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2015 KQA Bizkashi prelims

Prelims of the Annual Business Quiz at KQA by Vivek Karthikeyan and Venky Srinivasan

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2015 KQA Bizkashi prelims

  1. 1. Bizkashi 2014-2015 The KQA Business Quiz Prelims with answers Vivek + Venky
  2. 2. a presentation The Prelims • 30 Questions, all written for teams of four members or lesser • Multiples of five are *-marked • In case of a tie, the cumulative score across these questions will be considered. • One answer per question • No negative marking, please guess! • Top 8 teams reach the finals
  3. 3. 1 From the time it was set up in 1928, April 6, 2015 was the first time that something happened in this Bangalore landmark. To draw the attention of the BBMP, all the flower, fruit, vegetable and other vendors here took up this unprecedented step. What happened and where? (0.5 each) © KQA 2015
  4. 4. Answer Shutdown/bandh in KR Market © KQA 2015
  5. 5. 2 A power couple, he is one of the most well known people in his field and owns just one hospital in Delhi – despite this, he is one of the most powerful people in Indian healthcare. She is from a well-known business family and established a famous publication in 1972, which was later run by her brother, Aroon. Name both and the respective establishments (1 point for each pair of person and establishment) © KQA 2015
  6. 6. 2 © KQA 2015
  7. 7. Answer Naresh Trehan – Medanta Madhu Trehan/Poorie – India Today © KQA 2015
  8. 8. 3 Which “personal” logo created by Chicago-based Sender LLC in 2006, which debuted in Feb 2007, was said to vaguely resemble any/all of the below logos? © KQA 2015
  9. 9. Answer Barack Obama’s logo © KQA 2015
  10. 10. 4 This bestselling 2004 book lists examples like Starbucks, the Body Shop, Wal-Mart, Red Bull and Zara to strengthen its case. Using in-depth case histories of successful Y campaigns coupled with those of unsuccessful X campaigns, it states that: • X lacks credibility, the crucial ingredient in brand building, and how only Y can supply that credibility; • the big bang approach advocated by the X people should be abandoned in favor of a slow build-up by Y; • X should only be used to maintain brands once they have been established through Y. Fill in the two blanks in the title of the book. (0.5 each) © KQA 2015
  11. 11. 4 © KQA 2015
  12. 12. Answer Advertising PR © KQA 2015
  13. 13. *5 This is the USB mouse launched by Apple along with its iMac product line in 1998. What two-word nickname did it have because of its resemblance to an object from the world of sport? © KQA 2015
  14. 14. Answer Hockey Puck © KQA 2015
  15. 15. 6 The first one, called Deep Love was in Japan in 2003 by a Tokyo man in his mid-thirties who calls himself "Yoshi". It became a hit mainly through word of mouth and gradually started to gain traction in Asia among young adults. The pioneering one in the US is called Secondhand Memories. What? © KQA 2015
  16. 16. Answer Mobile / Cell phone novels © KQA 2015
  17. 17. 7 The Financial News was a daily published in London by Harry Marks and set up to expose fraudulent investments. When a rival of this newspaper wanted to differentiate themselves in 1893, they did something that made them immediately distinguishable—the practice has continued till today, with the distinctive element becoming “slightly deeper”, and gives this rival publication a two-word moniker. Name the publication and the moniker/practice. (0.5 each) © KQA 2015
  18. 18. Answer Financial Times Pink Paper © KQA 2015
  19. 19. 8 “We at Lintas put on our thinking caps and I suggested that we do a bit of research. I said I wonder what the Indian housewife thinks about when she closes the bathroom door. Because that’s probably the only 10 minutes in the whole day she gets to herself. The rest of the time she is cooking and cleaning and scrubbing and working for her family.” Who is the speaker? What resulted? (0.5 each) © KQA 2015
  20. 20. Answer Alyque Padamsee Liril ad © KQA 2015
  21. 21. 9 Singapore’s economy is supposed to be built of the famous 5Cs concept. If three of them are Cash, Car, Condominium, what are the other two – both two word terms, signifying the prosperity, luxury and social status aspired by Singaporeans? (0.5 each) © KQA 2015
  22. 22. Answer Credit Card; Country Club © KQA 2015
