84. 84. MegaWhats 2016 Elia Kazan
  85. 85. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the Russian on this Time magazine cover. 3
  86. 86. MegaWhats 2016 Sergei Prokofiev
  87. 87. MegaWhats 2016 Who is this? 4
  88. 88. MegaWhats 2016 Althea Gibson
  89. 89. MegaWhats 2016 Screenshot from a Sega game based on a pop culture rage. Who and what’s the name of the game? 5
  90. 90. MegaWhats 2016 Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
  91. 91. MegaWhats 2016 While numerous films have been made about this person, this is the only biographical film that delves into his military career. Who? 6
  92. 92. MegaWhats 2016 John F Kennedy
  93. 93. MegaWhats 2016 Who? 7
  94. 94. MegaWhats 2016 Farah Fawcett
  95. 95. MegaWhats 2016 Identify the title of this book. 8
  96. 96. MegaWhats 2016 Stalin’s Daughter
  97. 97. The pairs are…
  98. 98. MegaWhats 2016 Elia Kazan – Althea Gibson Sergei Prokofiev – Josef Stalin Farah Fawcett – Michael Jackson CS Lewis – John F Kennedy Died on the same day! The Theme is…
  99. 99.  20 questions  +10 on Infinite Bounce  +10/-5 on Infinite Pounce, no part pounce
  100. 100. MegaWhats 2016 1 Reflect on these lovely food items and tell us the connection.
  101. 101. MegaWhats 2016 All three dishes (Scotch Eggs, Jalepeno Poppers and kwek kwek) are inspired by the Nargisi Kofta Nargisi comes from Narcissus
  102. 102. MegaWhats 2016 2 The word Yahtzee is shouted when something good happens or when you don't know what's going on. It derives from the common expression used in the dice game of the same name (now marketed by Hasbro). The game’s origins and the original confines of the play area are supposed to have given it the name. What is the origin?
  103. 103. MegaWhats 2016 YAHTZEE was invented by a wealthy Canadian couple to play aboard their yacht Whenever friends were invited aboard, they were taught how to play the "Yacht" game.
  104. 104. MegaWhats 2016 3 What story of a natural activity is shown in the two visuals?
  105. 105. MegaWhats 2016 Eruption of Mt. Etna In the Battle between the Giants and the Gods (GIGANTOMACHY – Pic 1) - Athena defeated Enceladus in a fight, smashing the island of Sicily on the Giant. There he now lies half buried below the mountain of Athena (Pic 2 - as in the scene in the gardens of Versailles). He is unable to escape, yet his struggle to do so was believed to shake the earth, thereby explaining the activity of the volcano to ancient Greeks and Romans.
  106. 106. MegaWhats 2016 4 All the clues below lead you to one word – the other word is derived from this one and has its use as an object in from the world of science. Give both words. ?
  107. 107. MegaWhats 2016 Syrinx and Syringe Syrinx was a nymph and was pursued by the amorous Greek god Pan. She was transformed into hollow water reeds that made a haunting sound when the god's frustrated breath blew across them. Pan cut the reeds to fashion the first set of pan pipes, which were thenceforth known as syrinx. Syrinx is the name for the vocal organ of birds. The song is Rush’s Temple of Syrinx The word syringe was derived from this word.
  108. 108. MegaWhats 2016 5 As per the USFDA, if the product is labelled as ___A_____, then is should contain at least 20 percent of the daily value per RACC (“reference amounts customarily consumed”—essentially serving size) of whatever it is they’re boasting about. If a foodstuff is ___B____, it must have 10 percent to 19 percent of the daily value (per RACC) of that something. Meanwhile, when labeling features the word(s) ____C_____," that means that each serving has at least 10 percent of your daily value of that specific thing”. What are A,B,C (word/words closest variants are fine)?
  109. 109. MegaWhats 2016 A – High, Rich In or Excellent Source Of B – Good Source Of, Contains, or Provides C – More, Fortified, Enriched, Added, Extra, Plus
  110. 110. MegaWhats 2016 6 This is the debut film of Lauren Bacall. It is also the only Hollywood film till date to have a unique combination in the film credits from a writing perspective. Identify the movie and tell us the unique combination.
