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Loyola University Chicago's Alpha Sigma Nu hosted a Lecture Series the week of April 8, 2013. On April 10, I shared images and stories for my "Last Lecture." Slides following "Grazie" were used for door prize selection.

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  • This talk actually comes at somewhat of a milestone for me. Although it is positioned as a last lecture, the lecture of a lifetime, this is a year of celebration for me. While many of you are seniors on the brink of graduation now, I was precisely in your shoes 10 years ago. You are the class of 2013, and I was (am) the class of 2003. A decade gone provides a the perfect catapult to reflect upon but also share some insights as you transition into your professional trajectories. Have Amongst all the lessons learned over the last decade, I thought about the following for titles . . . Combining my time at LUC (as a graduate student in the MBA program) and teaching, I’ve been with LUC longer than I was at MU as an undergraduate. Keep Calm and Just About Anything On . . . Why I’ll Never be on Facebook. The Day I Drank a Cocktail with Brad Pitt How to Find Four Leaf Clovers Love Loss and What I Wore… Proust Questionnaire. Enneagram Some ecards . . .
  • So first, some background about the influences that have positioned me. I’ll try to emphasize some influences that I normally do not share in the classroom, so I hope you’ll indulge me in a bit of a retrospective. First, I was an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta: although we do not have this chapter in LUC’s Greek system, I am a firm believer in Green affiliation. I understand it is not right for everyone, but wow, was it right for me. Mizzou Thetas are known for the highest campus GPAs and overall achievement in various campus roles. We were also known for Glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Notable Thetas . . .
  • I was the social chair . . . Always mingled without committing to location. Served as a bridemaid too many times to count . . .
  • Mrs. Barnes
  • I love marketing research. I love the questions it allows us to ask. Be curious. Know the process is not perfect, and trade-offs exist. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to redo what can’t be fixed. Make your mistakes work for you. Be socratic…
  • Miss Smith
  • Nothing holds more true than this than when you are at the Rome Center.
  • Of all the incredible experiences, this bishop, although seemingly discrete, made such an impact. We attended mass on Sunday morning at the Duomo in Firenze. He greets each of the pilgrims with care, open arms, and only Italian. Wanting to be respectful, we attempted to let him know we were from Chicago. He said, Oh, Obama. Chicago. The following year, he recognized us. People are incredibly resilient and absorbant of the environment around them. We always say to avoid “burning bridges” professionally . . . But we rarely take the time to assume that someone, who sees so many others, would remember.
  • SATC was glorified when I was in college. In its original season. I never watched. But we see images of the SJPs of the world and want to do it all.
  • Then there are the Ann Curry’s of the world who seemingly do it all but are not accepted with ratings or metrics or
  • She stood for her brand.
  • She loved what she did, and continues to work for a brand despite a very public grievance over it all . . .
  • Add Adler in?
  • Some celebrity lessons.
  • Quiet . . . Let’s get loud . . . Magis. Doing more.
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    1. 1. Kappa Alpha Theta
    2. 2. A Pep Talk from Kid President to You
    3. 3. Good Morning
    4. 4. Hoppipolla {Hopping into Puddles}