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Annual EDSEM Quiz 2012


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This is the annual EDSEM quiz which I had conducted this year. EDSEM quiz is an annual event taking place in Garden Reach, Kolkata on Christmas Day.

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Annual EDSEM Quiz 2012

  1. 1. 36th Annual EDSEM Open to All Quiz The Finale
  2. 2. How will we move forward Total of eight (8) rounds in this quiz The entire quiz will be in infinite bounce barring the last round Normal format of clock-wise and anti-clock wise rounds throughout the quiz No specific subject rounds as such. Last round is a special round All answers have equal weightage here. 10 for direct and 10 for bonus.
  3. 3. Round OneThe Finale
  4. 4. MovieThe president of Walt Disney Pictures loved thescript of this film so much that he bought it at awhopping USD 2 million without even asking hisboss. He was later fired due to this and he leftDisney. Disney had little confidence in the film andthus sold the rights to Spyglass. The film went on tofetch more than USD 600 million worldwide.Which movie ?
  5. 5. It is a Spanish tax decree (Royal Decree 687/2005)passed in June 2005. The law is aimed at allforeign workers living in Spain. Upon applicationand acceptance, such individuals are liable only forSpanish taxes on their Spanish source income andassets.The change of legislation allows an individual whohas relocated from another country to Spain thechoice of being taxed as a Spanish resident or as anon-Spanish resident. By electing to be non-resident, one can limit their liabilities to Spanishtaxation to Spanish income and assets only and noton a worldwide basis.Give me the name of the law.
  6. 6. Beckham Law
  7. 7. List of Criteria Good physical fitness Knowledge of physics Appreciation of algae as food Appreciation of "1/3" artificial gravity Toleration of delayed (up to 40 minutes) responses to email Bravery against Martian attacks Willingness to live without the conveniences of DVR and designer clothing Appreciation of all pioneers working hard daily Providing an opinion on a X method of rocket propulsion Willingness to play backgammon with other X pioneers for days on end Defending Project X in the possible event of other pioneers revolting against X 1s "government" Willingness to produce offspring with other crew members to provide a population for X City Appreciation of Gods creation on an autumn night on Earth
  8. 8. Project Virgle
  9. 9. It‟s original name is Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. The twopartners started manufacturing rice cookers onmoney lent by a one‟s father. Next venture was taperecorders. The first flopped following publicizedcomplaints of poor quality but a vastly improvedversion became very popular.
  10. 10. It‟s a
  11. 11. Identify the term This term comes from the coin collection boxes affixed at the exits of the 18th century London coffee houses. The boxes bore the legend „To Insure Promptitude‟. In current environment it is used in a similar but different connotation
  12. 12. TIP
  13. 13. Connect
  14. 14. Arvind Kejriwal
  15. 15. Historical Letter
  16. 16. Lavatories in Indian trains
  17. 17. Identify the personalityWhen asked by a newspaper Kleine Zeitungwhether a political career was an option for hisfuture life he said that “the example of ArnoldSchwarzenegger showed that you can‟t moveanything in a democracy “ and that he would optfor a “moderate dictatorship led by experiencedpersonalities coming from the private (sector ofthe) economy“While at one end is the receiver of Bambi prize,2012 he was also convicted of assault of punchinga Greek driver and fined 1500 EUR
  18. 18. Felix Baumgartner
  19. 19. End of Round One The Finale
  20. 20. Audience Question The Finale
  21. 21. Decode the code “I‟m 01100110 01100101 01100101 0110110001101001 01101110 01100111 0010000001101100 01110101 01100011 0110101101111001 00001010”
  22. 22. I‟m feeling Lucky
  23. 23. Round TwoThe Finale
  24. 24. Country pleaseThis country has a very unique style of declaringitself at war. It uses it‟s flag to be hoisted invertedwhenever the “Congress of the X” has declared a“state of war”
  25. 25. Philippines
  26. 26. IdentifyOne day, Vinata entered into and lost a foolish bet,as a result of which she became enslaved to hersister. Resolving to release his mother from thisstate of bondage, _____ approached the serpentsand asked them what it would take to purchaseher freedom. Their reply was that he would haveto bring them the amritaHis stature in Hindu religion can be gauged by thefact that an independent Upanishad, and aPurana, is devoted to him
  27. 27. Garuda
  28. 28. What they formed
  29. 29. Identify• England Cricket Team - Sprinkler• Christiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, Neymar - Ai Se Eu Te Pego• Djokovic, Mitt Romney, - ???
