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momob august 2009 event


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Sumit Goswami presented this slide in momoaugust event T9Nav MoMoB

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momob august 2009 event

  1. 1. Speech & Search – Impact on VAS Revenues MOMO Bangalore 1
  2. 2. Emerging Markets Landscape 2
  3. 3. Closer Look on the Emerging Markets Total Addressable Market = 455 million Common Issues On mobile phone adoption & usage Limited Can I increase my income through my Cash Flow Illiteracy phone? LOW COST! Limited Mobile Network Coverage Multiple Geographic Price Challenges Languages Sensitivity Different SMS > Voice Calls Information Needs Prepaid > Postpaid 3 Market data from Vital Wave™ Consulting
  4. 4. India’s Existing and New Mobile Market Segments: Existing and Upcoming Segments Existing Market Segment – want more New Upcoming Segment – the next • Saturated market: mix of Billion business and youth • New consumer: mix of urban and rural • Future needs go beyond Voice • Needs are for low cost handset and and P2P SMS voice • “Give me more” • “Connect me” • By 2011 • By 2011 – will grow to 150 million in years, at – will grow to 500 million in 3 years, CAGR of 15% at a CAGR of 35% • Driven by data services • Driven by Voice – complement with superior user – enhanced with income-increasing experience data services and infotainment – support for rich media and user – support for local languages and generated content voice navigation • VAS offering - Search • VAS offering – speech and sms based applications in vernacular languages 4
  5. 5. VAS and Rural Telephony – The UpComing Segment 5
  6. 6. Different Approach for Low-Income Markets Subscriber Basic Needs Appropriate Mobile Solutions • Coolness/status • Phone design/colors, ringtones Wealthy • Individuality • Ringtones, emoticons, wallpapers, personalized screen themes • Fun/entertainment • Gaming, watch TV/movies, listen to music/radio, download This is the new This is the news/information over the mobile market! • Security • Insurance new market! Middle Class • Belonging/communications • Text (SMS/MMS, IM, Bluetooth), photo exchange, social networking • Time with family • Conducting financial or other transactions over mobile • Money • Lower voice and service costs (new business and financing Subsistence models) Above • Employment/job opportunities • Mobile education applications/modules • Education/skills • Access to job opportunities, vocational skills programs • Aspirations / status symbol • Agriculture/economic development solutions Subsistence • Basic education • Public service announcements (partner with Gov’t/NGOs) and below • Basic health • Food, water, shelter 6
  7. 7. Example of UpComing Segment: The MeraNokia Agriculture service in Maharashtra Target segment Pain points Potential Services Lack of basic Customized information agriculture Prices, weather, information inputs, techniques Total workforce Agriculture Lack of additional Local information 803M income opportunities and news 516M 58% 43% Suppliers / buyers Product information Info dissemination messages Note: 2008 data Source: FAO database; China rural statistical yearbook 2008; BCG analysis 7
  8. 8. Opportunity in Rural – the untapped market • A huge proportion of the population is illiterate – Growth from rural sector (700m people) eg. Vernacular messaging and speech in vernacular languages – IFFCO/Airtel venture; ITC E Choupal; Reuters Market Light. – According to Gartner, the village is not what it used to be: 70% of India’s population, 56% of income, 64% of expenditure and 33% of savings come from rural India. • Mobile information service for farmers • Reuters-RML has 300K three months subscription; Nano Ganesh (mobile information portal) at USD 15 to USD 30 has 50000 customers • Challenge: Not enough handsets with vernacular messaging capability • Challenge: None of the speech engines in the market currently is tuned for rural dialects; Nuance has Hindi and Indian English; Indian rural dialect should be available in NMSP and NVC 8
  9. 9. India – Linguistic Geographies Punjabi Bengali Gujarati Marathi Hindi Kannada Malayalam Telegu Tamil 9
  10. 10. Relevance of Search 10
  11. 11. Current Mobile Landscape – Operator Challenges • Aggressive voice pricing plans have been placing downward pressure on subscriber ARPUs – Bharti Airtel and Reliance recently announced unlimited local, long distance and roaming voice plans – Operators seek to leverage mobile data services to offset declining voice ARPU • Mobile internet consumption is evolving beyond brief transactions (weather, sports scores), to more time intensive interactions (mobile banking, travel planning, social networking) – In Mar 08, Reliance, along with Corporation Bank, launched mobile banking services that enable account balance inquiries, check status queries and fund transfers via mobile handsets – Operators desire efficient marketing vehicles to promote new data value added services • Existing consumer frustration with accessing Customer Care cells (primarily due to occasional network congestion) – Frustration heightened among Pre-pay subs (_% total subscribers) who experience longer wait times in Customer Care call queues – Operators seek to improve subscriber satisfaction while lowering Customer Care costs 11
  12. 12. Market View: Addressing a Growing Problem Demand for “Feature Fatigue” Advanced Features #1 complaint: “Too many functions I did not use”1 Consumers want • More features 89% of users: Never use • More data access or don’t know how to use mobile search2 • More productivity 84% of users: Want features that save time3 Simultaneously On the Rise 1 CMO Council: Feb. 2007 Global Mobile Mindset Audit™ 2 Mobile Marketing Association 3 eBrain Market Research, July 2006 12