  111. 111. MegaWhats 2016 To Have and Have Not The only film to date based on a novel by a Nobel Prize-winning author (Ernest Hemingway) to have its screenplay co-written by another Nobel Prize-winning author (William Faulkner).
  112. 112. MegaWhats 2016 7 This gentleman was a philosopher and writer, who founded the Philosophy department at the University of Hyderabad. His most famous and common haunt was the India International Centre in Delhi, where he was often seen lecturing, either in the auditorium or in the bar! He died at his room in IIC in 2007. His major source of income was the royalty stream he inherited from his mother, accruing from the translation of his maternal grandfather’s works. His paternal grandfather however, is much more famous. Identify the person. Full name please. Identify the works that gave him the royalties.
  113. 113. MegaWhats 2016 Ramachandra (Ramu) Gandhi Rajaji’s Ramayana / Mahabharata
  114. 114. MegaWhats 2016 8 A feature of Athenian democracy, this process was held once a year. Citizens were asked to write down the names of the people on a shard of pottery who they deemed guilty of this punishment. A minimum of 6000 votes was needed, and if this was achieved, then the person would be ________ and had ten days to comply. Defying this would mean the death penalty. What modern day word comes from the shard of pottery used? What was the main reason to use a shard of pottery for the writing?
  115. 115. MegaWhats 2016 Ostracise Pottery shards were widely available, and using papyrus was a much more expensive affair!
  116. 116. MegaWhats 2016 9 The original 1861 piano score of this work features a Gothic typeface heading, which the composer objected to and had changed. In the revised text, he wrote a long preface outlining the immense requirements and cost of bringing this work to life and ended it with, “Wird Dieser Furst sich finden?”, meaning “Will such a prince be found?” He did succeed a few years later, finding a patron who funded his works, including this one in question. For this particular work, the patron wanted it premiered in Munich, but the composer insisted and got his way, and had a new venue created for this purpose. Identify the composer, the work and the location.
  117. 117. MegaWhats 2016 RichardWagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen Bayreuth Theatre Ludwig II of Bavaria was the patron
  118. 118. MegaWhats 2016 10 Between 1880 and the end of WW1, this country dominated the global sales of a particular product. This was unusual, since they had very poor quality of the raw material crop. One reason for the development of the industry was the imposition of a state monopoly for this product in the Ottoman Empire, which resulted in the movement of many Ottoman merchants to this country. The British officers here liked the product and it gradually started becoming popular in the UK and the western world. In 1913, an American brand looking to ape these products incorporated three motifs from this country into its logo, including the name itself. Which country and product? What is the famous American brand?
  119. 119. MegaWhats 2016 Egyptian cigarettes Camel
  120. 120. MegaWhats 2016 11 These are representations of a country, state, a city, a person. Name all parts and connect.
  121. 121. MegaWhats 2016 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow The Institute for the Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan Oakridge National Laboratory, Tennessee Yuri Oganessian 4 new periodic elements named Moscovium, Nihonium, Tennessine and Oganesson
  122. 122. MegaWhats 2016 Connect and explain (2 Videos) 12
  123. 123. MegaWhats 2016 Stonehenge models that were wrongly sized! In This is Spinal Tap, the band commissions a Stonehenge set, but mistakenly asks for a model of 18 inches instead of 18 feet, which tiny replica then finds its way into a real Tap concert—even though nobody has informed the band’s members of the mix-up beforehand. A year earlier, in Aug 1983, Black Sabbath released Born Again (October 1983 in the U.S.).The second track on the album is a brief instrumental called “Stonehenge”—and on their 1983 Born Again tour, Black Sabbath hilariously had to shelve a Stonehenge stage concept because the scenery was much too big to use—someone had misinterpreted the requested measurements, making all of the pieces roughly nine times too large.
  124. 124. MegaWhats 2016 Since it began in 1943, the trophy, named after an actress, has been fought over by US, British and Canadian ships, often inspiring daring and somewhat chaotic strategies to obtain her. Unable to compete in the 1940 Summer Olympics because of the outbreak of World War II, she made a series of Hollywood films known as “aqua-musicals”, which featured elaborate performances with synchronized swimming and diving. This got her pin-up status and one such photograph became the stuff of legend, and navy officers starting chasing this original photograph. Name the Hollywood actress after whom this Naval Trophy is named. 13
  125. 125. MegaWhats 2016 EstherWilliams
  126. 126. MegaWhats 2016 Connect this tree found in Baja California, Mexico to this character from poetry whose name has come to mean a task or goal that is elusive or impossible to achieve. 14
  127. 127. MegaWhats 2016 Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark gives its name to the Boojum tree and the character Snark is representative of an unachievable goal The plot follows a crew of ten trying to hunt the Snark, an animal which may turn out to be a highly dangerous Boojum. The only one of the crew to find the Snark quickly vanishes, leading the narrator to explain that it was a Boojum after all.
