Movie Icebreakers Answers Feb 10


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Movie Icebreakers Answers Feb 10

  1. 3. Aladin The Elephant Man Good Morning Vietnam Goldfinger
  2. 4. This is a map of the British Isles. It has also has the other title of GB Great Britain (pronounced grate britten). Can you name all the countries you see on the map? How is your geography? (France not included.) Scotland England Ireland (Southern Ireland) Eire (Republic of Southern Ireland ) Northern Ireland Wales 5
  3. 5. I was created by a Swiss engineer from studying the adherence of a special seed species. I can only work with both halves I was patented in the 50s I’m used in thousands of applications My name has 6 letters ? What am I? I am VELCRO
  4. 6. 4 Weddings and A funeral Alien Born on the 4th of July Amadeus
  5. 7. What number is PICANHA ?
  6. 8. Celebrity a.k.a ( a lso k nown a s) Ziggy Stardust Singer / Songwriter Who is it? ...of the 60s; 70s; 80s;90s....
  7. 9. Technology The world’s biggest technology show takes place in Las Vegas Jan/Feb 2010 what is it called? Consumer Electronics Show (CAS)
  8. 10. Silence of the Lambs Caberet Brave Fart The Godfather
  9. 11. Technology What am I???? I’m much more than a dictionary I’m in the internet You can save time with me I have an answer for almost anything I’m the result of a project that two Stanford University students studied
  10. 12. Booooooooo!! I have a huge appetite Nowadays, children aren’t scared of me I’m bad I’m always in the forest I’m scared of three little pigs I am a Fictitious character I am THE BIG BAD WOLF
  11. 13. Celebrity   I was in the last series of Lost   I studied Publicity at Rio de Janeiro’s PUC   I had a romance with the actress Laura Linney, in the film Love actually   I was the villain in 300   My most famous Brazilian film role was in The Beast with Seven Heads (Bicho de Setes Cabeças, 2003)   Rodrigo Santoro
  12. 14. Author Ms. Joanne Kathleeen ............who? Born July 31st 1965 Ms. is the reference to a woman who does not wish to be identified as either married., single, divorced or with a partner . (It is pronounced Mizzz.) Author Of The Harry Potter Books Celebrity
  13. 15. Indiana Jones And The Lost Crusade Hook Casablanca Wizard of OZ
  14. 16. The goose that - - - - the golden egg. (An expression used when the product or commodity becomes highly valuable: e.g. Microsoft with Windows) A famous saying. laid The verb to lay lay laid laid to produce an egg
  15. 17. Technology “ Apple” is widely expected to bring a long awaited new product to market this year. What is it rumoured to be named?
  16. 18. A couch - - - - - - a cliche A couch potato
  17. 19. A B Are these two old ladies? One is dead and one is alive. Has Photoshop been kind to them? What are their names? Celebrity Nicole Kidman Marilyn Monroe
  18. 20. A famous saying. As clean as a - - - - - - - (A description used when something or somebody is seen to be perfect but it generally concerns their character.: She is a perfect driver with no fines or accidents, she is as clean as a .......)
  19. 21. Odd angles What is this every day object viewed from an unusual angle?
  20. 22. As cool as a - - - - - - - - As cool as a cucumber