  23. 23. *10 The Lena Blackburne Company apparently sources this from the Delaware River basin, and likely from a tributary near Delran, New Jersey, per another source. Jim Bintliff, the owner of the company (and a descendant of Blackburne), explains that the product is very fine, with the consistency of chocolate pudding, and does the job without damaging the leather, which makes it very valuable to a group of professionals. What does the Lena Blackburne Company have monopoly over in the US, something that they sell for $50 for a 32-ounce container? © KQA 2015
  24. 24. Answer Baseball Rubbing Mud © KQA 2015
  25. 25. 11 Identify the airline. © KQA 2015
  26. 26. Answer Air Costa © KQA 2015
  27. 27. 12 Shortly before entering the Academy of Sciences in 1768, this eminent scientist received a considerable inheritance from his mother’s estate, which he used to purchase an interest in a financial enterprise known as the General Farm. The General Farm was a partnership that had a contract with the royal government to collect certain sales and excise taxes, such as those on salt and tobacco. At the beginning of each financial cycle, they lent money to the government and were subsequently reimbursed through tax collections. Who was behind this enterprise—a man whose death in 1794 led his peer to remark, “It took them only an instant to cut off that head, and a hundred years may not produce another like it”? © KQA 2015
  28. 28. Answer Antoine Lavoisier © KQA 2015
  29. 29. 13 This top-level sportsperson was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. He then signed a deal with Amgen and Pfizer, makers of Enbrel, the drug he uses to treat his condition. This and other deals propelled him to #3 on Forbes’ 2014 List of the Most Valued Athlete Brands, with estimated earnings of $24 Million. One of the 16 people in his sport to win at least three of the four professional major tournaments, who is this “lefty”? © KQA 2015
  30. 30. Answer Phil Mickelson © KQA 2015
  31. 31. 14 Identify the brand. © KQA 2015
  32. 32. Answer Double Seven Cola © KQA 2015
  33. 33. *15 In 1942, this company started producing for the Indian middle class. In 1949 it launched the Hindustan 10, which was actually a copy of a British model. A year later it rolled out another model, Baby Hindustan, in a desi avatar. Which company, and what was the original Baby Hindustan was modelled after? © KQA 2015
  34. 34. Answer Hindustan Motors Morris Minor
  35. 35. 16 Use this picture to connect to an entity that has fallen foul of the Indian taxman, and give a name. © KQA 2015
  36. 36. Answer Cairn These are ancient burial mounds and boundary markers
  37. 37. 17 In a budget session, after all the general discussions on the budget conclude, parliament goes on to put things to a vote. The ‘grants’ sought by the government will need to be approved, sometimes reduced. What is the name of this process, known after a later 18th century invention, presumably because some of the votes are a smooth pass, without any arguments? © KQA 2015
  38. 38. Answer Guillotine
  39. 39. 18 Sir Wilfrid Laurier was Canada's longest serving prime minister, serving for 15 years at the beginning of the 20th Century. His face appears at the reverse of the Canadian $5 note. In recent times this been of interest to fans of a particular cultural icon, and the Bank of Canada says it “strongly objects” to the practice followed by the fans. What practice, being followed by fans as a tribute to a recently departed soul? © KQA 2015
  40. 40. Answer Spocking (or any answer that describes what people are doing) Sir Wilfrid looks like Leonard Nimoy, and fans have been drawing pointed ears and Mr Spock's distinctive haircut
  41. 41. 19 She went to IIM-A and also holds a Diploma in Gemmology. She is extremely well read and travelled. She speaks many languages. Her other hobbies include music (she has learnt classical music) and art. She runs a manufacturing unit located in Noida, which manufactures silver and gemstone jewellery. This jewellery is retailed in India under the brand ‘Touchstone’ and also exported to the USA and U.K. Who is this person, well-known to this circle for other reasons? © KQA 2015
  42. 42. Answer Mrs. Archana Garodia Gupta Prominent quizzer and BBC Mastermind 2001
  43. 43. *20 Small electric generators used to provide high- voltage pulses in internal combustion engines, what are these things called, and where do they appear, stylistically rendered? © KQA 2015
  44. 44. Answer Magneto Bosch Logo