  30. 30. Oppa Gangnam Style
  31. 31. A certain type of schizophrenia hasbeen named after this movie. Peoplewith this delusion believe to be thestars of a reality television show. Whatfilm are we talking about?
  32. 32. The Truman Syndrome
  33. 33. What am I talking about This idea started in China and spread to Tibet,Mongolia and central Asia. They became thepreferred form of currency over metallic coins fornomads from Mongolia and Siberia. It is multiusable as money, a source of food in starvationmatters and even used to create forms ofmedicine. They were also known for causing anillness called flourosis when consumed due tohigh contents of fluorine compounds.
  34. 34. Tea Bricks
  35. 35. Connect
  36. 36. Olympic Medals David Watkins – Designer of Olympic Medals Royal Mint – Produced the medals Rio Tinto – Supplied the minerals for the manufacture of the medals Nike – Goddess Nike features in the medal
  37. 37. The „Amazonian Guard‟Guard elite cadre Amazonian were anof bodyguards tasked with protecting X. Thegroup was formed at X‟s resignation in favorof the title „Brotherly Leader and Guide ofthe First of September Great Revolution ofthe Great Socialist People‟s Jamahiriya‟.They underwent extensive firearms andmartial arts training at a special academy,were required to take an oath of chastity,and had to have been hand-picked by Xhimself.
  38. 38. Female Bodyguards of Gaddafi
  39. 39. End of Round Two The Finale
  40. 40. Audience Question The Finale
  41. 41. Japanese Artist Hiro Yamagata has madearound 250 laser recreations of what
  42. 42. Bamiyan Buddha
  43. 43. Round Three The Finale
  44. 44. Who started the followingcompanies
  45. 45. Walchand Hirachand
  46. 46. Identify the personalityHer mother was an air hostess hailing fromMangalore. Her father‟s cousin is DinanathMangeshkar, father of Lata and Asha. As achild she sang in Yaadon Ki Baraat, Kitaband Dushman Dost. She released an albumwith Bappi Lahiri called Music Lovers. Sheperformed for the Greater London Council atthe Royal Albert Hall in London with BaapiLahiri and his troupe in 1986.
  47. 47. Padmini Kolhapure
  48. 48. Identify the AnimalIt is the national animal of Guyana. In thespirit of Mayan Culture, the 1968 Olympicsin Mexico City adopted it as the first officialOlympic Mascot. It also appears inbanknotes of Brazilian Real. It is a commonfixture in the mythology of manycontemporary native cultures in SouthAmerica, usually being portrayed as thecreature which gave humans the power overfire.
  49. 49. Jaguar
  50. 50. Very UniqueWhat is so unique about a polling booth inBanej, Gujarat in the recently held assemblyelections
  51. 51. Lone Voter - Bharatdas
  52. 52. Identify the Advertiser?
  53. 53. Dassault RafaleIt is a French twin-engine delta-wing fighteraircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation – Multi-role combat aircraft – Semi-stealthUnder the proposed contract, 18 Rafales wouldbe supplied to the IAF by 2015 in fly-awaycondition, while the remaining 108 would bemanufactured in India under transfer oftechnology agreements
  54. 54. On every unit of which WORLD FAMOUS BRAND willyou find this image?