  128. 128. MegaWhats 2016 The International Space Station (ISS) is getting an ultra-portable inflatable room for astronauts to live in: the _______ Expandable Activity Module (BEAM). The design was the product of a series of summer studies at which top academics, scientists, and engineers gathered to imagine how future space colonies could look. BEAM is named and created by a billionaire entrepreneur who made his money in another similar earthly endeavor – a chain found across the US. One could relate his surname with a post-2000s Best Picture Winning Oscar director. a. Identify the surname (the ‘B’ in BEAM) b. What was the “earthly endeavor”? 15
  129. 129. MegaWhats 2016 Robert Bigelow Budget Suites of America
  130. 130. MegaWhats 201616 Two expressions in the English language have been derived from the practice of examining the length of horses’ teeth when estimating their ages. Give us both expressions.
  131. 131. MegaWhats 2016 1. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth (meaning don't be ungrateful when you receive a gift) 2. Long in the tooth (meaning too old) Horses’ gums recede with age, leading to longer teeth. A common way to inspect a horse’s “worth” is to check it’s mouth, hence the phrase. Receiving a horse as a gift and immediately inspecting its value was considered offensive, much like inquiring about the worth of a present today is rude.
  132. 132. MegaWhats 2016 In World War II's final moments in Europe, Associated Press correspondent Edward Kennedy gave his news agency perhaps the biggest scoop in its history. He reported, a full day ahead of the competition, that the Germans had surrendered unconditionally at a former schoolhouse in Reims, France. For this, he was publicly rebuked by the AP, and then quietly fired. His competitors likened his action to treason at a massive scale. What was the reason for his firing? 17
  133. 133. MegaWhats 2016 Kennedy had defied military censors / broken a pledge to get the story out before the embargo period. Winston Churchill and Harry Truman had agreed to suppress news of the capitulation for a day, in order to allow Josef Stalin to stage a second surrender ceremony in Berlin. Kennedy was also accused of breaking a pledge that he and 16 other journalists had made to keep the surrender a secret for a time, as a condition of being allowed to witness it first-hand.
  134. 134. MegaWhats 2016 The legitimate owner of the trophy, the African lady on the left, is seen handing over her winner’s trophy to the American lady on the right. Name one of the two people and explain. 18
  135. 135. MegaWhats 2016 Atsede Baysa, the winner of the 2016 Boston Marathon gave the trophy to Bobbi Gibb, the lady who first ran the race in 1966 In 1996, she was retroactively recognised as the first women’s winner
  136. 136. MegaWhats 2016 In 2007, the National Archives of India staged an exhibition to celebrate 150 years of the founding of a ‘trinity’. This was appropriately described by a Kolkata newspaper as, “The Other Revolution of 1857”. The trinity was based in three of India’s best-known cities. It was the culmination of a long drawn process which was initiated in 1835 by Macaulay, in his capacity as the President of the General Committee of Public Instruction and as the Law Member in the Government. What was this ‘trinity’? 19
  137. 137. MegaWhats 2016 Universities of Bombay, Madras and Calcutta
  138. 138. MegaWhats 2016 The Khadi duck is an unconventional beige cloth that is woven using three threads as opposed to the conventional two. There are strong regulations with respect to the thickness of threads, density, and so on. In its most famous use in India, the yarn is made of cotton, and woven on handloom, and some of the measured metrics are “Breaking Load” and “elongation”. What is the exact use for the Khadi Duck? 20
  139. 139. MegaWhats 2016 It is the piece of fabric used to fasten the Indian National Flag to the post and the rope
  140. 140. FINAL SCORES
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Finals of MegaWhats 2016 - the national open team quizzing championship of the KQA conducted on June 24, 2016. Won by Remembrance of Things Fast, Chennai.


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