  45. 45. 21 Such peculiar numbers are usually seen only in short-run commemorative editions. The Ne Win period, however, saw all sorts of odd figures. There was the 15 and the 35. November 1985 saw the introduction of the 75 when Ne Win celebrated his 75th birthday. He was superstitious and liked the number nine. This led to the 45 and 90. Explain these bizarre turn of events. © KQA 2015
  46. 46. Answer Burmese bank notes (Kyats) have come out in odd denominations such as 15, 35, 45, 75 and 90. © KQA 2015
  47. 47. 22 Palaquium warburgianum is a fine-grained wood that works well with both machine and hand tools. It has excellent moulding characteristics. Its use for a specific purpose by companies such as Hardtmuth, Cumberland and WH Smith, has given it what trade name? © KQA 2015
  48. 48. Answer Pencil Cedar
  49. 49. 23 More than 150 years ago, a young man discovered a new process for manufacturing sodium carbonate (soda ash) using sea salt, ammonia and carbonic acid. In 1863, he filed his first patent and, with his brother Alfred, built the first plant. By 1900 the company had a 95% market share. Which diverse company that today makes everything from fuel cell stacks, chemicals and organic electronics? © KQA 2015
  50. 50. Answer Solvay
  51. 51. 24 According to a 2010 NY Times article, it is as delicate as a can opener. It was the reason for certain places to have a distinctive smell. For 50 years — if not longer — it’s been a given that … it requires _______, so its ghastly odour must be endured. L’Oreal has come out with a new campaign that they called INOA, which stands for Innovation-__-_______. What is L’Oreal trying to do differently—what are they removing, and from what product? © KQA 2015
  52. 52. Answer Ammonia from Hair Dye
  53. 53. *25 This word is derived from the Greek root word for middle. It appears in relation to buildings, where it is an entity that is usually not counted among an overall number. It also appears in the financial world, where in its simplest form, it is a type of loan which is not fully secured, not attracting equity. What word? © KQA 2015
  54. 54. Answer Mezzanine (financing/loan)
  55. 55. 26 In mid-1962, he saw an announcement from UNESCO in a Sunday newspaper seeking an expert to help the government of India set up a new national laboratory to develop scientific and industrial instruments. He applied and won the assignment. He set off for India in 1963 and travelled the country assessing its scientific instruments industry and how the new research lab might help advance it. Who was this genius whose stint in India turned out to be pivotal, and achieved a first with A Clockwork Orange in 1971? © KQA 2015
  56. 56. Answer Ray Dolby A Clockwork Orange was the first film with Dolby Sound (Noise Reduction)
  57. 57. 27 Elinor Ostrom passed away in 2012, at 78 years of age. She authored several books in the fields of organizational theory and public administration. Her work on Common Pool Resources, led her to do field studies on the management of pasture by locals in Africa and irrigation systems management in villages of western Nepal. Why is this lady of interest to trivia lovers? © KQA 2015
  58. 58. Answer To date, she remains the only woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics.
  59. 59. 28 While the origin of the word may be from an Anglo-French fabric called harpetas, its past is rather unclear. Many centuries ago it was an establishment that sold diverse stuff such as bird cages, daggers, books, beads and crucifixes, a rather eclectic general store. Over the years it has come to variously mean a shop selling ribbons, buttons, thread, needles and similar sewing goods, or a shop selling clothing and accessories for men, including hats. What term? © KQA 2015
  60. 60. Answer Haberdashery
  61. 61. 29 It is a time management technique named after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that was first used by technique creator Francesco Cirillo when he was a university student. The technique uses a timer to break down periods of work into 25-minute intervals separated by breaks. What is it called? © KQA 2015
  62. 62. Answer Pomodoro Pomodoro means ‘tomato’ in Italian
  63. 63. *30 Who Do You Love? is a 2008 film named after the Bo Diddley song. It is a biopic of the record producer Leonard, who with his brother Phil were a Polish immigrant duo who ran one of America’s greatest blues labels. What was the name of their company, that had nothing to do with sports? © KQA 2015
  64. 64. Answer Chess Records Chess was the brothers’ surname
  65. 65. Finals in a few minutes…