  55. 55.  Absolut Vodka V&S Group (Pernod Ricard) In line with the brand identity and packaging refresh by The Brand Union, Chris Mitchell was commissioned to redraw LO Smith, the founder of Absolute Vodka  Referred to as the king of Vodka he features on the bottle providing an air of authority and vision whilst appearing more modern in style. Building on its creative heritage Absolut Vodka is now established as one of the worlds best premium spirit brands
  56. 56. Identify the personality Created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose  Best known for work on childrens television series Angela Anaconda First developed the character in 1985 on a napkin in a restaurant Initially the character did not receive much popularity until early 1990s when it appeared on numerous products including stationary Appeared in a 16 min French animated movie, Logorama
  57. 57. Start of which epic eventMaghashirsha Shudda Trayodashi Bharani
  58. 58. The battle of MahabharataThe war of Mahabharata was fought in this month of Margashirsha inthe bright half on trayodashi tithi in Bharani nakshatra. two daysbefore the Full Moon. In Bhagwad Geeta, lord Krishna has describedthe month of Margashirsha as one of his manifestations.
  59. 59. End of Round Three The Finale
  60. 60. Round FourThe Finale
  61. 61. Identify the advertisementThis still is from a record-setting TVC that aired in 2005.The name of the commercial references the title of a ErnestHemingway novel – Identify the now defunct company. It isalso the longest TV commercial ever to be telecast in thehistory of Indian advertising (150 sec)
  62. 62. Air Deccan
  63. 63. It‟s all about money – Honey !!!Paul McCartney was (till date) the richestRockstar on earth. However he hasrecently been replaced by Bono (U2fame) who is worth 695 million Pounds –almost 189 million Pounds richer thanPaul. What event led to this?
  64. 64. Facebook IPO Bono‟s Elevation Partners (named after his hit album) invested in FB in 2009 almost 56 million With FB filing for IPO in Feb‟12; Bono‟s shares were worth 695 million pounds
  65. 65. Cover Design
  66. 66. UniquenessThe name of this building isSuite Vollard. It is namedafter Pablo Picassoscollection of etchings, theVollard Suite, which was heldon display when the buildingwas inaugurated.What‟s unique about thisbuilding ?
  67. 67. World‟s first spinning building. It canrotate 360 degrees
  68. 68. Traditional SportThis is a bull taming sport generally played as a partof Pongal celebrations. It is one of the oldest livingsport in the modern era. Here the bull is not killedand no weapons are allowed and only men areallowed to take part. Recently there have beencontroversies surrounding the continuance of thisgame. Which game/sport am I referring to?
  69. 69. Jalikattu •
  70. 70. Give me the funda here
  71. 71. FedEx 5 US Open 4 Australian Open 7 Wimbledon 1 French Open 
  72. 72. Connect
  73. 73. Mandakini’s husband - Kagyur Tulku Rinpoche
  74. 74. Identify It is a hairstyle mostly associated with punk rocksubculture. It is known by one of the indigenous tribesin North America – Kanienkehaka meaning „People ofthe Flint‟. It is also sometimes referred to as Iro inreference to Iroquois from whom the style is derived.Various varieties of the same include bi, tri, cross,liberty, death, psychobility, fro, Chelsea, dread, lazy,fan, ray reverse and faux. It came into limelight withRobert Di Niro endorsing in Taxi Driver. Anotherversion came to limelight with David Beckam.