  13. 13. What if? • You could increase traffic to your portal by simplifying access to it... • You could efficiently expose value added content and services to your subscriber base to drive awareness and trial... • Increase your mobile advertising revenue by delivering more impressions to ad supported pages on your portal… • You could migrate transactional data users to higher ARPU data plans by promoting deeper discovery of premium downloadable content and incentivizing impulse purchases… • You could improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by empowering your subscribers to maximize the utility of feature rich handsets and on your network… • Reduce your CRM costs by diverting Customer Care calls to your portal and enabling account self-service solutions… 13
  14. 14. T9Nav - Simplifying Search at the Key Press Level Example: Locate clock settings •Spell “TIME” •Press: 8 (tuv) 4 (ghi) 6 (mno) 3 (def) •Choose “Clock (Time)” from the list 87% of users say T9 Nav makes finding features easier.* *2007 Research conducted by Strategy Analytics Drastically reduces keystrokes needed to find any feature, any content 14
  15. 15. T9 Nav™ & the Consumer Slow Navigation • Problem 76% of users: Would – Content searching (WAP browsing) is abandon their mobile often slow and unsuccessful search session after two network connections1 • Solution 1 ActionEngine usability study - 2005 – Deliver targeted search terms T9 Nav “Cuts the Deck” (keywords) intermixed with relevant content in results lists • Frequently queried content categories are easily accessed (maps, news, weather, etc.) with links that “cut the deck” • Since the keywords are stored on the handset, they are returned instantaneously, requiring only one click to take the user directly to the content 15
  16. 16. T9 Nav™ is Targeted Discovery • Problem – Consumers don’t use or buy what they can’t find • Solution – T9 Nav™ unobtrusively promotes content and services to users while they perform normal handset tasks, like making phone calls • Discover billing information keywords while dialing a phone number • Discover mobile banking service while searching for a calendar entry • Discover a new mobile blog while silencing your ringer 16
  17. 17. Relevance of Search & Speech 17
  18. 18. The Challenge of Mobile Search Too Many Clicks! Mobile Content, Application and Services Must Be Quicker to Access and Easier to Use Content Search Example 6 24 92 Clicks Clicks Clicks 0 0 3 5 0 1 2 5 0 3 1 0 18
  19. 19. NVC 2.0 Solution Features Messaging Safely and Efficiently Dictate and Listen to e-mail and Text Messages “What time is the movie Message Dictation tomorrow “Send Text Message” • Dictate e-mails and text messages smiley-face” • Create e-mails of any length • Higher accuracy/Reduced latency • Easily edit messages before sending “Read Message Reader Message” • Reads back e-mails and text messages with TTS “Meet me at • Natural-sounding dialog Powered by 9:00 in front of Nuance TTS technology the theater” “Forward Inbox Navigation To Patrick” • Check e-mails and navigate inbox by voice • Reply, forward, and delete messages with simple voice commands 19
  20. 20. NVC 2.0 Solution Features Search, Web, Content Quicker access to content and easier use with intelligent results “Find “Find “Find Business” Music” Movies” Business Search Content Search Entertainment • Search local • Search music, games, • Find movie listings and business listings video and other other entertainment • Speak your business premium content information location or use GPS • Leverage Nuance’s coordinates 1.2 million track music search grammars “Find “Get “Web Directions” Weather” Search” Directions Web Content Web Search • Access navigation • Access Web content • Open and free-form applications and maps including news, Search for information • Speak destination weather, and sports through a carrier’s parameters and be preferred search engine taken directly to the listing results 20
  21. 21. Examples of Industry Research Examples of Data We have • 24% cell phone users desire voice-activated dialing on their next cell phone – - Harris Interactive • Navigation users: 46% use TTS and 19% use speech to input destinations – ABI Research • Customers are willing to pay more for devices that have improved usability features such as predictive text – Strategy Analytics Study • Speech SMS usage for speech customers up 40% by month 8 of usage – NVC 1.0 data • After a few months of use, attrition rates for speech subscribers who pay $6.00 per month drops to below 5% – NVC 1.0 data 21
  22. 22. Nuance Open Voice Search Fully Automated Speaker Independent Technology Nuance Open Voice Search allows mobile consumers to search for content and information by simply speaking their request “Say anything” search capability: enabling open- ended search queries across multiple domains Broad domain coverage: includes business listings, music and content, and frequent web searches Links to any search engine Broadest device support, including smart phones and feature phones No training or enrollment required iv e! Uniquely available with the “one button” access of NVC l us E xc 2.0 A new, more compelling consumer search experience 22
  23. 23. Nuance Open Voice Search: NVC 2.0 The Easiest Experience…On All Devices NVC 2.0 users access OVS for business listings, content and mobile web search with just one click from phone idle – “Call Scott” and the phone will dial Scott – “Send Text to Scott; I’ll be 5 minutes late to the meeting” and a text message addressed to Scott ready to send will appear – “Find ringtones; The Rolling Stones Satisfaction” and the Satisfaction ringtone will be available for download – “Search Web; How many calories are in a cheeseburger” and your browser will provide links just like a text based search engine result 23
  24. 24. Nuance Open Voice Search Nuance Unveils Voice Search Prototype on iPhone 24
  25. 25. Nuance Overview 25
  26. 26. Who is Nuance? • Leading provider of speech, text input and imaging solutions • Founded in 1992 and publicly traded on NASDAQ (NUAN) • Headquartered in Boston, Mass. with 5,200 employees • 2009 revenue projected to between $1.01 and $1.13 billion, up from $918.8 million • More than 1000 filed and pending patents 26
  27. 27. Four Key Business Divisions Enterprise Mobility and Dictaphone Imaging Customer Services Healthcare Improve customer voice search, Manual transcription PDF and document care through messaging and in healthcare, workflow solutions improved customer control capabilities legal and self service for professional mobile environments applications 27