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Anju Makin


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Conference on Rural Telecom Markets by

Published in: Business, Technology
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Anju Makin

  1. 1. Rural Telecom Market: Opportunities and Issues; Strategies and Solutions The Promise of VAS
  2. 2. Mobile VAS usage in Rural Scenarios International • In Uganda, using Google SMS Search technology • Farmer’s Friend, • Clinic Finder, • Google Trader, • CELAC (Collecting and Exchanging Local Agricultural Content) project • Activism campaign Against Gender Based Violence (GBV) • In Vietnam, iNhaNong, was introduced in November 2008. • iNhaNong - a software product installed in mobile phones • purchase agricultural products by sending text messages. mobile phones are the most • In Ethiopia • UNICEF implemented RapidSMS important networked knowledge exchange technology used in the developing world Kirusa confidential and proprietary 2
  3. 3. Mobile VAS usage in Rural Scenarios International • In Kenya • crowd sourcing approach • translation into local dialects for companies like Nokia • In Tanzania • market spies called “shu shu shu” collect information • share them via cellphones • In Syria • get farmers to share knowledge • In South Africa • fighting HIV-AIDS through SMS mobile phones are the most important networked knowledge exchange technology used in the developing world Kirusa confidential and proprietary 3
  4. 4. Mobile usage in Rural Scenarios India • evacuation and rescue of marooned people in recent Bihar floods • health workers working in rural areas, to provide instant medical services and contact the doctors • Fishermen call ahead to ports • Linking women micro-entrepreneurs • farmers to use their mobile phones to remotely monitor and switch on irrigation pump sets in far flung locations • In Maharashtra, an SMS costing Rs 60/= a month offers farmers up-to-date, local and customized information Kirusa confidential and proprietary 4
  5. 5. The Role of Voice • Voice transmission has a singular advantage over SMS and data transmissions • channels human, spoken language directly • Users of many literacy levels can use voice technology • issue commands and requests in their natural language • Voice SMS service is available on fixed lines as well • PCO usage • IVR services in local language • Commands to use voice SMS • It’s easier than text messaging • Click. Record. Send. • A key advantage of Voice SMS in emerging markets is overcoming illiteracy levels • benefits for the visually impaired Kirusa confidential and proprietary 5
  6. 6. The Role of Voice • Avaaj Otalo ("voice-based community forum") • a system for farmers to access relevant and timely agricultural information over the phone • farmers can record questions, review and respond to others, • access content published by agricultural experts and institutions. • announcements board of headline-like snippets updated regularly, and • a radio archive to listen to past episodes of the popular weekly radio program. • Mobiled- • designing teaching and learning environments • mobile audio-wikipedia, • using SMS and text-to-speech technologies • piloted in South Africa Kirusa confidential and proprietary 6
  7. 7. The Role of Voice • Participative democratic process in Philippines • Bayan Telecommunications capitalizing on Voice SMS service • offering subscribers an interesting Voice SMS based application: ‘Boto Mo I-Patrol Mo’ which means ‘Take Care of Your Vote’. • Selected Voice SMS messages sent by subscribers rural and common man’s voice in the political process showcased on national television as well. Kirusa confidential and proprietary 7
  8. 8. How can Voice SMS help • Voice SMS based subscription services can be transmitted to rural audience comprising of • Information on fertilizers and Crops • Weather • Healthcare • Education Govt’s Social schemes viz. Voice SMS- a fast-growing service that allows customers to record and send messages by speaking. A user simply dials * followed by • Polio the recipient’s number and speaks a short message. The recipient gets an SMS notification from the sender and can dial a number in • Registration the notification to directly access the spoken message. • Flood or Drought schemes etc. • NGO Schemes • Commodity Prices • Emergencies • New career choices • Social Reform messages (overcoming caste, racial, gender divides) Voice SMS • Corporate products • Entertainment Kirusa confidential and proprietary 8
  9. 9. About Kirusa • Founded in 2001 • World’s leading vendor of Voice SMS and a leading developer of mobile value added services (VAS) • Voice SMS used by mobile subscribers millions of times daily • Headquartered in New Jersey, led by an experienced team of wireless telecom executives and technologists • Sales offices across the globe • Research and Development facilities in New Delhi and in Bangalore, India • 14 patent applications covering Voice SMS and multimodal technologies and services • Recognized as one of top 100 technology companies by Silicon India for years 2007 and 2008, and one of top 25 emerging technology companies by Smart Techie magazine • Won a Silver Mobile Star Award in Mobile Consumer Messaging in December 2008 • Named AlwaysOn Global 250 winner in 2008 and AlwaysOn 250 winner in 2009 Kirusa confidential and proprietary 9
  10. 10. Thank You Kirusa confidential and proprietary 10