  75. 75. Mohawk
  76. 76. End of Round Four The Finale
  77. 77. Round FiveThe Finale
  78. 78. Many great sages gathered at the bank of riverSaraswati to participate in a Maha yagya. All thegreat saints and sages could not decide that out ofthe Trinity Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiv who ispre-eminent and to whom should they offerPradhanta (Master) of that yagya. With the consentof all the great saints present there, it was decidedthat X will test and decide who was pre-eminent.During the test X was enraged by the actions ofBrahma and Shiva and cursed them that no onewill worship Brahma in Kaliyug and that Shiva willbe worshiped only in Linga form. He was one of the seven great sages – theSaptarshis, one of the Prajapatis created by
  79. 79. Maharshi Bhrigu
  80. 80. Connect
  81. 81. Different categories in Boxing  Fly,  Feather  Straw  Cruiser (bike)  Bantam
  82. 82. Fact List• X doesn‟t call the wrong number – You answered the wrong phone• Fear of spiders is arachnophobia, Fear of tight spaces is claustrophobia, Fear of X is logic• X has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn‟t dead it is just afraid to move• Ghosts sit around campfire and tell X‟s stories• X isn‟t a man. Man is X• There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures X allowed to live• Hiroshima used to be a nice place till USA dropped X
  83. 83. Chuck Norris
  84. 84. Connect these pairs
  85. 85. 3rd umpire decision Roland Holder 1st person to be given out bowled by Anil Kumble Shoaib Malik became the first batsman to be given out lbw to Vaas, during the opening match of the ICC Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka Sachin 1st person to be run out by Jonty Rhodes
  86. 86. Which book An officer in New Hampshire Public HealthService authored a book “101 ways to survivethe ____ Crisis. The book claimed to be a vitalresource on things ranging from preserving foodto safeguarding financial assets. Book sold wellinitially but sales plummeted later. A review inAmazon read “I‟m writing in this review onJanuary 3rd……. nuff said”. What was the bookabout ?
  87. 87. Y2K
  88. 88. In 1926, three brothers, Adriano, Marcello andBruno _______, founded ”Societa ScientificaRadio Brevetti _______” in Bologna to producevacuum tubes, condensers and other radiocomponents becoming successful enough by1935 to construct a new factory in the BorgoPanigale area of the city. In 1924 Adrianoachieved fame with his experimental radioconnection between USA and Italy using a shortwave device of his own design.
  89. 89. Ducati
  90. 90. Tour Itinerary• Transfer to the village of Leliyov• Sightseeing of "The Dead (Ghost) Town“ in Pripyat• Stop nearby the "Red Forest“• Visiting the Opachychi village, meeting with "re- settlers“• Passage to the village of Rossokha• Passage through the Dytyatky Control Point• Feeding catfish This one day tour has to be book at least 10 days in advance
  91. 91. Chernobyl Disaster Tour
  92. 92. This company‟s Chief Marketing Officer isnicknamed “The Mighty Eagle”. VP of FranchiseDevelopment is known as “The Bird Whisperer”.It‟s most famous product features in popularIsraeli sketch show “Eretz Nehederet” to satirizethe Israel-Palestinian conflict. Hare Krishna GuruGiridhari Dasa developed a ________ _______Yoga regimen in which one of the characterssymbolize self-defeating attitudes.Identify the Company.
  93. 93. Rovio – Creatures of Angry Birds
  94. 94. End of Round Five The Finale
  95. 95. Round SixThe Finale
  96. 96. Indentify the IncidentCaptivate (JX 1011) $80,840162Continuum (JX 1016) $16,399,117Droid Charge (JX 1025) $50,672,869Fascinate (JX 1013) $143,539,179Gem JX 1020) $4,075,585Indulge (JX 1026) $16,011,184Intercept (JX 1009) $0Mesmerize (JX 1015) $53,123,612Replenish (JX1024) $3,350,256Transform (JX 1014) $953,060Vibrant (JX 1010) $89,673,957
  97. 97. Apple Samsung Lawsuit
  98. 98. Connect
  99. 99. Identify X and Y January – broga February – legbomb March – Eurogeddon April – mummy porn May – zuckered June – Jubilympics July – Romneyshambles August – games makers September – 47 per cent October – SuperstormThis is published by X – November Y
  100. 100. Gangnam Style – Collins Dictionary
  101. 101. Give me the Funda
  102. 102. Bhupendra SilwalFirst Olympian of Nepal. Participated in Asiad inTokyo, 1958 and Tokyo Olympics 1964.Ran the marathon barefoot and still came 7th.
  103. 103. Customs Declaration
  104. 104. Identify In April 2007 an attorney from Florida, JackThompson predicted that the perpetrator of theVirginia Tech Massacre was trained to kill in X muchbefore the shooter Seung Hui Cho was identified.He also blamed X for effects on StevenKazmierczak for the Nothern Illinois Universityshooting in Feb, 2008.In 2008 Brazilian federal court prhibited all sales ofX stating that it "bring imminent stimulus to thesubversion of the social order, attemptingagainst the democratic and rightful state andagainst the public safety". The ban was lifted inpartially in 2009
  105. 105. Counter Strike
  106. 106. Identify The Standard Gauge (also known asStephenson Gauge or Normal gauge) is a widelyused rail gauge. Around 60% of the world‟sexisting railway lines are built on this gauge. Butin India we have the broad gauge, meter gaugeand the narrow gauge. However only two routesin India have the standard gauge today.Which two railway routes ?
  107. 107. Delhi and Bangalore Metro
  108. 108. Connect
  109. 109. National Emergency
  110. 110. End of Round Six The Finale
  111. 111. Round Seven The Finale
  112. 112. X is designed by David Lloyd it came to representbroader protest. In the internet world it became atrademark symbol of the online hacktivist group„Anonymous‟. Time Warner is paid a licensing feefor each piece of X sold worldwide. According toTime Magazine X became the top selling item in it‟scategory in 2011.In India X was seen in Mumbai on 10th June 2012when a group of 100 anomyous members gatheredat Azad Maidan to protest government‟s internetcensorship.Identify X
  113. 113. Guy Fawkes Mask
  114. 114. Which brand gets it‟s name from the image below
  115. 115. Park Avenue
  116. 116. Identify the composer as well asthe subject of this composition
  117. 117. Rehman & Hyderabad InternationalAirport
  118. 118. Exhaustive ListLocation IdentityBombay Small dot or diamond markCalcutta No mark now. Letter „C‟ present at 6‟o clock position in othersHyderabad Split diamond or a dot in diamond or five pointed starLahore Letter „L‟Noida Small or thick dotPretoria Diamond markSeoul Five pointed starLondon Small dotHeaton Letter „H‟Ottawa Letter „C‟Mexico Letter „M‟
  119. 119. Locations where modern Indiancoins are minted
  120. 120. Identify the termThis term was coined by Carlos Ghosn which indicates theprocess of reducing the complexity and cost of a good andits production. It refers to removing non-essential featuresfrom a durable good to sell in developing markets. Sold toso called “over looked customers” firms hope for volumesto offset razor thin margins.In India terms associated with this include Gandhian, Jugadetc.Notable example of this include “Chotukool Fridge”, “JaipurLeg”, “Mobile Banking”, “Nokia 1100”, “Sorghum Beer”,“Solar Lightbulb” and “Tata Nano”Identify the term
  121. 121. Frugal Innovation
  122. 122. Whose Quotation“X had a certain time to come to the stadiumand a certain time to leave. It happened hehad to leave before the victory ceremonyafter the 100 meters. But before he left I wason my way to a broadcast and passed nearhis box. He waved at me and I waved back.I think it was bad taste to criticize the man ofthe hour in another country."
  123. 123. What am I talking aboutIt was founded in 1971 by Americans IssacTigret and Peter Morton in London.Sometime back it was sold to the SeminoleTribe of Florida and is headquartered inFlorida. Currently it is present in 173locations across 53 countries
  124. 124. 5 in 5As a part of their ongoing project IBM announcedit‟s project „5 in 5‟. It claims that in 5 years it canmake these things possible : • We will be able to read each other‟s minds • Junk Mail will become priority • Digital divide will disappear • We will be able to create energy to run our homesWhat is the fifth claim ?
  125. 125. We will never need passwordsagain
  126. 126. End of Round Seven The Finale
  127. 127. Last RoundConnect of the connects
  128. 128. Rules hereTotal of eight questions in this setEvery two questions will lead to a connectSo total four connect answersThose four connects will again lead to a megaconnectYou have to tell me the connects after every twoquestions.Correct answer fetches 10 pointsIf mega connect is obtained after 1 question then 30points, after 2 questions then 20 points, after 3questions 10 points and after all the connect
  129. 129. Which movie begins with the title“500,000 farmers of Gujarat present“
  130. 130. Manthan – A Shyam Benegal Film
  131. 131. This institution was founded at the initiativeof National Dairy Development Board andthe support of Swiss Development Co-operation with the experimental learning ofRavi J Mathai from his Jawaja experiment. Ithas welcomed all organizations except thebusiness sector as it feels it is the only oneto serve to serve o-operatives, NGOs andpeople‟s organizations
  132. 132. Institute of Rural Management Anand
  133. 133. Connect 1
  134. 134. Identify the person in the ad
  135. 135. Shekhar Kapur
  136. 136. X was suggested as a probable candidate to runagainst Ronald Reagan for the office of Governorof California in 1970. X signed a letter deploring aHouse Un-American Activities Committeeinvestigation of alleged communists in the filmindustry. Nixon placed X on his enemies list due tohis liberal activism.X was the founding patron of University CollegeDublin school of films where he persuaded MartinScorcese to be a patron. His star on the HollywoodWalk of Fame was stolen in Nov, 2005 which wasreplaced laterIdentify X
  137. 137. Gregory Peck
  138. 138. Connect 2
  139. 139. Razzies in India It is a satirical take on Bollywood awardingthe worst performances in Hindi cinema eachyear. Created by Random Magazine andSundaas Film Institute, winners are selectedeach year by an online poll and receive anaward in the shape of a golden _____.Nominations in 2013 for worst film given innext slide ……..
  140. 140. Razzies in India• Housefull 2: For being way more full (of bad jokes, poor acting,horrible writing and cast members) than we could take•Son Of Sardar: For being offensive...not just to the Sikhcommunity, but to anyone with intelligence and a sense of humour•Khiladi 786: For (among other reasons) being written by the multi-talented genius known as Himesh Reshammiya•Dabangg 2: For not being Dabangg•Jab Tak Hai Jaan: For being so bad that wed rather forget itsexistence than live on with the knowledge that this was the last filmYash Chopra made•Joker: For being one of the worst films ever made...anywhere.
  141. 141. Golden Kela Awards
  142. 142. What is represented hereIdeal definition will be „money transfer without moneymovement‟
  143. 143. Hawala
  144. 144. Connect 3 Hawala
  145. 145. Singer Please This song from this group has been coveredthe most by other artists. Frank Sinatra calledit“The greatest love song of the last fifty years”
  146. 146. George Harrison
  147. 147. Identify Y X had decided that Y would be the subject matter ofhis first film – whenever it is made. X went aheadwith the film after meeting Jean Renoir during thefilming of „The River‟. Besides the influence ofEuropean Cinema and regional literature, X is alsoinfluenced by the rasa theory of Classic Sanskritdrama. The complicated doctrine of rasa "centerspredominantly on feeling experienced not only bythe characters but also conveyed in a certain artisticway to the spectator.” The duality of this kind ofrasa imbrications is shown in Y
  148. 148. Connect
  149. 149. Connect 1
  150. 150. Dr. Verghese Kurien
  151. 151. Connect 2
  152. 152. Dev Anand
  153. 153. Connect 3 Hawala
  154. 154. Jaspal Bhatti
  155. 155. Connect
  156. 156. Pt. Ravi Shankar
  157. 157. Connect of the Connects
  158. 158. All of them left us in 2012
  159. 159. Thanks All for gracing the occassion That‟s all for the year 